Alone On Earth, I Became OP

Defeating The Mutated Animal!

Chen Fan, who was observing everything in the dark sneered as it saw that his main prey, the Lion, had taken his bait.

Judging from the appearance of the animals, they haven mutated yet so for him it was easier to hunt.

As soon as the lions appeared, both the wolves and leopards gave a low roar at the same time.


The lions did not pay attention to the wolves and leopards at all. The male lion made a deafening roar with his huge body, sharp claws, teeth, majestic eyes, and golden manes shining in the sun, they looked like they were born to be kings of the jungle, towering over and leopards.

The lions then took slow steps and walked towards the roast pig that was on the ground in front of them.

The leopard who already was scared of the wolves backed away even further when the lions were approaching.

But the wolves glared at the lions fiercely, making growls as if threatening them to dare take their food!

If it were but a single wolf, they would have been scared long ago.

But they were a pack, and in a pack they felt invincible. After starving for a long time, there is nothing more important to them than food.

For this delicious meal, they would not give up so easily.

In this scenario, it only took a little spark before both the wolves and lions begin fighting for food.


The arrow pierced through the wind, surprising the animals before accurately penetrating the throat of the male lion.

The male lion, that once stepped majestically fell to the ground in an instant, dying with blood beginning to splatter all over the ground.



The war between the wolves and lions suddenly erupted, the wolves now confident that they could take down the remaining tigers that were accompanying the male lion.

Chen Fan who was hidden in the dark observing raised the corner of his mouth, everything was to his calculation.

Fierce fighting between the pack of wolves against the five tigers.

The starvation had clouded the wolves, if they weren hungry, they would not dare fight the tigers.

They couldn give up such delicious food, and although the male lion of the group had died, the tigers fighting power were very strong and no matter how fierce the wolves are they wouldn scare away such a crew.

The wolves finally lost to the tigers, and after the sixth wolf was killed by the tiger, the wolves then began feeling afraid.

The remaining six that were alive began slowly retreating, their momentum that was once fierce was weakened a lot.

However, that isn to say the tigers weren injured at all.

Both sides had consumed a lot of physical strength, and the remaining animals looked at each other vigilantly, slowly retreating.

However, how could Chen Fan allow the wolves to retreat? After observing for a while, he began to take action.

Chen Fan shot an arrow at the wolf, piercing beautifully through the necks of two wolves.

After killing the two wolves, Chen Fan didn pause and quickly fired four arrows in succession killing the remaining four wolves in a blink of an eye.

The wolves who were retreating were now all dead, leaving the tigers to be caught off guard. Their natural vigilance as predators kicked in and made them aware of the looming crisis, they began leaning against each other and looked vigilantly in all directions.

Chen Fan sneered, it was too late for them to protect themselves, they had consumed too much energy from fighting the wolves that they couldn defend his attacks.


Chen Fan shot the tigers and they all fell to the ground quickly, without even putting up a fight at all.

In this way, he had killed all twelve wolves, five tigers and a male lion through careful preparation. The only downside being that the leopard escaped.

But he did not care, even if the leopard was alive Chen Fan was confident in killing the leopard without preparation at all.

Chen Fan walked towards the roasted pork and threw all the corpses of the dead animals on the street, attracting more beasts.

In the days that followed, Chen Fan followed his usual pattern but instead of practicing he went out and killed as many beasts that roamed his streets as possible.

He didn know how many animals escaped from the zoo, but he swept through the whole city, trying his best not to leave a single beast living.

Just like that, time flew passed and in the blink of an eye, another month passed.

In the month that he began hunting the animals, countless beasts died by his own strength. Lions, wolves, bears, hyenas, leopards, tigers and more.

The whole city was now devoid of beasts thanks to him, and just now he had completed another hunt successfully.

Chen Fan cleaned the battlefield and looked at the black bear that was dead on the ground.

He believed that today was the final wave of animals that he would hunt, as he estimated that the zoo animals must have been wiped by him already.

However, at this moment a tiger suddenly appeared.

Tigers, if it was 2 months ago, Chen Fan would piss his pants and cry for his momma!

But now, he was a seasoned hunter, who killed tigers already with ease.

This tiger, however, was different from the beasts he had encountered before.

As this tiger didn seem hungry, but instead looked at him as if his main goal was to kill him.

Chen Fans heart sank, is this the first mutated animal he would face? And it was a mutated tiger!

Oh No!

Just as Chen Fan began thinking about how to fight against the mutated tiger, the tiger opened its mouth and spat out a stone. The speed of the stone was fast like a bullet and Chen Fan rolled away.

His pupils shrank, how could the tiger have powers?

He turned around and saw that the stone the tiger spat out had deeply embedded itself in the wall behind him. What was more terrifying was that the tigers saliva had corroded the stone that spread across the wall, leaving a large hole on the wall.


Seeing that Chen Fan had dodged his attacks, the tigers body began to grow rapidly. His teeth then began turning into a pair of sharp fangs.

Saber-toothed tiger!

Chen Fan instantly recognized the changed state of the tiger, it was a saber-toothed tiger that has been extinct for 10,000 years!

Poisonous spit, ability to spit out stones and transformation into a pre-historic animal.

Is this a mutated beast? Is this what he must face in the future?

Chen Fans mood was solemn, but he looked head on, knowing he must fight to survive!

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