Days went by, and the same routine continued, and a week passed by, and time went faster and faster as his cycle continued.

His obsession to survive and get stronger pushed him hard, and the loneliness that he felt was replaced by the drive to complete his daily tasks.

Thirty days later.


Inside the training room, a steel arrow cut through the air, and it hit the bullseye accurately.

Ten shots, nine hit the bullseye and one hit the inner circle. He felt disappointed that he didn get all the shots to the bullseye, but he knew he had to practice more and more.

The target he was using was just a dummy he created with materials from his house, and so it was stationery and didn move. But he now felt comfortable in going out to hunt the beasts.

He was pretty sure the animals haven mutated yet, but he didn underestimate them still. Using his compound bow to hunt the animals from a distance is the best choice and although he could fight animals with his axe, he knew that if a pack of wolves or lions came then his situation would be deadly.

Chen Fan began preparing his gear, placing his axe on his left hip and his arrows on his right hip, the bow neatly wrapped around him.

He was ready, but he didn rush to the streets looking to hunt them just yet. Making him the target of every animal wasn his goal, so he began patrolling the alleyways and the darkness, waiting for an opportunity to strike the animals he sees.

Let the beast show himself, then the hunter.

Chen Fan with a small pouch with him took it out and released a few frozen pork to the ground. He then lit a firewood and roasted the pork in the alleyway, and quickly left the area and found a small spot to hide.

He had thought that this was the best way to attract the most beasts and begin clearing out the animals.

For those hungry beasts that have went on without eating delicious meat for a while, roasted pork was the most delicious choice of food they could ever want.

Chen Fan knelt down and took out his bow and arrow and began aiming at the area that he roasted the pork, awaiting the first animal to walk by.

After several minutes, a leopard was spotted.

Seeing the roasted pork, the leopard rushed over frantically. But before the leopard could even have a taste a pack of wolves suddenly sprang out.

The leopard raised its tail, while staring at the wolves asserting its dominance.

A mere solo leopard didn scare the wolves however, and they continued walking towards the roasted pork.

Seeing that the warning failed, the leopard began getting frightened. Its legs trembled and stared at the greedy wolves who were approaching the leopard.

Slowly, the leopard began retreating backwards.


The wolves, who were just a step away from the food then suddenly jumped in fright, and a mighty male lion with five lions appeared from the other side.

”The hunting now begins… ”

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