Alone On Earth, I Became OP

Divine Strength, Rapid Fire Questions!

when he goes out to get food.

This system really does care about for him, and Chen Fan felt gratitude.

”System, Thank you! ” Chen Fan is truly grateful, and he swore in his heart that he would never call the system a broken piece of garbage again.

[Host, the fate of this system is tied to you! So do not die while I am dormant for the year.]

”System don worry, with this power I will definitely live! ”

[The energy consumption of this system is too large, and this system is about to enter a one year deep dormant period, do you have any questions?]

”I have many, so don fall asleep yet.

What is the current situation on Earth? Do magical civilizations like giants, wizards and dragons really exist on Earth? If so, where are they? When will they wake up? ” Chen Fan asked quickly, now that he has all of his current survival sorted, he needed to ask these questions that he has had since the world went silent.

[The power of magic is recovering, the size of the Earth is expanding, and the creatures that once inhabited Earth and disappeared are now dormant and scattered all over the world. When the Earth begins to change, then those ancient beings shall wake up one after another]


The size of the Earth is going to grow?

He hasn felt any changes at all, so what does that mean? Will he experience Earthquakes? Also, the Earth is going to change? After listening to the answer, Chen Fan was in a daze.

”System, please explain a bit when you mean the Earth is changing? Does that mean that one day ill sleep and Earth shall be completely different? ”

[The changing of the Earth is gradual, and do you think this is a game? This system does not have the specific time on when the Earth shall change as all creatures shall wake up in different times.

As for where the creatures are dormant, you don need to care right now. However, there are ancient trolls that are sleeping in the underground of the city that you live in at the moment.

Because of the trolls are slowly waking up, an Earthquake had occurred on the surface of exactly where the trolls are currently dormant, which is the Zoo that is near to you!]

No wonder the zoo animals are now in the open, the earthquake had released them!

”System, does that mean that the trolls are the first to wake up? ”

Compared to the zoo animals, Chen Fan was more afraid of these ancient trolls.

[Don worry host, the trolls should not wake up for a long while, only when the ground of this entire city begins to crack and shake, then that is a sign the trolls are about to wake up!

However, due to the magic power the trolls have, the power shall reach the animals that are roaming the streets and they shall gradually become stronger and more powerful with the help of the trolls!]

Chen Fan shook his head and thought to himself that he could not defend again spiritual powered animals.

Seems like I should go grab weapons like guns from the military base nearby

[Host, as the system advised previously, do not rely on weapons like guns in this new world.

You must rely on the strength you gain from defeating these beasts, and why would this system give you strength if you are going to rely on tools that won work in the long run?

The Earth is returning to its origin, and the power of magic power shall become more prevalent and stronger in the future. The host must not develop a habit on relying on guns from now on, and if you use any weapons that are modern then you shall not gain any new skills!]

”But… ” Chen Fan was about to rebut however the system interrupted him directly.

[When the system wakes up a year later, you shall understand the benefits that this system has given you!

So survive, this system is now going to dormant mode in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…]

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