Alone On Earth, I Became OP

Divine Strength, Rapid Fire Questions!

After realizing that the effects of the Eye of the Scholar was real, Chen Fan felt confident that he could read 100,000 books in his lifetime thus learning the powers of the scroll.

The system had praised the Titan Scroll, stating that whoever wield its power would gain power that could conquer galaxies, and knowing that it is within his reach he felt determined.

What would be told in the scroll? What sort of powers would he actually get? Thinking of the Titan Scroll he had on hand, he had many questions. But for now he must focus on understanding the scroll he has now!

Chen Fan turned off his phone and hurried downstairs and went to the nearest Bookstore to him excitedly.

[Host, I didn expect you to take the initiative to come to the bookstore to read! You must have tasted the sweet powers that the Eye of the Scholar has provided to you!]

Chen Fan ignored the system and went directly to the fiction section and took out the nearest erotic fiction.

”System, the book in my hand, could I read this novel? ”

[Host, although I know that all you men have needs, but since there is no women in this world anymore what is the use of reading such books?

This system did not expect that you are that horny, and you have the mood to even think of such things at a time like this! Please refrain from doing anything disgusting in front of this system!]

Chen Fan: …

”System, you love making assumptions don you! ” Chen Fan gritted through his teeth.

He was disappointed that he could not find another scroll in one of these erotic books, but he wanted to try his luck anyways seeing that a scroll was so easy for his little sister to find.

I really thought it was simple!

However, he did not dwell on it for that long, and although the scroll wasn found Chen Fan did not want to return home empty handed.

He went to a nearby shopping mall and took every pure mineral water available in every store and stacked it all in a single store that was near the entrance.

Since all human beings have crossed into another world, although there haven been any power or water shortages yet, for the next how many years Chen Fan will be alone he knew that he must stock up on supplies.

Without humans running the machines, they will not run automatically for too long and if it is serious, he may suffer these outages as early as tomorrow!

Water is an important substance to ensure human survival and when the water stops running through the taps then it would be difficult for him to obtain water so he must collect as many water bottles, he can in advance so that he is prepared.

As for the food issue, he wasn too worried. Although nutritious foods might expire very soon, things such as instant noodles, dried food, and fruits etc will be enough for him to survive for a long time.

After making these preparations, it was already dark outside.

The silent night, the dim streetlights and the silence of the once bustling metropolis all was laid in front of him once again.

It was scary for Chen Fan; he could not deny that.

If he didn experience this, what would his life turn out to be? He was an ordinary member of the once seven billion human race that roamed this planet.

If it wasn for the system, he might have become mad, and even end his own life if the thought ever arose.

”System, can I survive such a thing? Can I really become stronger? ”

At this point in the night, humans become vulnerable.

Maybe because of the inherent fear of the dark, at night people become afraid.

The same is true for Chen Fan, and at night he fell onto his bed curled up into a ball and his body trembled uncontrollably.

He didn feel the fear when the incident first happened, and even during the day he was too busy to think about it.

But now, alone in his thoughts, he became timid and afraid. The weak side of humanity, the fragile side, and all the negativity that he had deep inside him began to pour out as if it was to devour him whole.

The future, the unknown, and the ever so present darkness.

He wished he left the planet, he wished he was with his sister, he wished he wasn alone.

[Although fear is a normal emotion for humans, but you must not feel fear Host! Fear cannot save you nor make you stronger, and you don have enough time to dwell on such things. Pick up a book, go exercise, become better and gain spiritual power so that you could survive! That is your goal!]

”You are right system, instead of feeling sorry for myself, I should read more books and work on my goal. My business isn to cry but to finish reading all 100,000 books early! ”

Chen Fan who was once down quickly picked up his spirits and grabbed a stack of books that he had taken out from the bookstore earlier in the day and quickly began flipping through them.

The system is right, it doesn make sense for him to be scared, he must grow stronger… he must!

Time flies and its been a few days after all of humanity left Earth.

Today, Chen Fan began to face the first crisis of his survival. Power, water, and gas outages have followed one after another and by the afternoon all of them were cut off.

However, this was within Chen Fans expectation and so had already stockpiled many paperback books he had taken from the bookstore earlier.

For the future, although he had no way to bring back the gas nor the internet, providing power would be much simpler as he could use a generator to generate electricity.

After understanding the operation method and working principle of a generator from what has read, he went to the nearest electronic store and came back with a generator.

At the same time, he collected a few tanks worth of gasoline from the gas station because the generator would require gasoline in order to run.

With electricity and water, his life would not be affected.

His goal is to read books and work out. After all, the system is now dormant. After the initial briefing with Chen Fan, the system went into a sleep in order to reorganize itself.

Time flies once again, and a week later.

[Super Mode is successfully activated, and the world information and attribute panel has been loaded into the Hosts body. The host can now view the attribute panel and also read on the current state of Earth!]

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