Alone On Earth, I Became OP

Can I Survive? Can I Become Stronger?

[If the host doesn believe me when I say how bad your stats are, please look at your status window!]

The system reading Chen Fans thoughts then placed a status window as if he was playing a RPG in front of him.

Name: Chen Fan

Magic Power: 0 (In order to read scroll, you must reach 1000 in magic power)

Physical Strength: 20 (Very low for a human being) (In order to read scroll, you must reach 1000 in physical strength)

Chen Fan reading his stats turned off the window from his view and had tears in his eyes, he did not want to read the rest of the data.

[Host, do you understand now? Even if you look at the scroll. your body will not be able to withstand the amount of information that it has]

[Only beings that could comprehend the words must have powers far beyond what humanity has reached at its current stage of evolution!]

[If you wish to gain the power of the titan scroll, you must gain magic and reach the 1000 Magic Power and 1000 physical strength needed!]

”Okay system, how can we improve my magic power and physical strength? ”

[Physical strength, you may exercise and learn to hunt as there are still animals that are in this world. Combat will be very useful for the long run, so start training in weapons like bows and swords]

”Why not learn how to use a gun? ”

[Powerful beings would be able to tank the bullets with ease, for you to defeat them you must have weapons capable in killing them, and majority of that are cold weapons made with special ore.]

”Alright, how about magic? ”

[Well of course by learning!]

[Your human intelligence is divided into three categories: neural intelligence, empirical intelligence, and reflective intelligence.

Magic is the higher manifestation of intelligence and can be manifested into many aspects, such as observation, memory, imagination, creativity, analytical and judgement ability, thinking ability, adaptability and the list goes on and on.

So, to put it simply, intelligence is like the root of a big tree, and magic is the branch of the big tree, the deeper the root, the lusher the branches are, so the higher the intelligence, the stronger the magic power is.

So, host, you need to read books, and keep reading as the more knowledge you read, the higher your intelligence will be, and when your intelligence reaches a certain threshold, which is 1000 magic power, you will be able to withstand the mental storm brought to you by the titan scroll, and you shall learn its content]

As expected, the scholar system tells you to read to improve magic power Chen Fan thought, but he knew that the system wasn lying to him, and so he shook his head before asking another question.

”Since I have to read in order to improve my magic power, how many books do I need to read to even meet the requirements of reading the scroll? ”

[100,000 books.]

Chen Fan: …

”System, do you know how long it takes for a normal person to read 100,000 books? ” Chen Fan silently took out his mobile phone and opened the calculator.

”System, Ill do the math for you. ”

”A normal physical book usually ranges from 100,000 words to 300,000 words, the median being 200,000 words, right? Which means that 100,000 books are equal to 200,000,000,000 words. ”

”A normal reading speed for a human is 200 to 300 words per minute, so even if I read ten lines at a glance its still 300 per minute ”

”-Hours and 60 minutes, twenty-four hours in a day, that is 1440 minutes in a day. What is 1440 times 300? 432,000 ”

”That means I can read 430,000 words a day. Lets divide that by 200,000,000,000 words, um, its equal to 46511. ”

”So… I read 100,000 books, it takes 46,511 days which is 127 years without eating drinking or sleeping! ”

”That is just reading, not even reading comprehension, that is 127 years of just reading books all the time and not doing anything else! ”

”You don have to wait for me to die reading the scroll, because ill die early anyways! ” Chen Fan was so angry that he vomited blood: ”System, you really are here to trick me, Im trying to rely on you to survive but I might as well just hang myself at the nearest tree! ”

[Host, don get angry, since this system allows you to read how can this kind of thing not be in the calculation of this system?]

[As a scholar system, my purpose is to make the host smarter and reading and learning, so how could there not be any technology or gifts I can give you that can speed things up?]

”Huh, do you have any abilities to give me? ” Chen Fan asked, he thought this cheating system only tasked him to read and not provide anything.

[Of course!] The magnetic sound of the system is inexplicably proud: [This system can give you the eye of a scholar, and the eye of a scholar can increase your comprehension. As long as you read a book, you can instantly understand and remember. At the same time, your reading speed is now tenfold, allowing you to read a hundred lines at a glance!]

[Now, who just said that this system is useless? Huh?]

”System, Im sorry, Im sorry! I was wrong, forgive me for being blind to your greatness ” Chen Fan immediately bowed his head and apologized.

[Well, I accept your apology because of the hosts sincerity]

[Since there is no way, you can earn the points necessary to buy the skill which would be the normal process, this is a extraordinary period so this system will generously let you go and gain the ability with no prerequisite at all!]

[DING! This system has given you the eye of a scholar, do you wish to gain this skill?]

”Yes! ”

A glow then appeared around Chen Fan, but he did not feel anything at all.

His eyesight did not get any stronger, the system shouldn trick him like this right?

Chen Fan originally wanted to go read a book that was close to him and try out the skill, but he was not a person to own books like that as he was never a studious type of person. Apart from reading novels from his phone, he didn have a collection of books anywhere.

Wait, mobile phone!

Chen Fan took out his phone and opened a reading app and casually searched for a science related information book.

In school he was an idiot when it came to science, he used to read the books and understand not a single thing, especially the terms related to science as he never memorized any of their meanings at all.

But now, as he reads through the science information stuff on his phone, he realized he could actually read a hundred lines at a glance and at a fast speed too!

I never thought reading would be such a pleasant experience, reading this novel taught me quite a lot about chemistry!

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