Alone On Earth, I Became OP

I Apologize System!

The systems words were as if a bucket of cold water was poured onto Chen Fan, halting his excitement, and leaving him with confusion and dread. He originally expected this system to make him stronger but something completely different was given to him.

[Host, this scholar system doesn understand what you mean by wrong world? Is this not Earth?]

”You are the system, yet you do not know what the situation is right now on this world? ” Chen Fan said while speechless: ”Then I shall introduce you to the current situation of the world! ”

Chen Fan stood up and spread his arms while spinning around like a madman.

”I am the only person in this world right now, so what is the use of improving my goddamn grades or make me the worlds strongest scientist when clearly I am already the worlds strongest right now! ”

[DING! You are the only one in this world? Impossible! Don like to this scholar system host! According to the information I was given, there should be several billion people living on this planet right now!]

”Unfortunately for you, all those several billion people have passed onto another world. ” Chen Fan felt sad, how could he be so unlucky that his saving grace was a system that went to the wrong world.

As a system, it even had to ask him questions!

What happened to those novels where the system was said to be omniscient and omnipotent and could perfectly meet the needs of the host? Sure enough, those powerful systems in those novels are deceptive!

”Hmm? ” The scholar system then sent out a series of question marks, blinding Chen Fans vision. No wonder it found Chen Fan unworthy, he was the only human on this planet!

[Host, since all human beings have passed through, why haven you passed through?]

”Tch, you sure love pouring salt on wounds huh. Aren you a system? Shouldn you know the answer to the question? ”

[ … ]

Why is this system so unlucky to encounter such an unreliable host?

[Since there is no one in this world, this system is unable to achieve its goals?]

”Its okay system, although you can complete your goals you can at least talk to me ” Chen Fan had given up, but at least he had someone to talk to he thought.

[Talking? This system does not exist for chatting, but for accomplishing the hosts goals!]

[DING! It seems like the only way to continue forward is to activate the systems final form. Super Mode!]

The systems voice though still robotic had a hint of sadness in its tone.

”What is super mode? ” Chen Fan said in surprise.

[After the super mode is activated, the system can grasp the current information and changes of the world at any time and can cultivate the physical strength of the host but after super mode is activated, in the logic of you human beings, it is equivalent to turning the power to the max and it shall overload the system]

[That is to say, the fate of this system shall now be bound to the host. If the host fails or dies, this system shall disappear also]

[Sigh, why is this system so unlucky, how did this system get attached to the only human on this planet!]

”Why are you so upset, I was the one who didn bind you to myself! ”

[If it wasn for you to be alone in this world, how could this system find you!]

Chen Fan thought, This system sure doesn like me while having a pout on his face.

But realizing that what the system is doing and how it is sacrificing its freedom in order to help Chen Fan made him feel moved.

”System, since you have turned on super mode and mastered the information of the world, are there any sort of creatures like giants, dragons and different civilizations that are sleeping? If so, where are they? When do they wake up? And how do I develop my strength? ”

Chen Fan asked the most concerned questions in rapid succession.

He desperately wanted to know if there were any of these things on Earth right now and how long they would stay sleeping because he needed the strength to survive such odds or else, they might make him their slaves or kill him.

If they are asleep, could he kill them while they are sleeping?

[Host, this system is currently overloading and is reorganizing some information at the moment. If you could provide the system with energy, then it can speed up the process but since there is no energy to supply me then it would take at least five days to turn on the super mode]

”All right. ”

Chen Fan was too lazy to complain, a system still needs energy and yet he does not have anyway to even charge the system, what? Do you want to plug a socket into his brain and electrocute himself?

And even if the system turns on for super mode, it is overloaded at the moment, so what happens after? Would it still need energy?

Sigh, he went back to his home and laid on the cough with nothing but thoughts of the past in his mind.

But one thought lingered, what Lingling had said minutes before she had disappeared. The book that to him was erotic but to her was completely different.

He stood up, grabbed the book that was on the ground and stared at it for a while.

[NO! Impossible! Host, how can you have this book?]

The systems strong response stunned Chen Fan but also confirmed that what Lingling was talking about wasn nonsense but rather something he should have paid attention to.

”System, what is it? ”

[Host, can you see this book?] The Systems voice was full of shock: [Impossible, the book is unreadable for somebody like you!]

”Uh, I can see the book, but I know someone who can ”


”My adopted sister. ”

[Are you sure? Are you not crazy?]

”I am not crazy. ”

[Huh, there is a human who sees such a magical scroll without falling into madness, this system can believe it]

[Host, I did not expect you to have such a item already, this is a Titan Scroll, and although this is only but a section of it if you learn what is read then you shall gain power from it!]

”I can see the book at all, to me its just an erotic book ”

[Human beings cannot spy on such a powerful scroll. The Titan Scrolls were created by Titans, beings that were so powerful across the universe that by just staring at them you could gain power so immense you could dominate entire galaxies!]

”System, could you show me this scroll directly? ”

[Of course, but not yet]

”Why? ”

[Because you do not have the IQ nor mental strength to handle this scroll. If you read a single letter your head would burst from your head]

So Im just too stupid, go figure. Chen Fan thought.

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