Alone On Earth, I Became OP

Host, How Do You Have Such A Thing!

Not a single soul could be heard or seen in the street, no matter how loud Chen Fan screamed he did not get a response at all.

He raised his head and looked at the sky speechlessly, wondering how God could forget him once again.

He walked down the street, looking at how the bustling streets in the past, and the bustling downtown was empty and there was not even a single person in sight.

All those people, men and women that was once all over the street were gone. All gone….

With the blazing sun shining on Chen Fans lonely body, he continued to look around but saw no one was around, and all that was left was abandoned cars, buildings, stores.

He walked in each store he could visit and screaming and looked around but there was no one around.

He wished that there was something he could see, but as time went on his anxiety was at its peak and was giving up on finding and began to wonder if he truly was the only human left on Earth.

But why was he forgotten? He promised to protect Lingling from the day she appeared in his family, and how she has gone to a strange new land, and he must stay on Earth alone.

Chen Fan laid on the ground paralyzed, he was helpless and had to accept this cruel reality. Lingling is only twelve years old, will she be okay without me by her side to take care of her?

He knew that no matter how worried he was, it was useless has he could not go to another world.

He had been ignored since he was a child, and he thought that he had adapted to being ignored, to being forgotten and alone.

But this time, the loneliness he felt because of being abandoned by all mankind, ignored by the whole world, his spirit suffered a huge blow.

Thinking back, perhaps his ex-girlfriend did not lie to him and that she really did forget about the date because of how forgettable he was.

”Whats the use of thinking about this now, people are gone. ” Chen Fan laughed at himself. Compared with the trivial thoughts he had in his head what he should be worried about is how he can survive alone on Earth.

As the scorching sun that was shining bright on the sky began to dim slowly, Chen Fan couldn help but shiver at the words of the voice that was in his head.

The sleeping magic civilization, and gods that once ruled the world was awakening. The voice had sent humanity over to another world to prevent mankind to being wiped out.

Such a plot could only be thought about in fantasy novels, but if these things really exist now how can he survive on earth alone? Looking at the deserted shops around him, now that humanity have travelled to another world could it be said that these items now all belong to him? Everything in this entire world now belongs to him.

He can wear whatever clothes he wants; he can take tens of thousands of clothes at will and he could drive all the sports cars driven by those rich second generation casually and live at the luxurious villas.

Everything he could not have before, now he can have.

From this point of view, he should be very happy.

But when he thought of the unknown crisis that he was about to face next, he couldn be happy at all but felt a deep chill and fear in his heart.

Why can all human beings travel to another world to gain powers, but he is left alone with nothing but material goods?

Why? Why? Why?

[DING! The only intelligent lifeform was found!]

[Ding… The system is loaded at 75%…]

”System?! ”

Chen Fan who was in despair and was about to collapse heard the electronic sound in his head, and it made him jump from the ground and stare at the sky.

”Am I finally going to have a system? ” Chen Fan was instantly excited!


”System you are finally here! ” Chen Fan shouted to the sky.

[Congratulations to the host for binding to this system!]

”System, please do not say such polite words, I know you are here to make me stronger to cope with this disaster. Tell me what abilities you have, how can I become stronger? ”

[DING! Disaster? The system does indeed want to make the host stronger, as this system is a scholar system, designed to make the host into the smartest person in the universe!]

[The host has detected the hosts education history, except for engineering major that you have majored in, which is a decent grade, other subjects such as mathematics, English, sports etc have very poor grades!]

[The hosts lack of learning and insufficient IQ development is a disaster! The host can now check out the learning menu to see what your IQ value and subject scores is, and the host can rest assure that although your IQ isn ideal, with the system at hand you may definitely become stronger in various disciplines, and you shall become the worlds top scientist!]

”… ” Chen Fan who was excited was left completely dumbfounded at what he had heard the system said.

”System, did you go to the wrong world? ”

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