Alone On Earth, I Became OP

Return of the System!

m would talk like this? Disgusting! ”

Chen Fan who acted like a tsundere supressed his happiness to make himself look cold in front of the system.

[Hehe… This system saw that you have been lonely for a whole year, and this system was afraid you had turned into a savage beast! So, this system shall act like a cute girl in order to not disappoint the host, isn this system so cute <3]

Chen Fan: …

[Anyways, this system sees that the host has improved really hard this year, and that you have done a great job and even made this system impressed!]

As Chen Fan had slandered the system in his heart, the system spoke again in its original serious tone.

”System, you know what Ive done throughout the year? ”

[Naturally! Although this system had fallen into a deep sleep, this system has watched your every move!]

”That is good, and you know I haven used any modern weaponry in defeating those beasts, and I didn disobey your orders. ”

Chen Fan continued: ”you told me to rely on my own strength without modern weaponry, and I did it. You can tell me now, why did you force such a challenge on me? Didn you say a year ago youd tell me the benefits of doing such a thing? ”

[Host, you have already reaped the benefits!]

”Huh, when was the benefits received? ” Chen Fan asked.

[The host can now call the attribute panel and you shall see it!] Chen Fan who heard the words of the system quickly clicked on the attribute panel.

”Panel! ”

Name: Chen Fan

Magic Power: 0

Physical Strength: 199 (Strongest Human In Existence!)

Resistance: None at the moment

Immunity: None at the moment

Strength: [natural divine strength], [one hit one kill], [arrow of destruction], [Speed of a cheetah]

Skills: Farming mastery, Cooking Mastery, Beast Mastery.

[One hit, one kill]: The arrow is protected by a shield, and the first shot of the arrow will hit the target

[Arrow of destruction]: Greatly increases the power of the arrow, and creates a small explosion when landed

[Speed of a cheetah]: You can match the speed of a cheetah when you run with all your strength.

[Farming mastery]: Farming will now greatly increase yield with your presence.

[Cooking mastery]: supreme cooking skills, all food you cook will be 100% delicious.

[Beast Mastery]: You may cause beasts to panic and be frighten and make even the strongest beast docile with but a stare.

”How do I have so many abilities?! Didn you say that there was not enough energy for you to give me these skills? ”

He was flattered that he had six new abilities but was curious as to when the system even gave him such skills.

[This system did not just provide you with the skills, you had learned these skills throughout the year you were alone, and that the only skill I gave you was the natural divine strength. The arrow skills were given to you was due to your training, the speed skill was given due to your fight against fast animals as well. So, to sum it up, this system shall grant you abilities when you have learned the skill necessary!]

”Woah… You should have told me earlier so I would have trained more weapons! ”

System: …

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