Alone On Earth, I Became OP

Return of the System!

The sabre-toothed tiger was strong and cunning.

Chen Fan stared at the beast vigilantly, realizing that the tiger could sneak attack him with magic proves the intelligence that the beast has.

As soon as he stood up, the tiger moved slowly, showing that he did not dare give Chen Fan a means to escape.

Chen Fan tightly gripped his axe.

The axe was something he has wielded in the past for self-defence; however, he knew that once the tiger pounced on him it would demolish him in an instance.

When the tiger saw the weapon in Chen Fans hand, it did not act scared, but rather grinned and stared at Chen Fan.

Tigers are good hunters, and when they hunt their prey of choice, they would quietly observe waiting for the best time to attack, killing the prey with one blow.

Chen Fan couldn take the initiative to attack.

First of all, the tiger was too fast, and Chen Fan wouldn be able to run away and create distance.

If he attacked first, his weakness would be visible to the tiger, and he would be punished.

As the saying goes, if the enemy does not move, I will not move. If the enemy moves, I will fight back! In a duel between masters, whoever moves first is the loser.


The sabre-toothed tiger roared provocatively at Chen Fan, and raised its head proudly, looking at him with disgust, trying to make Chen Fan attack.

… Its provoking me

Chen Fan wasn fooled, and so he followed suit and in turn provoked the tiger.

The tiger who saw that Chen Fan raised its middle finger tilted its head in confusion. Although the tiger didn understand the meaning, after a few seconds he realized that Chen Fan had taunted him in return.


Suddenly the tiger let out an angry roar.

In the end, the tiger couldn withstand the provocation made by Chen Fan and launched the first attack. A mere prey dare provokes the hunter? How dare they!

The tiger opened its mouth and rushed towards Chen Fan angrily. The sharp fangs could tear Chen Fan apart with but a single chew.

”A beast is just a beast; you couldn even handle a single middle-finger ”

Chen Fan sneered in his heart and knew that he couldn give the tiger a chance to get close.

The distance between Chen Fan and the tiger was less than 20 meters, and although 20 meters would seem far away for a face off, the tiger which was now three meters in length sprinted at maximum speed towards Chen Fans location.

But Chen Fan calculated this and with his axe he threw it towards the tiger.

The sharp axe began spinning rapidly in mid-air, and with the axe rotating at such high speed, the sabre-tooth tiger was bound to be in a lot of pain.

Natural predators that they are, the tiger knew the crisis that was ahead. It immediately stopped and leaned to the side as if to avoid the axe.

It is a pity; the tiger did make the right decision in blocking it but the axe wasn the only thing Chen Fan had in store.

The axe was a bait, and as the tiger leaned to the side to avoid the axe, Chen Fan began his second wave of attacks.


Chen Fan rushed over and threw a punch towards the tigers jaw.

The divine strength he had gained from the system was now put to use, and with a single punch the tiger was directly pushed back ten meters and fell to the ground.

It was squirming in pain, and Chen Fan not giving it a single chance to regain its health grabbed his axe that was on the ground and slammed it on the tigers head with a single blow.

The tiger was dead, and the once sabre-toothed tiger then regressed back to its original tiger form.

Chen Fan sighed in relief and collapsed on the ground from exhaustion.

His whole body was tense, and he didn dare relax at all.

The beasts are now mutating.

This unexpected event gave Chen Fan a wakeup call.

After sweeping the city, it seemed that a few beasts were still roaming the streets but after facing the mutated tiger he realized that even a mutated tiger, which should be at the top of the food chain was defeated by him.

He wasn worried about the other beasts.

As long as he didn fight multiple beasts at once, with his current combat level he could handle it completely. Of course, in order to be cautious, he will still patrol the streets every day to check.

Time begins to move forward once again.

After another month of sweeping, Chen Fan was sure he had killed every beast in the city, as he did not see a single beast for ten days.

Three months have passed by since all the humans had left Earth, and animals like cats and dogs were all dead due to starvation.

Time once again passed by, and it was five months since all mankind crossed to the other world.

Today was the 11th of November, and usually today would be singles day in China. This day would have caused every single man or woman to celebrate and perhaps meet a significant other during this day.

But Chen Fan felt empty, looking at the dusty high-rise buildings and the cold weather causing his mood to be depressed.

The once populated city was now dead and desolate.

November 30th, and now the weather was getting colder and colder, and the food was getting lesser as time went on. Today, Chen Fan decided to move out of his current home and into another.

To celebrate his moving, he grabbed fireworks from the store and lit them up to the sky.

Today was lively!

December 1st, and Chen Fan has moved to a new home.

His new home was in an urban village, with a large area of land here, surrounded by mountains and rivers. He can hunt the rabbits and pheasants up the mountain and fish in the river, and the most important thing was that he could grow vegetables.

A month ago, he realized that he would starve to death if he didn find a way to sufficiently grow food. After travelling, he found this urban village which had farms like radish, lettuce, wheat, and other vegetables.

Therefore, he made the decision to move here and begin cultivating the land.

At first, he was reluctant to move out, having the mentality that his sister would magically appear and that she would find him missing and believe he was dead.

But after battling with that thought in his head, he realized that he can think like this. It has been five months since humanity left, and there was no sign of them coming back.

February 12th, today was Spring Festival, but no one was here to celebrate.

March 1st, Potatoes were planted today.

May 1st, today was labour day, and so he worked harder on the farms.

June 1st, today was Childrens day, and he has read 4,000 books. He was so tired, when will the system wake up?

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