Alone On Earth, I Became OP

Humanity Disappears!

”Brother, when I grow up I will be your bride! ”

In the kitchen, a little girl with a ponytail followed behind Chen Fan with a blushing face.

”So, brother! Don be sad, its just a break up! Hmph! Breaking up with my favorite brother is the biggest loss that woman has ever had ”

”Xiao Ling, what sort of nonsense are you even talking about, you are too young to talk like this. ” Chen Fan turned his head while rolling his eye at the little girl behind him.

”Brother is mean, you always treat me like a child! ” Lingling said angrily: ”I am not a young kid anymore, I am already twelve years old! ”

”You just finished elementary school at the age of twelve and now suddenly you are not a child? ” Chen Fan shook his head helplessly. Since the breakup he had with his girlfriend a week ago, his little sister Lingling has been talking nonsense about marrying him when she grows up in order to comfort him.

”Go, get out of the kitchen! The kitchen is already too narrow as it is and you being in the way is making it harder for me to cook here. ” Chen Fan, who was wearing an apron, then forcibly pushed his sister out of the kitchen.

”Grrrr! I am being very honest brother, you deserve much better than her! ” Lingling crossed her arms and stared at Chen Fan with a pout on her face. ”These women don know how powerful my brother is, but Lingling knows! Lingling knows you are the most powerful person ever teehee! ”

”Yes, yes you go out first and after I finish cooking then we can talk more. ” Chen Fan looking at his sister looked helpless, he had no way of stopping her little antics.

Lingling is not his biological sister, but his adopted sister.

Eight years ago, Chen Fans parents who were scientists picked Lingling from a rural area in a foreign land and adopted her.

However, shortly after picking her up his parents who left to go to another mission was then suddenly shipwrecked, and both died without leaving anything behind.

It has been eight years since, and Chen Fan today was a little bit emotional thinking about his parents.

Recalling the past and memories, he walked out of the kitchen with the fried green pepper shredded pork and tomato scrambled eggs.

”Okay, eat and don say anything until you finished your food! ” As soon as he got onto the table, he saw Lingling was about to say something and Chen Fan stopped her with a straight face.

Although he wouldn take Linglings words to heart, it was bad that a twelve year old girl would talk about such things.


Zhang Mingyu: Hey have you left your house? We just arrived by car at the location right now and I just realized we forgot to pick you up, can you come over by yourself?

Chen Fan: Its alright, you just chill with the boys today by yourself, I will stay home and look after my little sister.

After sending his message, Chen Fan put down the phone and didn even read the response afterwards. After he had broken up with his girlfriend a week ago, his friend Zhang Mingyu had planned to go out and relax with him and a few other friends in order to make Chen Fan feel comfortable but in the end, his friends had forgotten to even invite him.

However, Chen Fan has been long accustomed to this kind of thing.

From a young age, his sense of existence was thin and easy to forget, as if he was cursed by God himself.

He was forgotten by his parents while they were on holiday, he was locked inside a internet café as the shop owner closed the doors without telling him. Even the reason for him and his girlfriend breaking up was that his ex girlfriend had forgotten about a date with him for the fifth time, causing him to wait inside the restaurant all night waiting for her until closing time.

During this period, he texted and called her the entire time and yet she didn respond.

She didn reply until the very next morning, and her excuse was that she was preparing for an exam in college and she was too focused on her studies and forgot.

Chen Fan didn believe the reason at all, but he did not get angry or argue with her. He calmly broke up with her and didn blame her. His heart turned cold and his love for her was completely gone as she had done this multiple times to him.

”Brother, what are you thinking about? ”

”Nothing, finish your food young mis

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