nough to eat, and you will get edema.
Why did cripple Su’s wife die? She doesn’t eat and gives all the food to the children.

As a result, she starves to death and the family is now in a more difficult situation.
Mom doesn’t want you to suffer.
Those girls take a bite less and won’t die.
It’s good to be able to live.
If you’re soft-hearted, you will be the one who dies of hunger.
If you are gone, Mom also will not live…”


This mother acted up again.

Su Qinghe took her mother’s hand, “Didn’t I mean to wait until the day is over? Dad has delivered food and meat several times.
I don’t think my dad will ignore us.
Dad is a cadre below, so it’s not a problem to feed our family.”


Gao Xiulan immediately turned red when she heard her man, “No, your dad was a capable man when he was here.
He often brought back some game.
Otherwise, how could your brothers grow that tall? Our Qing’er has a bitter life;  you couldn’t eat a bite of your dad’s meal.
Fortunately, your dad has a conscience and knows to come back to compensate you.”


Su Qinghe looked at her red face and felt that she saw something that could be called a young lady on Gao Xiulan’s face… She shivered and coughed,

“Mom, we have to have faith in my dad.
Before, I didn’t care about family affairs, as long as my mother loves me.
But when I went to a meeting yesterday, I was scared.
I don’t have my dad anymore, and I don’t want to watch my family go.
When I think of someone starving to death at home, I get scared and can’t sleep at night.”


She showed a scared look.

Gao Xiulan hugged her distressedly, “Qing’er, don’t be afraid, mother is here.
No one will die of hunger.
Our family has a strong labor force and can earn work credits.
Our family has more food than others.
We will not die of hunger.

Those girls and your nephews will not die of hunger either.
I haven’t heard of anyone who can die of hunger with food in their stomach every day.
Those who died of starvation haven’t eaten for several days.
Don’t be afraid, Mom is distressed to see you like this.”


Su Qinghe nodded and then said, “Mom, I will cook two meals a day from now on at our house.
If my dad doesn’t give us food in a few days, we will change it to one meal.
The farmers are busy these days, but my brothers and sisters-in-law go to work with little food.”


When her daughter said so, Gao Xiulan nodded her head, “Okay, okay, okay, we all listen to our Qing’er.”


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At lunchtime, Gao Xiulan and her sons announced their decision to take two meals a day for a few days.
Then she brainwashed her sons,

“It’s because Qing’er cares about you that she’s prepared to ask for food from the big cadres to subsidize you.
Are you, brothers of the family feel sorry?”


The two brothers nodded straight. Sorry, really sorry!

Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua also lowered their heads.


At work in the afternoon, Su Aihua said to his wife, “If anyone says anything bad about my sister in the future, I will fight them.
Our sister is the best.
She’s only a teenager, five or six years older than Da Ya yet helped us with many things.
Whoever says she is not good has no conscience.”


Ding Guihua hurriedly coaxed her own man, “Yes, yes, no one said that sister is not good.
Didn’t I always say that sister is good?”


Su Aihua glanced at her, “You can’t think bad about sister in your heart.
If you think about it, you are heartless.”

“…… Yes, I promise not to think.
I’ll think of the goodness of sister.” Ding Guihua breathed a sigh of relief.


Her man is foolish when he should be smart, and smart when he is foolish.
She used to think that this sister was not good, so she was not convinced.
There was no sister-in-law in the whole commune who didn’t work and could still open a small stove every day.


Even the grandson she gave birth to Su family didn’t enjoy this kind of treatment.
How can she feel comfortable?


Now, of course, it’s another story.
Who made sister live well and meet noble people.

It’s true that people have different lives.
They are both born as a woman.
Why is there so much difference in their life?

Ding Guihua sighed with entanglement.


At home, Su Qinghe didn’t sleep in.
In this environment, it’s better to sit by the door in a daze.

A few small people nearby are doing housework, sweeping the floor, wiping the table, washing clothes…


Su Qinghe was ready to give a hand with only a few integrity left.
The children trembled and refused.

Their Grandma said that people who don’t work have no food to eat.
If Auntie does the work, they won’t be able to eat.

Su Qinghe: “…”


Taking advantage of Gao Xiulan’s absence, Su Qinghe stuffed them with a piece of dried sweet potatoes.

“You have worked hard, this is a reward for you.”


The children didn’t dare to eat at first, Su Qinghe said, “Eat quickly, this is a reward for you.
I won’t tell your grandma.”

The children gobbled up and stuffed them into their mouths.
The youngest, Erbao couldn’t bite, so Su Qinghe was ready to find boiling water to soak it, but Da Ya directly chewed it up for him to eat.

Su Qinghe gulped.
Can this be done?


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But Su Qinghe also noticed that among these children, the two boys, Dabao and Erbao, were heartless.
On the contrary, the girls are more sensible.
The Da Ya is calmer, Er Ya is more lively, and the San Ya is more clever.

Su Qinghe felt that these children were just cute and sensible little angels compared to the children in the future.


After they finished eating, Su Qinghe did ideological work for them.

“In fact, what your grandma said is also for your own good.
Hard work is a person’s greatest wealth.
Don’t be lazy.
Laziness is a disease that is difficult to cure.”

She was lazy for 20 years and she couldn’t cure it for two lifetimes.
Oh no.
Had it not been for a famine year, she estimated that she could still lie for another 20 years.


Da Ya moved her lips but dared not speak.
Of course, Su Qinghe saw the doubt in her eyes.

Er Ya whispered, “Aunty, why you don’t work? Are you sick?”

Su Qinghe: “…Yes, I’m sick.
I had this disease since I’m in my mother’s womb.
I can’t cure it, and I feel uncomfortable when I move.”


Both Da Ya and Er Ya opened their mouths wide, and San Ya also learned to open her mouth.

Da Ya said, “But auntie is sick, but also has food to eat.”


Su Qinghe said earnestly, “Although Auntie is ill, she is kind and helpful.
That’s why we have meat in our family.
So you must do more good deeds and be a blessed child.”


Su Qinghe feels that she has too little morality, but when facing children, she still has to establish correct values ​​for them as much as possible.


The children seemed to understand a little bit.
It’s not that Auntie doesn’t work, but Auntie is sick.
But her heart is good, so she’s blessed.


Seeing how ignorant a few children looked, Su Qinghe is quite comforted.
Sure enough, sugar-coated words have been the most useful since ancient times.
Very well, in the future, she will finally not be the image of a vicious aunt.
She doesn’t want to be treated with hostility after making contributions to her family.


In the next few days, Su Qinghe cooked two meals a day in a row. 30 catties of rice have been deposited one after another.


When Gao Xiulan began to lose confidence in her man Su Dagen and wanted to restore the one meal a day again, Su Qinghe asked the system to send ten catties of rice to Gao Xiulan’s room.
There is also a big iron pot.


Gao Xiulan woke up before dawn and was planning to discuss with her daughter, to cook only one meal in the future.
As a result, she saw the iron pot in her room, and the rice inside the pot.


Looking at the white rice, Gao Xiulan immediately burst into tears with excitement.

“Dagen, I knew you were reliable.”



I omitted the next sentence because I couldn’t quite understand a word there and it mess up the whole sentence.
So, pls.
help me with it.
Here’s the raw: 咱家还有口吃的就不错了


While translating, I can’t help but felt sad and shed tears.
I felt so blessed that I never experienced this and although there were really times where I felt so hungry that I cried at least there was still rice and dried fish on our table.
The most troublesome times in my life were the time I can only feast on rice mix with soy sauce and oil.



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