m while saying so.

I know that the last comment is to make my feelings lighter, but its tripping and I reacted.

If my reason did not work instantly at that time, I might have pressed his head and pushed it to the back of his throat.

I’ll have to do my best to be more self-controlled in the future so that the violent emotions within me don’t hurt him.

However, my feelings were considerably lightened by having talked with Doug.

Tomorrow, I’m looking forward to his curse being lifted.

Thinking so, I returned to my room and slip to bed.




When I wake up, I am hugged with considerable power from behind, and I can hear something like a sigh from my head.

I might have been embraced completely by Douglas, but the tightening feeling was not unpleasant and was very comfortable.

I did not know the time, but the morning sun seemed to rise and outside of the window was bright, Douglas’s eyes were moving while awakening.


Just like yesterday, I was held up, taken to the table for a meal, and was prepared until dressed.
I was dressed in a coat with a slightly deeper hood, and told to avoid being conspicuous because black-hair and eyes are rare in this world along with having no ears or tail.

I was wondering what the means of transportation would be, but it was still by means of being held in the master’s arms……

I think that I have to get used to it soon, but the feeling of embarrassment does not go away.

I’m curious about the town of this world that I get to see for the first time, and I look around with all my might.


All the people in the town have colorful hair colors that are never seen on Earth.

There were many people with Beast ears and tail, some people had something like scales on their skin.

Aa, again I feel that this is a world that I do not know.

The townscape was a Middle Ages western-style, and there were no high-rise buildings.

There are many markets and shops along the street, and there are various smells of food drifting through the bustling traffic.

Is it not so much the level of civilization in this world that the market and such shops are the mainstream? I thought, that the equipment of the bath which I had been put in yesterday was able to use hot water abundantly, and didn’t seem to be heated by firewood either.

And showers also exist.

I didn’t know what kind of principle it was, but it was not like gas or electricity.


“What’s up, kid? Is the town unusual?”


I nod for the time being not understanding how to respond well, even though it was not so.


“I see, have you been kidnapped from a place where there is a human tribe somewhere in the provinces?”


No, it’s from another world.
I shake my head because I can’t tell them that.


“What’s wrong? Well, I’m sure you’ll be able to say more later so we don’t need to hear it now.”


Again, my head is rubbed by Douglas.


When I walked for a while, I found something that attracted me to the fruit which seemed to be lined up in the open air.

It looks like a cherry, but the hue of the fruit has a green that is closer to the primary color、I can’t tear my eyes away.

It seems that it was mistaken that I want to eat it, so master buys it to let me eat it.

I put one in my mouth then I bit into it, it was a very delicious fruit that spread a rich sweetness in a refreshing acidity.

I bow my head and stare at master with the feelings of ‘thank you very much’.


“Do you like the keel fruit? If there’s anything else you’d like to eat, don’t hesitate to tell me.”


Master put the keel fruit in my mouth every time I chew and swallow the previous.

It’s delicious but one after another…..
while thinking that I can’t even refuse so I continued to eat.

Both he and Douglas told me to have some more of the keel fruit, then it was crowded in my mouth one after another.

What this? I wonder if this is the feeling of a chick that receives food from the parent birds……?

Being fed I somehow completely ate all the keel fruit that was bought.

I had eaten breakfast too, so my stomach is already in pain.


“The street where our house is located is the one we’re walking now the West area.
I don’t want you going out alone because the South district is not a very safe place.
The guild were we work is in the East, and the North is a high-class residential area where nobles live.
First of all, it’s good to remember the East and West of the town.”


It seems that we got to the destination while I received a brief explanation of the town from master.




I can’t explain it well in the text, so I’m going to supplement it here.……
It is a do amateur that can not be incorporated well around this.


The instinct of the Bear tribe: the excessive asylum-lust for the things to be defended, and the cruel treatment of anything that harms what you perceive as what you should protect.
It is also possible to run into confinement from the thought that the object of excessive asylum will run away, and doesn’t want to show the 『one』 to anyone.
Towards someone’s 『one』 they have an abnormal obsession.
When it goes in the extreme direction, you can see a yandere.


The lion’s instinct: when he finds his prey,『one』, whatever it takes to be in his hands are used to make it his.
Never letting go.
There is also a dangerous aspect about thinking that if it does not become his own thing, he will kill it and eat it.
The desire to pamper his own 『one』, on the other hand, the feeling that he wants to be loved by his 『one』.
He sometimes recognizes him as his prey, and has a potential ambivalence that he wants to devour him to the limit as a predator, he wants to make him his own and shears tears as he blames himself, he wants to lick his skin, and put his own mark of possession with his teeth.


The above footnote is actually from the the author and in the raws, I left the formatting the same.
This chapter had so much dialogue.


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