I have been taken to the table while hugged, and this time I was put on Douglas’ knee in the same way.
Because the physique is too different, it has become completely like an adult and an infant atmosphere…….

“Oh, it’s branch manager.
I’d like to cuddle with you too.”

“It’s a shame I can not give up on this.
The day we talked with GAIL, it was supposed to be a change of scenery.”

“The truth is that I’m the only one you can tell, but Doug won’t give it away at all.”

Maybe I’ll eat on his knees all the time?
I can’t go against it if master thought that even if my arm is cured, but it is desired.

“Today’s menu, I tried to prepare a milk porridge with bread.
Can he eat cheese? Apart from that, it is Dakude’s soup with herbs and vegetable a plenty! I think that’s OK in solid now, but the mass of meat was cut into thin slices because I thought that the load was too large, and tried to put the sweet sauce which used the jam though if he is indeed a carnivorous animal.
If you are able to eat, please try it.”

“Oh, sorry that you also prepared for our meals.”

“It’s natural for me to be a companion.
My menu is almost the same as his.”

A lump of meat is burnt in front of eyes, and the one that the sauce was put in is enshrined.
How many years ago has it been…?

And all the dishes that he prepared for me smelled so good, my throat rang.

“All right, I’ll let you eat soon.”

Like in the morning, Douglas uses spoons and forks skillfully, and then the food is put on my mouth one after another.
I chew and swallow it down.

It was really nice and delicious…..

The bread porridge has the taste of the seasoning and spice is moderate in the flavor of milk and cheese, the soup also firmly has the umami of the vegetables.

If you include vegetables that are stewed until exhausted, they will truly melt in your mouth.

Sliced meat–How many years since eating meat?….I didn’t know what the meat was, but when I chewed it in my mouth, the gravy flows out, The sweet sauce and gravy are really in perfect balance…… It was really delicious.

It was hard to eat all the things that were put out in front of me, but I thought it was rude to leave leftovers.

My stomach is already full to bursting.

As for Douglas, the dish was carried to my mouth one after another, and the amount that was more than double mine was completely eaten in an instant by the one feeding me.

Master has also been eating a similar amount in a flash, Mr.
Mintz who looked on the slender side has continued eating after the bread porridge is replaced.

I appealed desperately and was pardoned although I was encouraged to eat more.

“He has a small appetite.”

“I don’t know.
It’s a growing season and I think it’s OK to eat more, but it’s convalescent.

“It’s not as much as we do, but he should eat twice now.”

No, it is impossible.
It’s really impossible.

If this body’s age is indeed in the growth period……?
It may be, but I still don’t seem to be able to eat so much.
The people in this world seems to be very Kenji.

Because I finished eating it, with my hands together and the feast in my heart, I bowed my head.

“HmmPolite, good boy.”

“Come to think of it, kid, you have a family?”

My family–in the original world, my mother is still alive, but not in this world.

I shake my head.

“I see… if you had a family, I could have returned you to it.”

“Well, it would be nice if he could talk slowly after his curse was solved tomorrow, including those stories.”

“That’s right.
I’m looking forward to hearing his voice, too!”

“I’m waiting for you in the guild too! Please be sure to bring him.
Then, I will be going soon.
Can I ask you to clean up? I think there’s probably two starving beasts at home…”

“Oh, ou… I’m sorry for every day here.
Say hello to them.”

“It’s okay.
Those two have no pampering and such.”

When I finished saying that, Mr.
Mintz quickly straightened out his clothes and returned home.
I thought I was going to help clean up, but Douglas was not letting me  away from his knees.

“Leave Gail to the cleanup.
He said you’re job now is to get healing.”

“You have to heale, so you can relax.”

I don’t know why I would be healed by putting me on his knees, but it is obvious that I cannot help you with this foot and hand.

Then, the time was spent quietly on Douglas’s knee with him touching my head and ears.

It felt good to be honest because the way of touching was pressing pleasant points.

Master finishes cleaning quickly and brings tea to the table.
It tasted like adding a little herb to the tea, and it was easy to drink though Douglas made me drink.

“I think it’s okay to take him in a bath….”

“Ah, Let’s see.
Do you like the baths, kid?”

Bath? They’re talking about bath? I also love the Japanese bath!

It was possible to wash the body easily by using cold water after it was served to the guest when being treated as a slave, but it was a dream of dreams of soak slowly in warm water.

‘Could they possibly put me in?’ I think and nod my head vertically with all my energy.

“I see you like it.
You’re physical strength will be returned to some extent, and it’s good.
Hey, you want to go to the bathroom with me?”

“Wait, Doug.
There’s no bath in your care today.
You just checked, right? That’s why I take him in the bath today.”

“You!? I thought that I was going to pull down awfully obediently, and that was what I meant! Despite the appearance as usual, the former is……! Hey, I’ll give it to you today!!”


After all, it seems to be definite to enter with master or Douglas in the bath.

No, but isn’t this a chance?

If I let master wash my body and wash hair, I may be able to appeal to them a little.

Even if my broken arm is enviable, but it will be able to do it first with only one arm.

“Okay, let’s go take a bath.”

Master advanced to the direction where the bathroom is when I am held quickly by the hands I’m accustomed to already.

The room I arrived was the same as in Japan, and there is a bathroom partitioned off by a glass door in the back of the dressing room of the previous room.

It was not possible to take off clothes as it is, in this posture, and I was dropped off to the side.

When I turn to master, I take off masters clothes first and remove the button from the bottom to the place where I can somehow reach by using the left hand.

For some reason, master had become rigid, but it does not matter, my hand was gripped when I was adding power to take off master’s pants and bottom wear.

“It’s okay.
Because I can do it by myself.” I have been refused.

On the contrary, he lent me a hand to take off my clothes (even though I only wore a big shirt from the top) when my broken right hand was in the way and took off my clothes.

Though there was a feeling that it was embarrassing to be seen by master who undressed me, now there is no resistance to becoming naked in public because of my experiences after coming to this world.

However, the master who became naked was amazing…….
The upper body was seen first, but the lower body also had long legs and the thighs that were trained, and what’s at the crotch–very thick and long…….

It’s a size that surprised me even if I have been dealing with many men of this world.

I thought it would be rude to stare so much, and I looked up at the master who put me in the bathtub.

Why would master be with me?

Master is soaked in the bathtub with the posture of holding me from the back, and my head does not follow the fact, I’m confused.

“Are you all right? It isn’t Hot?” Is asked, and I answer by gestures.

Soaked in the bathtub for a while, I was enjoying the act of taking a bath for the first time after years, from the bottom of my heart.

“All right, let’s wash our bodies.”

When I was pulled out of the bathtub, I was forced to sit on a small chair on the tiled floor and put hot water on it.
Master is washing all over my body with soap-like things in the palm of my hand.
I try to convey the feelings that I have never experienced until now, that a person washes my body with bare hands, and that I can do it by myself with the thought that I can’t make master do such a thing.

“Please sit still because it’s hard to wash.”

I was dismissed without question.
Around the hole of the buttocks and the penis that is still covered with the skin was washed loosely until inside, I think that my face had become bright red in shame.
My hair was also washed, and when the whole body was splashed with hot water, I was returned to the bath.
Then, master begins to wash his body this time.
I tried to escape from the bathtub to help him indeed, but I could not get out of the middle, and by the time I got out, master had already finished washing his whole body.

I became anxious about whether I will be kicked out again or not if I’m recognized as useless.
But, there is still something I can do, the techniques that was taught to this body in my several years of slave life.

After washing my hair, I managed to crawling the foot of master who is paying attention to the water while taking his left leg.
Got to the front and gently add my hands to the penis hanging between master’s legs including the glans part in my mouth while supporting it firmly with one hand, and entangled my tongue soggily.

All of the penis of this person was big, and because it was only a thing that could not be sucked suddenly to the back of the throat very much, the way of such times is rubbed with my body.
With a free left hand, the testicle of master is tightly entwined, the glans which aren’t included in my mouth while grasping it with a wickedness, and it’s coated with saliva little by little from my lips.

When I looked up at master from the corner of my eye with my head tilted to the side, master was solidified with an expression of surprise and wide opened eyes.
Then, the next moment the expression of master changes to something similar to anger.

“What are you doing!?”

When yelled at, my body was gripped strongly with both hands and I was peeled off.
The expression of master who looked up was still an expression of anger.
Oh, he got angry… After all, I wonder if it was possible to serve without forgiveness.

What do I do, how can I be forgiven…?
It’s unpleasant to be kicked out, and the cage is still good.
The sign that master’s hand came towards my head and I trembled and shake with my head bowed down thinking I’ll end up without a meal to eating or a whipping.

“No, I’m sorry for raising my voice.
I’m not angry with you, and you don’t have to act that with me.
I told you.
I don’t intend to treat you as a slave.……”

And he gently stroked my head again with his big hand.

“I think it will take some time, but it’s okay, little by little.
Both Doug really want you to trust us and open your heart.
So, please don’t think about it because I beg you to not serve us with your body as of now.”

When he said so, he hugged him tightly from behind.
It is not a lie that I wanted to be useful to the master in what I can do.

But if I don’t use my body to show them what I can do, isn’t that a terrible thing to do?

Am I going to be abandoned? It is also true that there was a part that could not be trusted or a calculation.

While feeling the warmth of the body of master and the strength of his arms, I finally realized that there is no lie or ulterior motive in the words of these people.
When I tried to really believe in my Masters this time, I decided with my mind while arranging my confused head.

After raising up from the bathtub, my body was wiped as master was done, and I was dressed.
On the way, Mr.
Douglas comes to pick me up, and when I’m dressed as he is, I’m hugged and carried to the bedroom.
I was taken to the room next to the bedroom where I was sleeping when I woke up, and I noticed that this was Douglas’ bedroom, and that it was the master’s bedroom where I was sleeping today.

“Today, I’m tired of a lot of things? It would have been refreshing in the bath after a long time, let’s sleep quickly.
Yes, there are only two beds, and I’m going to get you to sleep with me in Gail’s bedroom.
The bed is big so I think it’s fine.”

I was glad to be able to sleep on the bed and nodded my neck vertically.

“That’s good.
I’ll sleep with you today.”

My head was patted with a slow crawl.

Douglas seems to like more physical contact than master.

Douglas said that he was not ready to go to bed, and when he was able to take off the shirt he wore on his upper body, then put on something like a sweatshirt made of soft fabric, he crawled into bed as he was.
Douglas who became bare except one piece of the lower garment made me a little nervous by pheromone dripping from his whole body such as the chest which was well trained, and chest hair which seems to be soft to grow beautifully, and the lower half body which was firm.

Originally, my preference was the type of man who would want to protect and with a good physique, so to be honest Douglas and master match.
If only it was just a look, there were many human beings in this world who were well-built and well-groomed, but I never had any kind of favor with the people I met in my circumstances.

However, it has only been a day since I woke up with the two of them, but I think that it is unavoidable to be touched by the kindness and sincerity, and if it is also a preference for the appearance, it’s somewhat heart pounding.

No, I want you to forgive me.

While I was thinking about such a thing, I was held on to Douglas from behind like a body pillow.
The soft chest hair that hits my back and the sense of joryori of the stubble grown on his chin that is rubbed on the top of my head is actually pleasant.
It was the first time I had ever been in a bath for a few years, I was able to get my body clean, and in a blink of an eye, I fell asleep.


TN: Finally done, but not enough smut.

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