“Hey, we’re ready.”

I heard the voice of Douglas from a distance.

I’ll be right there.”

When master answered, I was near, the big shirt I wore was able to cover me completely, and I was held.
So sudden I’m surprised.

“Your legs are broken, and you don’t have any physical strength yet.
It’s forbidden for you to walk for a while.”

Because it was told, I obediently followed it, but I was embarrassed to be princess hugged honestly…….
The way of the master’s walking was funny while I was still being hugged and carried.
Like Douglas, his left arm was missing, but master also had some trouble with his leg?
While I’m thinking about it, we arrive at the room where Douglas is.
It was a bright and spacious kitchen and living room.
There is a large sofa and desk in the living room, and chairs for the kitchen table separately.
I tried to appeal with gestures I wanted to get down if it’s okay to put down on a seat.
Master will be seated in the chair of the table, and sits holding me thinking that it is what I want to do.
I was lifted gently, and was made to sit quietly me his knee.

” ‘I should sit on the floor because I’m a slave.’ Is what have thought? I’m not going to let you sit on the floor, and this is where you sit for a while.

“Hey, you’re a sly…….I’d like to put my shaved on my knees too.”

“Well, that’s a consultation for later.

“Damn it, I’m not going to let you have a monopoly! All right.

The conversation which I did not understand well had been exchanged between two people, but I was deprived of my eyes by the dish in front of me.
The bread is lightly toasted next to the soup with vegetables in it, and beside it is a thinly sliced ham, and there is also a fresh salad.
It’s a normal breakfast for me in the past, but for me now it looks like a huge treat.
Will I be able to eat this?

“I want to feed you them all, but you can only drink soup for a while.
Sorry, little one.”

No, I’m just thankful to be able to eat even a little.
What am I supposed to do?
‘Will you eat it yourself?’ I thought that when master scooped up the soup with the spoon, and brought it to my mouth.
Uuu, Is that so….
My right arm is certainly broken and fixed in place so it is a help, but I opened my mouth even though I thought that it was still too early to be cared for.
The spoon enters my mouth and the soup slowly dropped on my tongue.
Unlike the soup which was half rotten with salty taste that had been drunk by slaves, the flavor of the stock was solidly attached.
The taste of gentle vegetables and the scent of herbs spread in my mouth and really delicious.
I cried without thinking.

“Nn? What’s up, hot? Or did it not taste good?”

I shook my head with all my might to show it was different.

“Oh, I’m not able to feed you anything decent right now…… It’s okay! When you get even better, I’ll feed whatever is your favorite is it fish, or meat, or what? You’re a little too skinny! I’m going to let you eat the meat and make you healthy!”

Tears have come out again at those words.

After that, master pushed spoonfuls of the soup one after another in my mouth, and I drink it heartily.

The toasted bread was soaked in the soup then put in my mouth, and the taste of the soup along with the aroma of the bread were very delicious.

However, my stomach became full only by eating a little soup and bread because I had not eaten a good thing up till now, although the two people were encouraging the alternative, it was not possible to eat any further.

“Well, if you increase the amount a little at a time, you will be able to eat it, so be patient!”

Douglas said to me.

I’m really frustrated not being able to say thank you for the meal to the two of them, but I tried to express the feeling of gratitude and had to bow my head.

“It’s fine.”

“You don’t have to worry about it.”

I was able to receive a reply from the two of them.

Then, as Douglas cleans the table, I’m held by master and laid on bed in the bedroom again.

“Here’s some warming liquid to help reduce your fever.
You may not need it, but drink it just in case.”

There is a green liquid in the vessel passed to me from master, and I drink it up in a hurry although I hesitated for a moment.
It was really bitter, but there was sweetness like honey and I could drink it somehow.

“Good boy.
Call me as soon as you’re thirsty.
I’ll leave the bell here and you can ring it.
If you can eat lunch, let me know with the bell.”

I nod and think that it is good even if such a thing is made known to master.

“I’d like you to tell a lot about yourself, but if you can’t talk, it’s difficult….
I’m sure Doug will find a solution, so just be patient.”

Master went out of the room after saying such.
I think about what happened to me from waking up to now.
I’ve laid in the same bed as master, and the wounds of my whole body were carefully treated.
He was very kind to me, and he said, ‘I am not going to treat you as a slave.’

He held me who was a slave, and put me on his knee and I was made to eat the same meal as master.

My Master and Douglas are very kind, and I feel like they care about me, but can I really trust those two…?

It was a bit unsettling, but until now I have not been hurt or in pain.

Rather, treated cordially and even feeling protected.

Then, I should not offend the two of them so that the current situation continues even a little bit longer.

I made up my mind to do anything I could.

But what can I do?

I have no physical strength since I became this body, and if it’s about the knowledge and technology of medicine that I had cultivated for nearly two decades…..

I don’t think that knowledge can be useful in my current position.

First of all, let’s do the house chores.

Fortunately, I’m good at housework and cooking thanks to a long time living alone.

In this house seems to live two men, and it seems likely to be somewhat useful.

As I think about the status quo and the future, my eyes are getting heavier.
To lie down without sexual activity in such a soft bed, In x years, I was attacked by the sleepiness in an instant.


A voice is heard, and my shoulders were shaken.
When I woke up from slumber, there were figures of three men in front.
I remind myself of my condition, and hurry to wake up my body.

“Oh, I’m sorry.
You don’t have to get up, you can just lie down and listen.”

“Wow, it’s really black hair and eyes.
He’s cute, I want to take care of him if you aren’t.”

“Hey, Mintz.
The kid is surprised, you aren’t nt going to say hello?”

“Oops, sorry.
I am Mintz, of the Rabbit tribe.
I work as a branch head employee in the health Department of the Guild.
I specialize in healing and pharmacy.
I have come to see the trouble of living with this squalid man once in a while.

Mintz who introduced himself with a admiring smile was a terrible beauty.

The straight pink blond hair is slightly longer than his shoulder, and he has a high nose.

It is a neutral beauty, and on his head he has the ear of a rabbit extended with a ‘ping’, and adds loveliness to beauty.

There was a similar atmosphere but in the opposite different from master.

I wanted to introduce myself, but it’s a pity that I’m only able to nod my head over and over again.

“It’s a slave magic tool on his neck, but it is likely it can be removed.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I went to the Guild to check it out, also if you know someone who knows how to deal with slave contracts and magic tools, it’s easy to be removed.”

“When it comes to being a person who knows how to deal with magic tools, the contract is no problem.”

Master is conceived with a hand on his chin.

“Why don’t you visit Mr.
Martin in the South district where Gail was going shopping the other day?”

“Well, let’s go to the priest tomorrow for now.”

“No, I’ll take him, and Doug can go to the guild.”

“I took care of your off day! I’ll be here tomorrow!”

“It’s more convenient for me to take care of him since he can’t walk yet, right?”

“I’m able to hold the boy with one arm!!”

“Wouldn’t it be a burden to him?”

Master and Douglas have started a terrible argument.

Mintz who had seen it enters and stops with a face which is disgusted.

“OK! I will manage tomorrow’s work, so please go with them.
However, please come show all three people faces together in the guild on the way back.
Let’s talk about how to heal his legs and arms.
Is that okay?”

Mintz said in a tone which didn’t take no for an answer, Master and Douglas showed their affirmation by nodding yes.
I feel like I was able to grasp the power relationship of three people somehow.

“The two of the are a little rough and rowdy, but you can trust them.
It was really hard for you until now.
If you have any trouble, you can always rely on me.”

He was gently stroking my head again.
I’ve thought that my head has been patted profusely after I’ve been brought to master’s home.

When I came here and think about the physical characteristics of my body and the number of years spent here, I think my age is about 16 or 17 years old, but do you look very childish?

“So, the soup is not nourishing enough.
Shall I make a kind that he can eat and stomach better?”

“I’m sorry as always, do you have something?”

“Leave it to me! I’ll make you something delicious, so please wait.”

Mintz goes out of the room with a light gait when saying so.
He seems to have headed to the kitchen.

Master and Douglas were left in the room, and I was stared at for some reason from the bedside.

“Then, tomorrow, you and I are going to take the boy with us, so I can look after him tonight, right?”

“I’m already conscious of that, but if you take care of him, are you sure there won’t be a problem?”

“Shut up! You’re aware even I’m capable to take care of this and that!!”

“I-I know.”

“Then, I’m going to sleep and have a meal with him tonight.”

“Tch, I understand.”

It seemed to have been decided how to treat me without my knowing.

It’s not possible to defy the master’s decision, though I thought that I’m sorry to be trouble here.

“I’m going to be busy tomorrow.
Go home early and take the boy to Martin’s shop, and if he can successfully solve the curse, it’s then straight to the guild.
So we have to decide what to do with his shaved bones, and if possible, he can sign up for a guild tag.”

Guild tags what is hanging around their necks, I think.

“Oh, by any chance, do you know of the guild tag?”

“The adventurers and citizens use it instead of an ID, but let’s see Gail’s.”


When master took out a small metal plate which was connected to a silver chain from his chest, he held it in his hand and seemed to put in some power.
Then, the hologram like image appeared from the plate on the upper side.


Name: Gale van Forester Age: 36
Tribe: Bear Tribe (anima body)
Place of residence: Castleton West District
Life force: S
Magic: C
Anavar: SS
Endurance: A
Agility: A Intelligence: B

Possession skill: Martial Arts Great, Swordsmanship Expert, Spear,  Archery, Whip, Survival Surgery, Surgery Spirit, Surgery , Spirit (wind, fire), Knight’s Knowledge, Interrogation

Title: Escort Knight, A strong defense hand

Condition: Left ankle dysfunction


Oh, I didn’t know about the technology but wow…….

Master is 36 years old, I thought that he might be, he’s younger than my age in fact.

And, a notation of left ankle dysfunction to have been written in the column of condition makes me less anxious.

It must’ve been due to the trouble with his left leg that brought discomfort when he was walking and holding me.

In this place where I was thinking that it wasn’t possible to use my medical knowledge somehow, it’s noted that it’s useless without the medical equipment for the inspection, and the lack of self seemed to be the body.

“This can be a proof of identity, and you can be free to go back and forth between countries.”

“You need to do some magic work to register, but we will be able to solve the Curse on the collar tomorrow.
Don’t worry about that.”

I see, it’s a substitute for a license or passport.
I didn’t know if I need it, but I’d like to see if I can understand my own abilities as shown just now.

Then, there was a little hope that I might have an ability to do something useful.

“It’s read-“

“It’s the meal.
Come on, kid.”

Like Douglas said, he put his right hand under my knees, then I was made to put on my back to his arm and hug his chest, he held me with his arm very skillfully.

Douglas was a little embarrassed because we are face to face in this posture and mine turns red.

“Whoa, you’re embarrassed, kid? Scoundrel.”

Douglas is rubbing his face on mine.

I did not feel disgusted at all, but it was painful with the unpolished beard.

Douglas does have a slight smell like sweet ripe fruit is it even perfume? And, I didn’t think deeply at this time by the thought that this man was indeed different.

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