r side of the door and footsteps running towards us.

The door pounded opened, and a large man came in.
He was a little shorter than master? However, it can be understood that the body has muscles trained practically as much as master even with clothes on.
If the hand is big, all of other parts are also large.
However, the left arm is missing from the base of the shoulder.
The pupils that stares at us are brown, and the dull blonde is cut short, is that hair a habit? It is not cared for, and it’s in a mess.
However, the face is little, and it is very well-equipped in a wild sexual appeal.
Thin golden chest hair is grown on the chest which is out in the open, and it is felt that mans pheromones are that of a bitter adult coupled with the unpolished beard.
And, the long tail that master doesn’t have, behind his legs, and on his head are large animal ears of the same color as the hair on his chest.
Is that a lion?
Either way, I fully felt the charm of the two men.
It is very different from me when I was in Japan, and I feel some inferiority complex as the a man…….

“Oh, you finally got up, kid! Wow, that’s really a black iris.
Oh, I’m sorry, I’m Douglas.
Call me Doug.
If you look at me, you’ll know I’m a lion, he’s housemate.”

I understood that he was a person who was in the same position as master.
This person shouldn’t have ever had a rough phase.
I bowed to Douglas, who greeted me with his hands, I hold the collar again with both hands and appeal that it is forbidden to utter words by gesturing and shaking my head.

“He can understand the words, but it’s like he can’t talk.”
“Oh, is that a magic slave tool, where you can put a lot of constraints on it as a curse? Is that why you’re forbidden to speak a word?”

I nodded my head and told him that he was right.

“Hey, not only your body but you’re not even allowed to talk, I’m really pissed at them!!”

Shouting, Douglas kicked a wall nearby.
My shoulders shut as I wince.

“Doug, stop.
He‘s frightened.”
“Oh, I’m sorry.
I’m not angry with you.
It was so evil, I had to.
Can you remove this magic tool?”
“No, I don’t know that I’m familiar with it.
I’ll just check it out in the guild.

I’m a slave, but they are trying remove the collar?
What does that mean?
My thoughts were crowded, and stop when my head is patted I am made to be near Douglas then pulled by the arm and held to his chest.

“It’s all right now.
Ok, we’re not going to let you be hurt or feel painful.
There’s nothing to worry about anymore.
Leave all of it to us.
For now, rest slowly for a while and gain strength.”

I was also patted on the head.

“Then we’ll have to eat.”
“Well, there was still some soup that Mintz made.

I’ll let you get used to eating solids a little bit at a time.

“Okay, then wait a minute.”

Then Douglas was out of the room.
Master who left the place he was sitting to sit beside me once again, and he supported me with his hands on my back.
Though it becomes hard to look up at master because of the relation of height, master is staring at me, and it was as though there was slight smile somehow on his expressionless face.

“It‘s have been really hard for you, but from now on we will protect you.
I’m sorry I meet you in the form of slavery, but I’m not going to treat you as a slave, so I want you to feel safe.”

What did my master say just now? Master will protect me? You’re not gonna treat me as a slave? There can’t be such a convenient story lying around.
There is no merit to master in doing so.
Did you not find that the words you said were aren’t swallowed well and are embarrassing? Master was holding me tight as Douglas had been doing a while earlier.

“I don’t think it’s unreasonable to not believe in us right away.
But I want you to know this.
I and Doug care about you.
If you ever feel unhappy, we can make you so happy you can forget it.
So forget that you were a slave.”

They were kind words that had been said for the first time when I came to this world.
Can I really believe these people?
The feelings were not completely gone, but the words soaked into my tattered mind.
Then I couldn’t stand it anymore.
As the lacrimal broke, tears overflowed one after another, and my head was pressed against the chest of master and I continued to weep with ‘Poroporo’.
During that time, master had been stroking my head slowly.
How long have I been crying?
I notice, master’s chest has become soaked by my tears and runny nose.
When I was looking for something to wipe, master took the towel out of the shelf near us and wiped my face.

“Calmed down?”
My head was pounding gently, and tears came straight down my face desperately.
Master was staring at me with a gentle expression in his eyes with slightly lowered corners.

TL Notes: This was Machine translated, I fixed up the grammar as best I could.

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