“What the hell?! Is this a soup?! You can't call everything's edible just because it can be eaten you know?!”

While complain about the soup that I made, Mintz put some seasoning, meat, vegetable into the soup, and mix it.
I don't know what he do with my soup, but when I taste the soup again, the taste become so different from the one I made.
It's become more like a soup..
I mean, it's delicious.

After that, we arrange a meeting for Gail and the Guild for work and had a meal.

When we are done, it's already the time to feed the boy.

Because today's my turn to nurse the boy, leave it to me.”

“…I don't mind if I have to nurse the boy today's too you know…”

“Gail….LEAVE IT TO ME, okay..?”

Gail seemed dissatisfied with it and started grumbling, but I just pushed it off.
After preparing to sleep, I head towards the bedroom and lie down my body beside the boy.
I brought his body close to me, and hug him.

A super sweet smell like a fruit come out from the boy's body and somewhat it's make me drunk.
My breath become heavy, and when I saw the boy's neck, I really want to bite him.
How delicious his blood can be? I thought something really dangerous, but somehow I managed to get my senses back and forget about it.

After that, I confirmed the boy's condition and go to sleep.


(Gail's POV)

I can't stop thinking about the boy and woke up faster than usual.
When I thinking that he is sleeping together with Doug, my heartbeat become unstable and I can't get calm.
I wonder why..?

I headed to the boy's bedroom for the time being to see his condition.
And then, I saw a figure of him sleeping in the Doug's arm.
I rushed to the two of them without thinking and get Doug away from him.

what are you doing? Isn’t it too early to get up yet?”

“You're too sticky, he’s suffering.”

I know the boy is not suffering but let's say it like that.

“Oh…sorry, it's feel really comfortable when I hug him so…
Well, it was a good body pillow.”

“Didn't you sleep together with him in order to nurse him …?”

“Well, of course, I'm always checking his condition, but, well, his smells…strange, I feel so comfortable when I hold him.”

 Anyway, how about waking up already?”

“Yeah, I have to go out early and go the guild.”

Doug got up from the bed and started dressing up, so I also leaving the room, I'm going to the kitchen and started preparing breakfast.

Then, we eat breakfast together and Dough off to the guild.

Just like the other day, I feed the boy a soup and medicine, the boy's condition is getting better than yesterday, there is some wound that still swollen, but the bleeding and big scars are already healed.

After that, I'm going to nearby shops to buy some food and clothes that the boy can wear when he got up.
I would like to see him actually wear the clothes, but looks like I have to wait until he wakes up to make that wish come true.

I returning to home and finishing all the house work.
When I finished, Doug returned from the guild with Mintz.

Mintz seems to be worried about the boy too.
Yesterday, he was already waiting for me in full preparation even though I still talking to the guild's people about work.

Mintz checking the boy's condition like yesterday and said, “He is really getting better, everything is alright.” Then, he quickly made something to eat for us and went home.

I finish everything I need to do faster and head to the boy's room, this time I will be the one who hold him while sleeping.
I close my eyes and took a trip to my dream world while sniffing his refreshing smell.

#See u in chapter 6 ^^

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