k I’ve finally found the right amount of force recently.


I slowly rubbed his large back with both my hands full of foam, then lightly brushed him with my fingers.


The faint scent of citrus emanating from my hands made me feel very relaxed.


When the foam thickens, I gave him a facial massage while washing his head and the base of his ears.


When I ran my fingers along his jawline, his tense face became contorted, and when I pressed the base of his nose, his face became weird.
I couldn’t help but smirk.


“Hey, don’t play tricks on me.”


“Fufu… I’m sorry, I’m just having fun thinking about that Gail-san.”


I washed his whole body gently.
And every time I got fascinated with his tail, I always told myself to not let my mind fly away.


“Yosh, Chika! The next is your turn.
Come here.” 


“Oh, is it my turn? I’ll wash by myself, so it’s fine.”


“Just come over here.”


He lifted me up and sat me down on a chair, taking great care not to hurt me with his fingernails.
I could feel my body being thoroughly washed.


“Washing my body like this reminds me of when you first came to us.”


“At that time, I really didn’t know what to do, and I was all puzzled.
Looking back, I regret that I thought of various rude things.”


“Even if I said it’s nothing like that at all, you wouldn’t believe me.
You thought that I bought you as a slave, so I can’t help it.
Yosh, come here.”


Gail-san’s large hands washed my hair.
When he finished washing my whole body, he held me in his arms and we soaked in the bathtub together.


The bathtub barely fitted Gail-san’s large frame.
So, a large amount of hot water flowed out of it.


I sat down in the bathtub, wrapped in Gail-san’s fluffy chest and stomach.


The warmth of the water seemed to permeate my entire body.


By the way, Douglas-san’s body is not designed to soak in the bathtub on his back.
So, he lay on his stomach and I leaned on his side.


“But, I’m really grateful that you came to us.
You’ve helped me learn to love people.
I’m not a very likable person, unlike Doug.”


“That’s not true! Gail-san is a very kind person.
You just have a little trouble communicating that to other people.
In fact, I’m very much helped by your kindness.
……I love Gail-san.”


As I dropped a kiss on Gail-san’s cheek, he returned the kiss on my forehead.


“I’m so happy if you feel that way.
Alright, I think it’s time for us to go.
If we keep Doug waiting any longer, he will get mad at both of us.”


I’m as happy as you are, Gail-san.”


Gail-san shook his body and water droplets splashed all over the bathroom.


It’s funny to see his fluffy fur clinging to his body.
It made him look a bit thinner.


When Gail-san got out of the bathroom, he chanted something.
The wind covered his entire body, and the next moment he was back to his original fluffy Gail-san.


It seems to be an application of fire and wind magic.
He dried my hair in the same way.


“Well then, let’s go! Doug must be getting tired of waiting.”




And then, I was being picked up and carried by Gail-san.


Beyond was the large three-person room.


There, Douglas-san in his lion form was lying on the bed, waiting for us.


Yes, this is my second pleasure.


When we went to bed, the three of us slept together.
Douglas-san and Gail-san were in their beast form, so I could enjoy touching them as much as I want.


Normally, as a partner, I would have to sleep with the two of them in turn and do my… nightly duties in that bedroom.
But right now, I am unable to satisfy them.


No, maybe I could if I was careful.
But the two of them have declined, saying they can’t afford the risk if they lost their minds when doing it.


In that case, there was no way to pass up this opportunity, so I asked them to listen to my selfishness.


[Douglas] “You’re pretty late.
This old man is getting tired of waiting for you.”


[Chika] “I’m sorry.
Without realizing it, we took a long bath because it felt so good.”


[Gail] “See? It was just as I said, wasn’t it, Chika?”


I was gently lowered to the bed.
And when Douglas-san hugged me, Gail-san laid down beside me.


[Douglas] “What’s with that “as you said”?”


[Gail] “It’s a secret between us.”


[Chika] “Yes, it’s a secret.”


Douglas-san looked a little baffled as Gail-san and I laughed at each other.


[Douglas] “Oh, well.
Chika, nothing much has changed today, has it? You seem to be working very hard on my brother’s proposal, but you’re not really pushing yourself, are you?


“Yes, I’m fine.
I got a little carried away, but Gail-san stopped me.”


“Haa, you’re really pushing yourself, aren’t you? You shouldn’t be doing that, you know? Even without you working on my brother’s proposal, we can still shelter one or two of you.”


Douglas-san licks my face briskly with his long tongue.


I was ticklish before, but now even that feeling of touch seems comforting.


“No, I’m really not pushing myself.
There are certainly a lot of things to be done.
But if the future that Alberto-sama mentioned is going to come true, that would be a wonderful thing.
And I’d be proud to be able to help with that.”


“We’re saying that we’re worried about your earnestness, you know.
Though it’s useless to say that to you.”


This time, Gail-san’s thick tongue reached me from the other side.


I could feel the heat from the lick that reached the core of my body.


“The most important thing for me right now is my baby, so I promise I won’t do anything that will affect him.
Though, I am a little concerned about how my lack of physical strength will affect this child…”


[Gail] “It’s true that Chika’s lack of physical strength would never have allowed him to give birth to a child before.
Besides, we, anima, are honestly unfamiliar with the process of childbirth.
I think we should talk to my mother or Cyril-sama.”


[Douglas] “Oh, what a coincidence! Cyril-dono has summoned Chika and Mintz.
I think that the content of the meeting is related to that since Rickham-dono has also been called.
It’ll be a good opportunity for Chika to ask some questions, so why don’t you go?”


[Chika] “From Cyril-sama? I am grateful for that since I wanted to ask him about the human race’s childbirth.
I will visit with Mr.
Mintz, won’t I?”


I’ll tell him to arrange a time and date for you to visit.
I’m just curious about the fact that it says that you are not allowed to bring your partners with you…”


I could only chuckle as I somehow guessed the reason for this.


The two warm furs wrapped me and I spent another happy hour of sleep today.

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