ven in his bear form and left.


At that moment, he whispered quietly in my ear.


“I am looking forward to seeing young Master and the baby next time.”


I could tell that he had a small smile on his face, even though it was a bear’s face.


Yosh! I must do my best!


[Theo] “By the way, Sebastian told me about this pork cutlet sandwich that Chika-dono taught him.
It’s really delicious.
The knights were very happy with the thickness of the sandwich.”


“Um, what do you mean by the knights?”


[Theo] “Eh? Didn’t I tell you? Sebastian made it for us and we tried it out.
Even though he made it in a big size, it was easy to eat with one hand.
It was such a big hit, that there were ugly fights among those excited men.”


[Chika] “Fights…? A-anyway, I’m glad you liked it.”


[Rickham] “Ah, but Chika-dono, please stay away from the headquarters of the Order of the Knights.
It’s like throwing a lamb amongst starving wild beasts.
We don’t want Gail and Douglas-sama to render all knights useless.”


Said Rickham-sama while chomping on a pork cutlet sandwich.


By the way, it seems that Sebastian is now officially employed at the knights’ dining hall and is teaching the chefs there how to cook it.


[Virgil] “Ah, Chika-dono.
I’m sorry, but can you go over there? Hector is giving me a murderous look.
Even though we’ve become a family through Chika-dono, he doesn’t change at all.
We also happened to have something to discuss with Mintz.”


When I glanced behind Gail-san, Hector-sama was certainly staring at me.


His eyes were wide open and his fangs were bared in a threatening manner.


I am confident that I would die of fear and shock if my eyes suddenly met his.


“Yes, yes.
Well then, father-in-law and mother-in-law, I’m off.
See you later.”


I got off Gail-san’s lap, bowed to him, and headed toward Hector-sama.


As I approached Hector-sama, his face gradually became calm.


[Chika] “I’m sorry for making you wait so long, even though you came all this way.”


[Hector] “No, no, no, it’s nothing that you should worry about, Chika-chan.
Sit here with me.
I can’t believe that this little body is carrying ‘that’ Doug’s child.
Thank you, Chika-chan.”


[Douglas] “He’s right.
It’s not Chika’s fault.
Hey, isn’t it funny that I, as your [pair], haven’t said anything, but this stupid father talks so much just because he feels jealous all by himself? And what the hell do you mean by ‘that’?”


With his big lion hands(?) front paws(?), Hector-sama lovingly caressed my stomach.


[Douglas] “Hey, Alex, Theo, why don’t you come over here instead of staying in the corner like that?”


When I looked closely, I saw that Alex-san was snuggling comfortably against Theo-sama, who was lying down.


The scene was very heartwarming and made me feel that the brothers were very close.


“Come on, brother, let’s go.
Since you are here, you must enjoy yourself.”


At Alex-san’s urging, Theo-sama quietly got up and came toward us.


His lion’s figure was as dignified as Douglas-san and Hector-sama.


[Chika] “It’s been a long time, Theo-sama.
I haven’t seen you recently, have you been busy?”


“Ah, yeah.
Well, something like that…”


Theo-sama was slurring his words as he looked somewhere in the distance.


“Anyway, Chika-dono, congratulations! Uncle’s child is inside you, isn’t he?”


“Yes, it’s Douglas-san’s child.
So, he’ll be Theo-sama and Alex-san’s cousin.
His age will be quite far from you, but I hope you’ll be good friends with him.”


“Oh, of course! Even if it is not my uncle’s child but Gail’s, I will still be a good friend to him.”


[Hector] “Oi, Theo.
Why don’t you take this opportunity to touch Chika-chan’s belly? You used to touch Alex when he was in Cyril’s belly, didn’t you?”


[Chika] “He’s not that big yet, and he won’t move.
But you can touch it if you like.”


Theo-sama glanced at Douglas-san.


In response, Douglas-san nodded his head.


[Theo] “Well, then, Chika-dono.
Please excuse me for a moment.”


Theo-sama tried to put his big paw against my stomach, but he couldn’t seem to take the next step.


I looked at him closely and saw that his hand was trembling a little.


I grabbed his big hand with my own and pressed it gently against my stomach.


[Chika] “It’s really still nothing, isn’t it? I still can’t believe it myself, that Douglas-san’s child is growing up here…”


[Alex] “Ah, it’s so unfair that you only let my brother touch it! Let me touch you too!”


Theo-sama’s hand was replaced by Alex-san’s small hand.


The two of them were so kind to each other that I was thankful for my child’s good fortune to be born into such a kind group of people.


[Theo] “Thank you, Chika-dono.
I was able to feel very happy for some reason, even though I was only touching you.”


[Alex] “Hm? Is that so? As expected, I don’t really understand.
Anyway, thank you, Chika-san.
I’ll take it as a reference for the future.”


Alex-san is the only animus here who’s unmarried and not pregnant.


No wonder he got curious about a lot of things.


But first I have to learn from Mintz-san and Rickham-sama about the future of myself and my child.


[Douglas] “Yosh, Chika.
Then, come to your [pair].
I’ve been patient with you for a long time already.
You and Mintz are the stars today.”


Douglas-san put his big hand around my back and pushed me gently.


The softness of his fluffy fur was irresistible.


When I look up, there were gentle brown eyes gazing lovingly at me.


Aah, how happy I am.


The feast lasted until late into the night.


For the record, when I proposed to give each and every one of the beasts an animal massage, they all enjoyed it and began to fall asleep on the spot.


I also offered Mintz-san, who was watching me, to try the animal massage.
But he turned me down with all his might for some reason.
Then, Alex-san asked me to teach him the technique.


I forced Sebastian-san to let me try to massage him.
And after lying unconscious for a while, Sebastian-san suddenly jumped out of his sleep and said this.


“I never thought that I would be the one to make such a disgraceful appearance in such a place! How embarrassing! The young Mistress is really a frightening person…”3



Remember that Virgil is Douglas’s master (probably in swordsmanship)? Masters here refer to both Virgil and Rickham as both are in the knighthood.


Y know… “Punishment”….


Well, a butler shouldn’t fall asleep after getting a massage from his master’s spouse apparently…

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