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※ There are sexual descriptions.
That’s all there is.
In short, it’s fully NSFW.

※ There are direct expressions and obscene words.

※ Chika is a masochist while Douglas is a sadistic demon.
Your image of the characters may be destroyed.

※ The story is long because it could not be divided into several parts.


Please be aware of the above and avoid this chapter if you are not good at it or underage.
I think there is no problem even if you do not read this story.

For a while after the day of my decision, I was able to do my job at the guild well.


Of course, I have kept things in moderation, when it comes to healing.


By the way, Theo-sama came as my guardian on the first day, but I haven’t seen him since then.


Is he busy?


I visited his house a few times to share my food, but I could only see Hector-sama.


Instead, Alex-san was very helpful in mediating between me and the other staff members.


Is it because Alex-san is royalty and that he is receptive to my knowledge?


Other staff members are steadily absorbing my knowledge and asking the right questions.


Although it was still only a perfunctory and unsystematic approach, it gave me great hope that knowledge dissemination might indeed be possible.


However, I would still like to consult with Mintz and Paris before making any final decision.


I was enjoying a peaceful and happy life, working hard at the guild, and spending time with my two loved ones when I returned home.
But the day had finally come.


Yes, a seed had been prepared at the temple for my personal use.
Douglas-san had brought it back.


If so, there was only one thing to do.


After eating as usual, Gail-san went back to his parent’s house, thinking that the two of us would be very careful.


It was my first night alone with Douglas-san under one roof.


The two of us slowly take a bath and continue to talk about trivial things, but my mind is full of thoughts about what we are going to do.


Douglas-san must have noticed this because he only laughed and didn’t say anything when I gave him an inappropriate answer.


When we got out of the bath, Douglas-san picked me up in his arms before I could put on a shirt and brought me to the largest bedroom in the house.


I was sitting on Douglas-san’s lap who sat cross-legged in the center of the bed.
We were facing and staring at each other.


The color of lust was already burning in his eyes.


Finally, I can hold you.”


The voice whispered in my ear was even lower than usual, and I was sure that this was Douglas-san’s true voice.


My waist had collapsed just by listening to his voice.


“Chika, I want to hold you gently.
But when I really want to hold someone, I can’t help but want to push them to their limits.
I know I said it before, but sex is instinctive for us lion race.
I have no choice but to ask for your forgiveness.
I’m really sorry.”


I had felt Douglas-san’s slightly lecherous side showing on his face on several occasions in the past.


But today, does he mean that it will be in full bloom?


“I love Douglas-san no matter how you are.
If you want to make a mess out of me, you can mess me up as much as you want.
No, I want it badly if that is what you want.
Please… make me yours, Douglas-san.”


You’re the one who stirred me up.
There ain’t nothing you can do to stop me now, and you can’t regret it.”


After saying that, Douglas-san hugged me tightly and parted my lips with his tongue, violating my mouth roughly.


An obscene watery sound echoed from his tongue as he ravaged my mouth, and the stimulation ran through my entire body.


I pulled myself closer to him, wanting more, but our lips suddenly separated.


I must have had a greedy look on my face.


Douglas-san looked at me and cleared his throat.


Suddenly, an index and middle finger were placed in front of my mouth.


“Chika, lick it.”


Although his voice sounded gentle, his eyes had the look of a dominant who would not allow any objections.


In a feverish swoon, I did as instructed and invited the two fingers into my mouth and licked them enthusiastically.


“Mmnn… fuuah… hmmnn…”


“I’m going to go inside you with these.
So lick them well and make sure to get them wet.”


While gently stroking my head as he said this, Douglas-san pushed his fingers even deeper into my mouth.


I almost choked on my breath, but I was still carefully twisting my tongue, trying not to let my teeth bite anything.


Seeing me like this, Douglas-san’s eyes gradually turned ferocious and full of lust.


When it was time for him to pull his finger out, I let out a sad sound.


The fingers that was glistening with my saliva, slowly descended.


A calloused, thick finger touched the small bud in my behind.




The next moment, I felt a warm and soft sensation behind me.
Then, a shock ran up my spine.


“It must have been a long time since you did it with Gail.
I’ll take it slow.”


Said Douglas-san somewhat happily.


I let out a cry every time he touched me with his long, thick fingers.


The wrinkles on my buds were carefully stretched out inch by inch by his fingers, and I immediately felt goosebumps from the pleasure.


“So, Chika likes me to play with not only your nipples but also this? You seem pretty happy about it, even though I’ve only touched you a little bit, hm?” 


When that tight hole was lightly tapped with a fingertip as if knocking, it was like an electric current ran through the lower half of my body, and I burst out in a cry.




A finger was inserted and my entrance was scratched shallowly and repeatedly.


Every little movement of Douglas-san was directly converted into a pleasurable stimulus in my brain.




I could feel the cum that was dripping from the tip of my erect penis trickling down towards my ass.


Using it as a lubricant, Douglas-san hastened in pulling out and pushing it in further.


“Your face looks like a mess.
Do you like my fingers that much?”


“Mmn… Kuh… Feels… feels good…” 


When I answered honestly, Douglas-san’s face suddenly broke out in a flush.


Douglas-san pushed me down and forced my legs open.


My lower body was spread like a frog, and I was moaning from the stimulation behind me as I opened my mouth sloppily while gripping the sheets with my hands.


Perhaps it was my pathetic appearance that aroused Douglas-san’s sexual desire.


“Oh, damn.
You’re so cute…”


As if to hide his embarrassment, Douglas-san moved his fingers deeper and stirred my insides.


I heard the little murmur from him and felt my own heart beating faster.


I’m now used to being called these words, but when they are being said here on the bed, they seem to take on a different meaning.


My hips lifted up lusciously as he rummaged around inside me and whispered something in my ear.


“Nn… Hhhaah! Fuaah!”


“You’re so messed up with just my fingers.
Do you really like my fingers that much?”


His fingers, which had somehow increased from two to three, lightly stroked a spot deep inside me that felt like a lump.


Despite the fact that it was only a slight stroke, all the strength in my body was suddenly gone.




“Wow, your body is jumping for joy with each stroke.”


As he said that, Douglas-san’s fingers rubbed against one of my sensitive spots while his belly pressed against it just right, causing a thick stream of semen to spill out of my dick.


I involuntarily begged for more as I squeezed the slightest breath out from the back of my throat.


“Mo… more… Deeper…”


“That’s good that you’re begging me so honestly.
I’d like to do more, but you’ll have to be patient.”


The fingers that had been violating my insides slipped out so suddenly.


Although I had been feeling Douglas-san inside me for so long now, as soon as his fingers were removed, I felt uneasy as if a hole had opened up in me.


“Huh…? Don’t pull it out…”


“I said you have to be patient.
I’m going to have to put this in today or it’ll be meaningless.”


While saying that, Douglas-san inserted his fingers into me again and moved them deep inside me.


My whole body screamed with pleasure at the sensation of his thick fingers rubbing inside me.


However, the fingers that had gone deep inside me were suddenly pulled out again.


I no longer cared about the shame.


Shaking with loneliness, I spread my hole with my fingers and hungrily sought heat.


“Chika, you love me, don’t you?”


Douglas-san seemed to be on the verge of losing his rationality.


It seemed as though the thing that was painfully tense under his underwear was screaming to get inside me as soon as possible.


However, Douglas-san was holding back and opened his mouth.


“How’s it, huh? Answer honestly and I’ll give it to you.”


Douglas-san pulled “it” out of his underwear and placed it against my hole as if he was stroking me.


Every time I felt a hot pulsation, I would gasp for air, unable to stop my excitement.


“Like… I like it… Hiii!”


The interrogation continued as he pushed the tip of his rod slightly into my butt.


“Hmm… I don’t really get it.
Which do you like better, the usual me or this me?”


“I… both… I like both of them! I beg you, please don’t tease me and hurry up and put it inside…”


I begged as best I could, with drool dripping from the corners of my mouth.


I couldn’t help but feel a tingle of desire for Douglas-san in my hole, where he had been playing with so much just a moment ago.


I wiggled my hips desperately, wanting to relieve the loneliness.
Then, I heard a small murmur of “Damn,” and a click of the tongue from Douglas-san.


My body, which had been on my back, was flipped over roughly.


Before I had time to turn pale and wonder if I had offended him from the tongue clicking I had heard, he already grabbed me roughly around my waist while I was on all fours.


“Hyaah… Aaaahhh!!”


What a tight hole.”


It felt as if my body was being stabbed deeply all at once.


Without giving me any time to be surprised, his sexual organ penetrated further into me.


“Ah, w-wait… too… too tight…”


“I won’t wait.”


I curled my toes and tried to withstand the shock, but when the tip was pressed against the lump that just had been played with, a gasp came out naturally.


“Aahhhh…! There… p-please… don’t!!”


“Chika, we’re very possessive.”


Douglas-san said as he started to slowly withdraw.


“Only Gail and I are allowed to watch you get all messy like this.
Can you promise me that?”


Douglas-san’s hand rests on top of my hand that was still gripping the sheets.


He bit my shoulder as he covered my body with his like a beast.


“Hyaa…..! Just the two of you, why… Aaaaaahh!”


It was not a gentle bite, but sharp fangs that sunk into my skin, and even the pain and the sensation of blood flowing from the wound made me feel proud that I was Douglas-san’s prey.


The thick tongue licked away the flowing blood as if savoring it.


Each time his tough tip ground against my prostate, my back hole contracted, as if refusing to let him go.


“Doug… san… Douglas… san…”


Once again, Douglas-san put his hands back on my waist and made the rhythm even more intense.


Even though I should be able to feel Douglas-san in such close proximity, I felt lonely over my empty upper body.


I wanted to feel the heat that had covered me earlier, I wanted him to look at me more, to want me more.


As I thought so, my heart complained that I want warmth apart from my lower body that was being ravaged, and tears came to my eyes.


“Hhhh… ugh… gghh… aah… hic…”


“What’s the matter, Chika? Is it too unbearable that you’ve shed so many tears?”


With a gasp, Douglas-san grabbed one of my hands and pulled it toward himself.


The movement stimulated my prostate even more deeply, making me moan even more.


“Ahh… haa…! It’s not that! I like you, Douglas-san… mmnnnn!”


“Ah? So you do like it.
Then why are you crying?” 


The sound of obscenity flooded from below was endless.


Even though Douglas-san was holding me like this, my whole body was still begging for more.


I wanted to be kissed and have my head stroked.
The desire to carve Douglas-san on me was steadily overflowing.


I opened my mouth, sniffling groggily.


“Ugh, it’s because I like it, I want more of Douglas-san… Hyah! Ngahh….
I wanted it! I wanted to feel… hyaahh… Douglas….
san… with my whole body! And then, ugh… I don’t know anymore… Haaahh!”


After one last big thrust inside, Douglas-san stopped moving.


I clenched my fists so tightly that the blood was concentrated in my veins.


I slowly began to regret my words.


I wondered what Douglas-san thought of me.
So greedy and lewd.


Although his inserted organ had not yet withered, I poured out my own shallow thoughts to Douglas-san.




He was able to turn my body around while we were still connected to each other.


He held me tightly and sat me down between his legs, facing each other.


“Are you sure you want to do this?”


Douglas-san said this while his slightly dusky blond hair was plastered to his sweaty forehead and his eyebrows were raised as if he was enduring something.


“I was trying to keep this under control.
From here on out, even I’m going to screw up my mind.
I might break you, but you really won’t regret it, will you?”


Douglas-san, who lifted his bangs and was exhaling hot, male lust-filled breath, stared at me.


There is nothing left in his eyes but a glistening, voracious desire.


My heart skipped a beat at the lack of restraint.


How sweet it sounded to me as he responded to my greedy demands.


My whole body felt light and fluffy from joy.


Suppressing a sweet shiver, I timidly slipped my hand around Douglas-san’s thick neck.


“More… hold me… terribly… Please make me… yours… Douglas-san.”


I whispered in a sultry, wet voice.


I don’t care how much he laughs at me and scorns me for being a slut.


“Make me cry… and scream more… Harder… Please desire me with all of your beings…”


Douglas-san’s expression as he gazed at me was that of a mere beast in front of its prey.




“Hhh… ahhh…!!”


Each time he thrusts into the hot, slippery depths of my hole, my cock emitted a slight squirt.


The pleasure was too much, and I climaxed many times with a sensation different from ejaculation.


“Ah, I’m going to come again… I’m going to come…!!”


I spilled saliva from my mouth and turned my body as if I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the sensation.


There was no place around my nipples where Douglas-san’s teeth marks were not present.


He bit my nipples, again and again, making me squeal with each bite.


My nipples were already lightly bleeding.


“Isn’t it embarrassing that you’re so willing to shake your hips and that you came so much, Chika?”




The weight of my own body and the pressure of the hug from the front made my hips sink even more.


I ejaculated fiercely as the connection deepened even more.


“You came a lot again, huh.
Do you know how much you let out?”


Douglas-san scooped the liquid on his stomach with his finger and plunged it straight into my gaping mouth.


As I licked the slightly salty taste of my own semen, I was horrified at how pathetic I must look.




He pulled his penis out all at once and slowly inserted it again.


I writhed in agony at the sensation.
Douglas-san relentlessly held my hips, which were naturally trying to escape, and rocked them hard.


“No, please don’t.
I’m cumming again!”


“Haa… how many times is this?”


“I don’t know… Hyaaaaahh…!”


My inner walls were being stirred and my vision went blank.


I felt my stomach was filled to the brim, and at the same time, I knew that Douglas-san had just ejaculated.


My body convulsed in the aftermath of the climax.
Even Douglas-san’s thing that was twitching inside me turned into a pleasure that had been passed to me.


“Doug… san… tired…”


I gasp and breathed out roughly, complaining that I am nearing my limit.


I opened my eyes slightly and turned my head toward Douglas-san, whose eyes stared back at me with a ferocious, prey-devouring look.


I was terrified and also excited to see his eyes on me.


“You’re the one who told me to….
make it worse, aren’t you?”


Douglas-san pulled his genitals out of my debauched hole as he climaxed several times.


Before I had time to feel the empty sensation, it was inserted all the way back in again.


It was as if my consciousness was about to jump for a moment.


“Hey, I’m going to put it in deeper.
Don’t pass out yet.”


Douglas-san’s penis stirred various bodily fluids from the juncture and went further and further inward.


I got goosebumps at the sensation of being pried even deeper into a place where I had thought no one could go any further.


“Im… impossible… How… can you go so deep… Kuh! Nnnnn!!”


“Don’t squeeze too hard.”


“Don’t… mmm… I can’t… Aaahh! It’s… scary!”


“Chika, look at me.” 


He kissed me lightly and gently as if to soothe me.


I was happy with the feeling and stared at Douglas-san desperately while blinking several times.


“From now on, you’re mine.
Remember that.”


I felt a piercing sensation deep inside my body.


“Haaaaaa… Stop… Aaaaaaaahhnn!!”


It was hard to say that it felt good.
But the pleasure was immense and my thoughts flew away.


Unable to think of anything else, I clung to Douglas-san’s thick neck.


“Ah, this, what… ah… nnggh!”


I managed to exhale, unable to even breathe properly.


“I’m deep inside you.


Douglas-san said happily as he stroked my bulging belly.


He occasionally pressed my belly harder, and I moaned in pain.


His member began to move slowly deep inside me as he thrust into me.


Each time it does, my body arched wildly.


“Hiicc… Aaaahh! No way, I’m going to break…!”


“You look so happy even though you say you didn’t want to do it.”


“You’re wrong… Aahh, amazing! It’s so deep! Mmm… aaahh!”


“Every time I thrust deep into you, your pussy tightens… Are you that happy to be mine?”


“So happy… I’m so happy!”


The thin current that had been released with each thrust finally ran out, and my penis only twitched slightly.


Nonetheless, my body trembled as I picked up my climax.


“Ugh, don’t… tighten up too much.”


I tried to say something back, but I couldn’t stop the rush of one pleasure after another.


I couldn’t think straight, and all I could do was let random sounds escape from my mouth.


“Oh, my God… Ah… haaaahhhh!”


My flesh walls quivered with each thrust, and they tightened as if I tried to squeeze every drop of Douglas-san’s semen into me.


“You don’t hate it, do you? Chika, you asked for it.
You really like it when I fuck you like this, don’t you?”


“Haaaahh, I love it, please screw me more, fuck me harder!”


“This… damn… You’re fucking riling me up.”


I put my hands around Douglas-san’s neck like a small animal.
My legs were trembling with my toes slightly clawed.


I was behaving lasciviously in Douglas-san’s arms, whom I had asked for so much.


This fact aroused me.


“Doug… las-sa… n… Douglas-san!”


With nothing to cling to but Douglas-san, I desperately called out his name.


Douglas-san bit me again, deeply, on my neck, which was still bare.


Even the pain of his fangs piercing my skin and gouging my flesh was pleasurable to me.


At the same time, I sent my hips more violently, and Douglas-san spitted out his own lust in the innermost part of my body.


“Hii… iiyaahh… ahhh… mmm….


That was my limit.


After a few moments of trembling and bending over, my strength suddenly drained from my body, and I collapsed toward Douglas-san.


My consciousness faded away, and Douglas-san was kissing my fingertips, which were still trembling from the lingering sensation of pleasure.


He continued to kiss his own bite marks, my eyes, and my forehead one after another.


That was all I could remember.




“Uhh, ah… Douglas-san…?”


I woke up with a strange feeling in my lower abdomen.


How much time had passed?


Douglas-san’s penis had already been pulled out of me, and I winced slightly at the coldness I felt through the gaping hole in the shape of his manhood.


“Are you awake, Chika…?”


Douglas-san, who was lying there with me in his arms, seemed to be terribly depressed in some way.


“I’m sorry.
Even though I promised Gail that I would take care of you, I pushed you too hard.”


“That’s not true.
Since it was something I asked for.”


“But I didn’t mean to go that far.
I put my own desires first.
How pathetic of me after stopping Gail from doing so much.”


“That’s why I said that you’re wrong.
Remember, it was me who deeply desired Douglas-san.
To be honest, I almost die of embarrassment when I recall it… And yet, I am so fulfilled by it! Both my body and soul.”


“Wasn’t it really hard for you? After treating you like that… This is just like the people who treated you like a sex slave…”


I clamped both Douglas-san’s cheeks with my hands, hard enough to make a sound.


“Douglas-san! That will never happen.
Please don’t think that way! You just did what I asked you to do.
That’s all there is to it.
Besides, I wouldn’t mind if Douglas-san did it… to me… again…”


I was so embarrassed that my words got smaller and smaller towards the end.


“Ku… ku… ku… Chika, you seem to be much stronger than I thought.
Well, I’ll take your word for it and enjoy your body again next time.
You know how nasty I can be, don’t you?”


“Yes, I’ve been shown how nasty you can be! Next time… please take care of me.
However, I don’t think my body will be able to handle it every time, so please go easy on me.”


“Got it, got it! But more importantly, is everything okay with your stomach? We still don’t know if the seed will settle.”


I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel any discomfort, especially on my bottom… but my stomach seems to be fine.
With this, I may have had Douglas-san’s child…”


“Let me know if you miss me.
I’ll always entertain you again.
I’d be really happy if you could have a child.
No, I’m sure you can.”


He was his usual Douglas-san self as he repeatedly dropped gentle kisses on me and patted my belly.


However, my strength seems to be at its limit, and I feel as if I might lose consciousness at any moment.


“I’m sorry.
Douglas-san, I’m a little drowsy… can I rest just like this…?”


“Hmmm, yeah.
I’ll take care of everything else.
I’ll clean you up too.”


“I’m sorry… Good night… I love you… Douglas-san.”


I managed to muster up the strength to finish, and when I dropped my head to Douglas-san’s chest, my consciousness was swallowed up as I drifted off into a deep slumber.

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