leep, I will notice it soon.”

“Surely so, but …
well …
Then, today you are sleep with him but tomorrow is my turn, okay?”

“Why? I'm good doing it every day though?”

“Even if you are good, I am not good.”

I still don't understand why I must.
Rather, I want to taking care the boy by myself, but there is no choice if Doug said that.

“Okay, then can I ask for daily change?”

“Yeah, let’s take care of the boy carefully, then …
Good night Gail.”

As he said that, Doug disappeared into his bedroom.

I prepare the water for the boy’s need, and head towards to the bedroom where he sleep.
When I look he’s still sleeping I feel relaxed, but so many sweat drip from his forehead it’s make me a little worried.
I sit beside him, wipe the sweat, giving him a water by mouth to mouth.

His throat seems to be thirsty and his body trying so hard to swallow the water given by me – this feeling is similar to feeding a small animals and looks like this will be a habit.

As usual, I sleep with my upper body became naked, then I go to his side.
Actually, I wanted to hug him while sleeping, but because he has fracture, thus the wound is still not cured yet, so I restrain myself to do that.
In exchange, I make him use my arm as an arm pillow and face his body towards me, his forehead touching my chest.
I just wiped his body with warm water and probably he never takes a bath for a long time, so I though he will smell bad, but what come from him was a scent like a refreshing forest.

I rotate to the other arm to be his arm pillow.
When I close my eyes my somewhat I can feel his hot body temperature unintentionally and unexpectedly.

The next morning, I woke up and confirmed his condition, but his consciousness hasn't come back yet.
However, the breathing is stable and the complexion is not bad, so I think there will be no problem.
I prepared myself quickly, make him drink the rest soup, water and potion like yesterday (if you mixed it with honey, somewhat it easier to drink), apply the medicine for the scar on the whole body and change the bandage.

Talking about the medicine, it reminds me of the medicine for his butt, the pitiful state of his butt that ripped and bleeding comes to my mind and it makes me feel bitter.
That terrible wound was probably because there was a guy with a beast’s body that raped him.
If I meet that man, I feel like I will beat him, torture him until he beg for the death, and do many think that I can’t say to others.

I feel somewhat sorry to touch his butt while he still unconscious, but I have to do that, I lay his face on the bed, open his leg slowly, and check the appearance of the affected part.
It seems that it has become considerably better although it’s still have some swelling in several part and scratches.
I take a lot of medicine on my fingertips and gently apply it.
I was worried whether I should apply it all the way back or not, but in the end I just put a little fingertips so that I can apply it inside.

Doug seemed have woke up.
So we had a simple breakfast together and we decided which one will show the face to the guild today.

In the end, it’s decided that I will be the one who have to show a face to the guild today.
To win from Doug in a word war is more difficult for me than fighting with a monster.
I don’t want to go to work and separated from the boy, I really want to take care of him by myself.
So I decided to finish my work as soon as possible and return as fast as I can.

After that I headed to the guild.

#See u in chapter 5 ^^

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