m not trying to intimidate them.
I am simply observing the patients and assessing their personalities.”


“Nope… I think that expression of yours is too provocative for ordinary people.
Please restrain yourself a little more.”


With that, Alex quickly returned to his own work.


What the hell is this?


I’m just doing what I have to do.


The examination seemed to go well.
Even when the number of patients seemed to have decreased, I did not see anyone foolish enough to make a pass at Chika-dono.


Chika-dono did not seem to be acting recklessly as uncle had instructed him to do, and the morning examination ended without incident.


We ate lunch with Chika-dono and Alex.


The food was not bad at all, and the taste was satisfying enough to fill up my stomach, but now that I know Chica-dono’s cooking, it was not enough to satisfy my appetite.


I really envy my uncle who can eat that kind of food every day.


During the lunch break, I took Chika-dono to the waiting room of the Health Department and let him rest on the big sofa.
Gail had instructed me to make sure that he takes a nap in consideration of his physical strength.


After a while, I could hear him breathing comfortably, probably because he was tired from the unfamiliar environment and the busy schedule.


Isn’t this a good chance to take a good look at his sleeping face?


I moved closer and sat beside him, thinking that it would be just for a little bit.
Just for a little bit is okay, right?


I felt a little guilty, but I enjoyed watching his sleeping face.
When I ran my fingers through his hair and gently stroked his head, he mumbled about something and gave me a pleasant smile.


This is addictive, irresistible.


I couldn’t help but get greedy.
When I rubbed my fingers against his small hand, he squeezed my fingers back hard.


I was convinced when I see it.


I was in love.


It is the first love that has come to me in my 20 years of life.


But this lovely creature is already my uncle and Gail’s [pair]… No, I don’t mind that.


Fortunately, the Animus can have more than one mate, and I would like to be added to the list of mates to protect him.


I am the next king.
But with a human with high magical power like Chika-dono, we can surely hope for an heir.
So there should be no problem.


No, of course, I would have to confirm Chika-dono’s feelings as well.


As I was thinking about what to do next, an intimidating voice called out to me from behind.


“Theo, what are you doing?”


It was my uncle.


For some reason, the air around me felt heavy.


“Oh, uncle.
I was watching over Chika-dono as he fell asleep.”


I hastily let go of his grasping fingers.


“I see, then that’s all right.
Theo, don’t worry about Chika this afternoon.
Alex is going to take over the role.
It seems that your presence is disturbing the patient’s examination because they are frightened of you.
You’re going to have to help us do our job.”


What the hell!?


You want me to leave Chika’s side?


“Uncle! I did not frighten the patients.
I was just keeping an eye on the ruffians who were courting him.”


“Oh, all right, all right.
But no means no.
The problem is that we are really in trouble.
You’re going with us this afternoon.


Yes, sir.”


There was a forcefulness in his words that made me not able to say no.


Reluctantly, I left this place to Alex and went to my uncles’ office.


Of course, helping my uncles with their work would be a good learning experience, but there was no Chika-dono here.


Yes, that’s right.


I will talk about Chika-dono since uncle Gail is also here.


“Uncle, Gail, may I ask you a few questions while I continue my work?”


“Hmm? What kind of reverence is that? Sure.
I don’t mind.”


“What is it? Theodore-sama.”


I put down the papers I was working on and began to talk.


“Does Chika-dono intend to have a new spouse other than you, uncles? Chika-dono is a wonderful person.
Also, if he is a valuable member of the human race, many will look at him that way.”


I did not realize it at the time.
No, I really should have noticed.


That neither my uncle nor Gail had responded at all.


And that their expressions were becoming more and more expressionless, like the Noh’s face…


“With that in mind, I think it is better to have many companions to protect Chika-dono.
I just became aware of it.
I just realized that Chika-dono is my first love.
Even if I’m not his [pair] unlike uncles, I still want to protect him as my partner.
No, of course, I will confirm Chika-dono’s will.
But before I do that, I would like to ask uncles’–“


Uncle, who had not said anything until then, suddenly opened his mouth.


“Ah, Theo.
Do you have any official business in the near future that you really need to attend to?”


“No, nothing in particular?”


“Is that so? That’s good.”


Why was he suddenly being asked about official business?


“But that doesn’t matter.
Uncle, now is the time for Chika-dono’s–“


I was tapped on my shoulder from behind.


There stood Gail, smiling in a way I had never seen before.


“I understood very well how you felt, Theodore-sama.
I am sure Chika-dono will be very happy to see you.
But you understand that protecting Chika-dono requires a certain amount of strength, don’t you? May I have a duel with Theo-sama to confirm this?”


“I agree with you.
So, of course!”


“That’s fine by me too.
Then, let’s start with Gail and I’ll be next.
I’ll even give you some practice if you need it.
Let’s do it in the training hall, then.
I’m going to rent out the place so that no one can come near it.
You guys go first.”


My uncle’s face was full of smiles as he told me this, even more so than usual.


For some reason, the two of them have brought out their personal greatswords and daggers, which they usually use against magical beasts.


There are plenty of weapons for training in the training hall.
So why?


And why would they need to rent out the whole training hall? I kept thinking about it.


I really didn’t understand anything at that time.


Also, I… I can’t… talk about what happened to me at the training center.


No, something inside me tells me that I must not remember.


With those memories, I would never be able to rule a country as a king in the future.


I need to seal it deep into the recesses of my memory and lock it away so that I will never be reminded of it again.


If there is one thing I can tell you, it is that the guild officials found me that day in the training hall, where I had fallen unconscious and muttering “Please forgive me…” and “Forgive me…”, even though there was not a single wound on my body, and that they kept hearing screams that seemed out of this world.


I was unable to get out of bed for a while after that, and it would be some time before I fully recovered.


I had underestimated the depth of the bond between the “pairs”.


Especially about the attachment of the animas towards their animus [pair].


Perhaps, my uncle and Gail are special.


Thus, my first love ended as soon as I became aware of it.


However, my long-awaited encounter with the person of my destiny will come a little later.


And all because of none other than my first love, Chika-dono.



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