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Hector-sama and Theo-sama went home.
Then, we returned to the living room.


Gail-san was preparing tea for us.


“Well then, Chika.
Let’s sit down for now.”


Douglas-san urged me to sit down.


I sat alone, not on anyone’s lap.


It was better that way, considering what we were going to talk about.


“You already know what I will be talking about, don’t you?”


“Yes, it’s about my curse and children… isn’t it?”


“Yes, that’s right.
I thought it was about time we had a proper discussion.
So, Chika, I’m going to ask you straight out, what do you want to do?”


“We have already decided to put your feelings first.
That’s why we want to hear your honest feelings.
Will you talk to us?”


I slowly sip the tea in front of me to calm down.


The subtle minty freshness of the tea helps me relax a little.


Still, my throat remains dry.


“Thank you very much.
But may I ask you something as well?”


Ask me anything you want.”


“Can I really have a child with the two of you? No, I know that you both care about me.
But I still can’t take a step forward when it comes to children… and I can’t take a step forward when I think it’s for breaking the curse.”


“Huh, just as I thought.
I was expecting that Chika would be worrying about it, but it’s how it is with Chika, so I can’t help it.”


Douglas-san reached out and stroked my head with a little more force than usual.


“Your thought process is really all over the place… Chika, first of all, about the child, aside from the curse, Doug and I both love you from the bottom of our hearts.
We want you with all our hearts.
You understand this, don’t you? And so, it’s only natural that we would want Chika and our child, right?”


“Listen, Chika, this is important, and I want you to listen very carefully.
“We” want to have a child with Chika.
We want Chika’s child, and I’m not lying about that.
Even if it is not my child, but Gail and Chika’s child.
I am confident that I will protect him and give him more than enough love.”


“I feel the same way.
I promise to protect and care for the child, even if it is Doug and Chica’s child.
No, I am confident that I can do it instinctively.”


I slowly digested each word given to me by both of them and let it fall into my mind.


Each time they entered my mind, I felt my heart grow lighter and lighter.


But still, as expected.


“I am very happy and grateful that you both want me to do this.
However, if it is my child, then it will be a child of a person from another world.
No matter how much the two of you and your family say you will protect me, that fact will not change.
I worry about what effect that will have on our children…”


“Nuh-uh, you’re thinking too hard again.
What’s the point of being the child of an otherworldly person? We, the family, recognize it, so what’s the problem? I don’t care what the outsiders say.
No, I won’t let them say that.”


“That’s right.
You don’t have to feel guilty about it, and there’s nothing to worry about.
We’ll take responsibility and promise you that nothing like what you’re worried about will ever happen.
Besides, it will be me and Doug’s baby.
Do you really think we’re going to have a weak baby that could be defeated by something like that?”


Gail downed his tea in one gulp and continued.


“I’m sure you’re also resistant to the idea of conceiving a child because it is a means of breaking the spell.
But think about it this way.
We had a child as a result of our love for each other, and the curse happened to be lifted as a byproduct of that love.”


“Yeah, I guess so.
That’s good.”


Douglas-san nodded broadly with his arms folded in agreement.


I could feel my tear glands loosening and tears were gradually welling up in my eyes.


“Really? Is that really okay?”


If it’s with you, I want to have as many children as we could.
For that, I’d like to ask you for your cooperation.”


“It’s not about whether we are okay or not.
The question is whether Chika is willing to have children with us.”


Unable to stop the tears from flowing, I told them the words I have always wanted to say to them without wiping them away.


“I love you both… So please let me have… children with both of you…”


“All right, well said! That’s good, Chika.
But be prepared, okay? As Cyril has said, the way we love is heavy, to say the least.
Well, I’m going to restrain myself so that Chika doesn’t get crushed.”


“It’ll be fine.
If something happens, my mother, Cyril-sama, and Mintz will help us.
Until then, let us love you and our child as we please, okay.”


Gail-san came up to me, hugged me, licked away my tears, and dropped a gentle kiss on my mouth.


“Gail, you’re sneaking up on me again.
Oh well.
By the way, one more important thing.
Have you decided who’s going to have the baby first, me or Gail? If you can’t decide, we’ll decide.”


“We don’t care which one you start with.
We don’t have the kind of relationship that would be strained by something like that.
So you can decide as you like.”


Frankly speaking, there is no way for me to choose one over the other.


No, the very act of me choosing between them would be disrespectful.


However, considering what Hector-sama said, there was only one choice.


But it was still a very complicated choice when I thought about Gail-san’s feelings.


“Yes, I had already thought about that.
Considering the advice from Hector-sama, I think it would be good for our first child to be… uhh… Douglas-san’s.”


“Yeah, that’s fine.
I was going to recommend starting with Doug’s kids too.
It’s our first child, so it would be better if Chika didn’t have to worry about anything at all.”


“Are you sure you’re okay with mine first? Not that I really mind with the order.”


If it is okay with both of you, that would be great.”


I lowered my head while I was still in Gail-san’s embrace.


“Yosh, that’s settled then.
I’m going to the temple right away to get ready, so wait for me, Chika.”


Douglas-san, who had completely lost his composure, looked very happy.


I looked up at Gail-san and sensed that he was equally pleased.


Really, these two…


“Doug, I know you’re happy, but just think about Chika’s body as your top priority.
Your intentions are too much of a burden on Chika.”


“I know.
Well, I’m sure Chika and I can talk about it slowly on the bed.
Well, I won’t break him, so don’t worry.”


Douglas-san’s words and his slightly licentious expression send a shiver down my spine.


Did I make the wrong choice…?


No, it’s okay.
There’s no way I can go wrong with these two.


“Though, it will take some time to get the temple to prepare the seed.
What are we going to do until then, Chika? You can wait at home, or do you want to check the guild?”


“Right, I would like to go to the guild if I could.
After all, I could hardly do any work at Catalton, so I was hoping, that if there were no problems, the health department would allow me to do examinations and simple treatments.
Ah, of course, I promise not to do anything rash.”


I saw something in the way they looked at me, so I tried to reassure them.


“Can you really promise that? It’ll be difficult for us to be beside you at all times.
No, we do have a good guardian who would be happy to stick by Chika’s side and keep an eye on him.
Yosh, I guess we’ll do that.”


Douglas-san seems to be satisfied with his decision all by himself.


“Well then, I’m sure you’re tired today, aren’t you? I guess we should take an early rest.
Have a good rest with Gail today, Chika.”


Douglas-san dropped a kiss on my forehead and left with a light wave of his hand.


He must have been thinking about how I felt and taking care of me.


I was grateful for his thoughtfulness.
Then, I headed to the bathroom to take a bath with Gail-san and then to the bedroom.


Taking baths together had somehow become a regular occurrence for us, but I couldn’t be bothered by it anymore.


Because I am happy with that.


Gail-san and I were getting ready for bed in the bedroom, but there was something I really wanted to talk to him about.
So, I told him as he was just taking off his top.


“Umm, Gail-san, can I talk to you for a minute?”


“Hmm? What’s up, Chika?”


Gail-san, who was naked on his upper body, sat down next to me on the bed.


I mustered up the courage to climb up onto his lap, wrapped my hands tightly around his thick neck, and hugged him, burying my face in his broad, thick chest.


Gail-san seemed a little surprised.


“What’s the matter, Chika? What’s going on?”


“No, well, Gail-san just told me that it was okay to start with Douglas-san’s child.
But I couldn’t help but wonder if that was really the right thing to do.
Well, of course, I love Douglas-san.
But I love Gail-san just as much as–“


Before I could finish my words, Gail-san sealed my lips.


His tongue slowly and very gently moved around in my mouth.
The room was filled with the small sound of the watery contact between my tongue and Gail-san’s.


“As I thought, you’re still concerned about that.
I thought I already told you not to worry about it, but you’re so stubborn, aren’t you? If it hadn’t been for Doug, I would have never given in.
I would have killed him to make you mine.
But Doug is important to me, too.
And you, the most important person in my life, chose him.
I’m happy about that.”




He gently ravished my mouth once more.




“So, don’t worry about it.
But, if it’s all right with you, will you promise me one thing? I want a child with you too.
So, when things with Doug are settled, the next one will be with me.”


“Yes, of course! I was going to ask you to do it, but you said it first.
Please let me have Gail-san’s child!”


“Is that so? Thank you, Chika!”


Gail-san smiled gently at me and I think we looked at each other for a while.


Then he dropped a kiss lightly on my forehead.


“Are you all right now? If there’s anything else on your mind, you can tell me, okay?”


“No, I’m fine.
Oh, can I ask you one thing?”


“Hmm? What is it?”


“Umm, if you don’t mind, today, I’d like to sleep with Gail-san’s bear form…”


“Is that so? Wait for a bit then.
Though, you really like our beast forms, don’t you?”


“Yes! I love it! Oh, and of course, I love Gail-san and Douglas-san’s usual forms too, don’t I?”


“It’s all right.
You don’t have to be in such a panic.”


The next moment, Gail-san, who had taken off his clothes, was transformed into that huge bear.


His round eyes were just as lovely as ever.


“How do you like it? Is this good enough?”




I lay down on the bed with the bear Gail-san and buried my face in his chest.
I just simply enjoyed the fluffiness of his chest.


The soft fur gave off that delicious scent that, combined with its texture, made me impossible to stop.


“Chika, Chika.
Please go easy on me.”


“I… I’m sorry! I just got carried away.
Oh, by the way, it seems that I’ve acquired some new skills.
It’s massage, and may I try it out on you, Gail-san?”


“I’ll be very grateful for that, but aren’t you tired, Chika?”


“No matter how weak I may be, I have no problem with this much.
Sebastian-san has made it easier for me today, so let me give you a massage, okay?”


I had Gail-san lie on his back, and I began rubbing his ears in turn.


Gail-san’s ears are small but soft and have a good elasticity that makes them irresistible to rub.


I rubbed the base of his ears firmly, and then slowly pressed the fluffy head as if I was pressing on a pressure point.


“Chika, you’re amazing! The part where you are touching makes me feel so good.”


“Is that so? Okay, I’ll do it better!”


I was suddenly very motivated.


I rubbed slowly from the head to the neck.
Next, I rubbed a little bit down the nose, which sticks out a little bit from the inner corner of the eyes.


As those of you who own dogs will know, this is a very attractive part of the dog’s body when viewed from the front.1TL/N: I know Gail is a bear.
But what can I do if the raw says so? :”v


I couldn’t resist the temptation to play a little prank with my fingertips on the tip of his black nose, which was breathing softly, and he gently bit me on the head, saying, “What a bad boy you are!”2TL/N: Yes, honey.
Gail bit Chika on his head.
Click on this link to help you imagine it, but change the origami oni to a big bear.


After that, I rubbed him from shoulder to arm, enjoying his muscular body and the softness of the fluffy fur that covered it.


Of course, I got to touch the puffy paw parts.


I rubbed my hand against his large palm, being careful to avoid sharp claws.


Gail-san’s twitching reaction was adorable.


Truthfully, I would like to have him lie on his stomach so that I could rub his back and buttocks, but while I was rubbing his upper to lower body, he started to fall asleep.


I decided to end it right there and have Gail-san’s arm as my pillow, so I could snuggle up to him and bury my face in his chest.


I think the bear Gail-san smells even fresher than usual.


I made a secret ambition to rub his cute tail as long as I could one day until he lost control of his mind.


It was simply bliss to sleep in the warm and soft fur and feel the security of being nestled up against a big body.
It was the happiness of sleeping wrapped in a fluffy blanket.


I don’t think I’ll ever be able to let go of this.

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1TL/N: I know Gail is a bear.
But what can I do if the raw says so? :”v2TL/N: Yes, honey.
Gail bit Chika on his head.
Click on this link to help you imagine it, but change the origami oni to a big bear.

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