time, but it was so delicious and its tenderness made me so happy.”


“I see.
Well, may I put this in your mouth then?”


“Hm? It’s a little embarrassing, but if Theo-sama wants to do it, I’m fine with it.
Though I don’t eat it in any particular way.”


When he finished listening to me, Theo-sama took one of the keel nuts and brought it to my mouth.


I felt a little bad for sucking his finger a little when I received the fruit in my mouth, but when I managed to take and chew it, that nostalgic taste filled my mouth.


“What’s this, he’s too cute…”


Theo-sama turned his head away and mumbled something.


“Theo, if you won’t do it, let me do it! I haven’t fed Chika-chan yet!”


“Dad! What do you mean by “feeding”? Feeding?! You told Theo to let him do what he wanted.”


“What a fussy guy.
Isn’t it fine for me to do just this much? Come on, Chika-chan, say ‘ahh’.”


I opened my mouth as prompted, and Hector-sama skillfully placed the keel fruit on my tongue.


I closed my mouth in a hurry so as not to drop it, and my teeth brushed against Hector-sama’s fingers.


“Ah, I am sorry.”2TL/N: Just how much of an airhead you are Chika dear… :”v


“Ooooh, Chika-chan’s teeth! His teeth hit me right here! I won’t wash my hands for a while!”


Holding up some fingers, Hector-sama was overjoyed.


“Then, Chika-dono, may I continue? Is your stomach still okay?”


I have a different stomach for sweets.”


I looked up at Theo-sama’s face and smiled, feeling glad of his concern.


And then, Theo-sama held his eyes and turned his face to the heavens.


“What is this creature..?”


He was muttering something again.


Then, keel fruit began to be brought to my mouth one after another.


I chewed and swallowed as hard as I could, although it was not uncomfortable as he matched my pace.


Of course, I had to receive them from Hector-sama in between.


“Phew, thank you for the food.
It was very delicious.
Thank you very much, both of you.”


“No, let me thank you as well.
It was a very happy time.”


“I’m glad to hear that! But if there were more humans, Theo-sama would have been able to get in touch with them earlier… If you are okay with me, please tell me again anytime.
I’ll be a substitute for you as many times as you want until you find another nice human race!”


“Chika…” “Chika…” “Chika-chan…”


Gail-san, Douglas-san, and Hector-sama gave me some kind of tone of resignation.


“Chika-dono, I really appreciate your kindness.
I would like to ask you again if you don’t mind.”


“Yes, with pleasure.”


Finally, after another round of gentle pats on the head and all, I climbed down from his lap.


Theo-sama’s expression was so satisfied that it might have been the first time I had ever seen him smile.


“Yosh, Theo, you got your wish and you’re satisfied, right? Then will you take father home?”


“What the hell!? I don’t want to! I’m taking a bath with Chika-chan! I’d even sleep in bed with him if I could!”


Hell! I’ll allow it when you need some care.
Besides, I’ve got some rather serious things to discuss with him today, so I’m sorry, but that’s all for today, please.”


“I see.
So, you’ve made up your mind.
I guess I’ll be going home today.
Come on, Theo, let’s go home.
Chika-chan, will you cook for me again?”


Hector-sama called out to me as he stood up.


“Yes! You are always welcome! Besides, we live in the same neighborhood, so if I cook something, I’ll bring it to you.”


ho… ho… I’m so glad to hear that.
Let’s wait patiently.
Chika-chan, after this, Doug and Gail will have a long talk with you.
Good night.”


“Chica-dono, I’m going to leave now.
I will never forget today.
See you later.”


The two men returned to their home unexpectedly and without much trouble.


I was a little worried that it was okay to send the two VIPs home alone, but then I remembered that he said he had an elite escort, so it should be fine.

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Thank you!

1Chika means Douglas and Gail.2TL/N: Just how much of an airhead you are Chika dear… :”v

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