at one mansion!”


I stared at Hector-sama.
My eyes widened in surprise at the mention of more than a hundred houses.


“What are you talking about? My little grandson has earnestly asked this old man to help him learn how to live in the city.
I don’t care about a mansion or two as long as I can make his wish come true.”


“What a lie.
Theo would never ask you to do such a thing.
However I think about it, it was probably just your trickery.
You think you can just use Theo as an excuse to live near Chika, don’t you?”


“Well, you figured it out already? Then we can make this quick.
You’re right, but what about it? We just “happened” to live next door to each other.
You have no right to tell us what to do.”


“Dad, you may be retired, but you’re still the former king!! Do you understand that!? Forget about security issues, don’t you have events you need to attend and state guests you need to entertain!?”


“I have my own secret guards around the perimeter.
I’ve made it very clear that I’m not to be noticed by other people.
And if they need me, they’ll be able to reach me right here.”

Hector-sama had completely regained his composure and had returned to his regal demeanor.


His appearance was that of a very respectable king, but the content of the discussion was so terrible that I couldn’t help but feel uneasy.


Next to him, Theo-sama seemed to be getting smaller and smaller.


“Theo! You too, don’t let my dad take advantage of you!”


“I… I’m sorry, Uncle.
But if grandfather asks me to do something, I can’t say no…”


“What is it, Theo? When I told you that you can live near Chika-dono too, you were so excited.”


“Grandfather! Didn’t you promise to keep that to yourself?”


Theo-sama was in a panic to the point of being pitiful.


Gail-san was holding his head and looked like he was in agony.


Douglas-san’s questioning still continued.


“So, how did you know we were moving in here today?”


“I may be retired, but I’m still a former king.
I’ve got plenty of resources at my disposal.
Today’s matter was also a result of my excellent intelligence.”


“You can’t waste the country’s valuable human resources on something as trivial as this! You stupid old man!”


“It’s not something trivial.
Do you think that my love for Chika-chan is something trivial? What a horrible thing to say, my son! Chika-chan, do you think that this short-lived old man’s little wish is trivial?”


He was so energetic that I couldn’t believe he was a short-lived old man, but that was probably not the point.


I couldn’t help but smile at the question.


“Anyway, get your ass back to the palace! Do my brother and the others know about this?”


“Yeah, of course they do.
I’ve got a letter for them.
Do you want to read it?”


Hector-sama handed Douglas-san a luxurious envelope sealed with wax.


Douglas-san unfolded it and began to read it, but a dark vein was gradually appearing on his forehead.


After reading the letter, Douglas-san gave it to me without saying a word.
Gail-san and I looked at it together.


[The letter] “Douglas, it’s impossible for me to stop dad’s rampage any longer.
He started to say that he was going to build a detached palace for Chika-dono.
If we leave him here any longer, it could affect the national affairs if we’re not careful.
Douglas, I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to take care of dad.
Theodore’s motives are impure, but it’s certainly not a bad experience for the next king to try living in the city.
If you need anything, just tell me and I’ll get you everything you need.
Please tell Gail and Chika-dono that I am sorry for the inconvenience.”


I glanced at Gail-san unconsciously.


For that Albert-sama to concede, just what kind of things did Hector-sama do?


More than that, what’s with that detached palace…?


However, if Albert-sama has asked, there is no way we will not accept.


Moreover, I don’t really dislike the two of them, and regardless of the reason, I would even feel reassured if they were to live near me.


Douglas-san glared at Hector-sama with an expression like the statue of Nio1A pair of guardian statues at Japanese buddhist temples.
For further information, go to this link:, but Hector-sama was not at all perturbed by it, and even seemed relaxed.



But, when I looked at Theo, who seemed rather absent-minded on his side, I felt kind of sorry for him.


I have to break this atmosphere somehow.


“Umm… I think it would be reassuring if Hector-sama and Theo-sama lived nearby, so what do you think? I’m sure that Gail-san and Douglas-san will be very busy as guild employees and adventurers from now on.
It would be reassuring to have someone familiar with me nearby then…”


I glanced over at Douglas-san and Gail-san and told them my opinion.


[Douglas] “Chika! Even though we’ll be busy, we’ll never let you be alone.
So you don’t  have to worry.
Whenever we take on a big job as adventurers, I’m thinking of taking you with us.
We’ll always protect you no matter where we go, so relax.”


[Gail] “Chika, please don’t say such a sad thing.
We will never make you feel lonely and want to rely on other people.
In fact, we’d rather quit the guild or the adventuring business at any time if it made me feel that way.”


Hm? Did that just result in the opposite effect…?


Gail-san and Douglas-san hurriedly came up to me and hugged me.


[Hector] “Even though Chika-chan has said so, you guys are really intolerant men aren’t you? I won’t be responsible if he runs away because you’re too restraining.”


Both Gail-san and Douglas-san glared at Hector-sama simultaneously when he said that.


Whew, what a bad guy.


I’ll have to change the atmosphere somehow…


“Umm… uh…  Ah, Hector-sama, Theo-sama, have you made plans for dinner this evening?”


“No, I don’t have any plans of any kind.
I’ve asked my caretaker to come by and cook for us.”


“So you will have someone coming to cook for you later, right? Today, I will make a dish from my hometown.
So, if you’re okay with that, I’m thinking that we can have dinner together.
If you have a cook, then that would be better–“


“Theo, contact the messenger at once.
We won’t be needing dinner this evening.”


“Yes, sir.
I’ll tell him right away.”


After a brief exchange of words, Theo disappeared from the scene in a flash.


[Hector] “It’s like a dream come true to be able to eat Chika-chan’s home cooking! I’m definitely going! Do you have any ingredients that you need? We can even buy up the entire market if you want!”


“No, no, no, no! We already have the items prepared by Gail-san’s family.
We just have to add a few more for the extra people, so it’s fine!”


That was dangerous…


I was about to turn The Quiet Wise King into an unbelievable tyrant.


“We never eat Chika’s home-cooked meals with my dad, huh… Well, if Chika wants it, it can’t be helped.
But dad, I’ll have you decide what to do in the future over dinner.”


Hector-sama’s expression got worse when he was being glared at by Douglas-san.


I might be crying if the current Douglas-san were to pressure me.


“Chika-chan… my son is staring at me with a scary look on his face.
This old man can’t help but feel so afraid… Now, let’s go inside where there are no scary people and have a nice cup of tea before we head to Chika-chan’s house.”


Hector-sama took me away from Gail-san and Douglas-san with a swiftness that defies his old age, and carried me by his side.
Then, he sprinted into the house.


The two of them chased after me while shouting angrily from behind.


[Douglas] “You fucking old man!!! Give me back my Chika!!!”


[Gail] “Hector-sama!! Please return Chika back to us!! If you don’t, I won’t forgive you even if you are Hector-sama!!”


How on earth did this happen…?

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1A pair of guardian statues at Japanese buddhist temples.
For further information, go to this link:

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