ted to torment me.


“Hii… nnghhh… Ah…! Haaaahhh…”


And then he slowly licked up my ear, bit my earlobe, and inserted his tongue into my ear.


The unknown feeling of the soft tongue licking up inside my ear and the direct sound of the water making a splashing sound made me feel as if my ears were being raped.


Meanwhile, Douglas-san did not hesitate in his assault.


His long large mouth and tongue sucked in not only my small member but also the two small testicles beneath it.
He licked them with his rough tongue.


There was no way I could bear the thought of having both my penis and testicles licked by a tongue at the same time.


As if I had forgotten my embarrassment, I could only scream.


“Nnn… ngh… aaahh… haaahh…” 


It was not only that, of course.
He also gently twisted his tongue into the slit of my cock to make me moan.
Then, as if he was satisfied, he lightly set his sharp teeth on the shaft and glans and watched with real satisfaction as my body jolted.


This is the instinct of Douglas-san, or rather the lion tribe, that I had heard about before.


I wondered if this was what he meant by tormenting and loving his “pair” as prey.


However, although the intense pleasure and stimulation were a little more painful than I can tolerate, I wasn’t afraid of Douglas-san.


In fact, I even felt happy that I was being desired.


Suddenly, Douglas-san’s tongue moved in a different way.
He wrapped his long tongue around my penis and moved it little by little as if he was grinding up my penis.


The sensation of his tongue rubbing up and down on my penis was unbearable.


In addition, Gail-san continued to give me pleasure on my nipples and ears.


I was already at my limit.


“Kuh… ugh… hyaahh! Stop… please… I’m coming… I’m comiingg!!” 


There was not much more to come out and a faint cloudy white mucus-like substance trickled down.


I wasn’t sure how many times I’ve ejaculated in this short period of time…


I didn’t realize how hard it would be to be tortured and pleasured at the same time.


Tears from physiological effects continued to flow from my eyes.


So that was why Douglas-san called it a punishment.


“Chika, do you think this is the end? We’ll keep going.”


No way!


“I’m sorry… Douglas-san… Please forgive me…”


“I’d like to forgive you if you asked me so nicely like that, but this is your punishment.
Chika, hang in there a little longer.”


“Chika, I’m sorry.
I know it sounds horrible, but I want to see more of your crying face.
I want to see you cry more and lick up all your tears.
I’m not going to stop if you’re crying from the pleasure of our actions.
You can curse me as much as you want later, just be patient, okay.”


Without waiting for my reply, the two of them started the torture again.


Douglas-san used his tongue and mouth to lick not only my penis and balls, but also my thighs, belly, fingers, and everything else.


Eventually, he stimulated my penis again, forcing me to cum.




When I shed tears, Gail-san licked all of them away, devoured my mouth with rough and passionate kisses, and then played with both of my ears.


And of course, my nipples were harassed along with it.




This action was repeated for a long time.


My body was completely overwhelmed by the violent pleasure that was being given to me all over my body.
I couldn’t think of anything else, as if I had forgotten how to speak.


Continued to be attacked by the unending pleasure, the only thing that came out of my mouth was inexpressible cries.


“Hii… yaahhh….
forgive… me….”


These were the words I finally managed to squeeze out.


I didn’t even know how many times I’ve ejaculated.


No, I didn’t even know if I’m ejaculating or not.


All that came out was a clear liquid, but I was sure that I was coming.


At that point, I was finally forgiven.


As I lay there in a limp state, I saw Douglas-san, who had returned to his original form from his beast form.


“Hey, Chika, are you okay? I’m sorry, but I think I went a little overboard with the punishment.
I’m sorry, however, I can’t help but lose control when I’m dealing with you.”


“I knew you wanted me to stop, Chika, but I’m like Douglas.
I can’t control my instincts when it comes to you.
I’m so sorry.
Is there anything that hurts?”


It was true that the two of them today seemed to be quite aggressive with their predatory instincts, but I never felt afraid or disgusted by it.


It was also true that there was a part of me that was glad to be the prey of the two of them.


“No… It’s… not that… I don’t like it.
I’m happy to think that I’m being… desired by you two.
And also, it….
felt too good… to be… true…”


“Hmm! That’s why, Chika, you shouldn’t stir us up.
Haah… I wonder if this unawareness can’t be helped anymore.”


“Oi, Doug, I’m going to tell Sebastian to prepare something to soothe his throat.”


After that, Douglas-san took me in his arms and gently cleaned me in the bath.
Gail-san gave me a special drink that Sebastian-san had made for me with great enthusiasm.


After that, I lay down on the bed.
The moment my back touched the bed, I seemed to lose consciousness and traveled to the dream world.

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