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There is a direct description of sex.
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I was on the bed with Gail-san holding me from behind, while Douglas-san was standing in front of me.


[Douglas] “Well, Chika, it’s time for your punishment.”


Douglas-san, who was smiling but his eyes were not, gently patted my cheek and told me so.


After that event in the royal castle, we went back to Gail-san’s parents’ house and told them about the curse.


They didn’t seem too surprised that I knew about the curse.
It was just that they were concerned for my safety and gave me many kind words.


Afterward, I had dinner with everyone and took a bath.
Just when I thought I could finally rest, Douglas-san said what he said to me just now.


 [Chika] “Umm… when you say ‘punishment’, did I do something wrong…?”


[Douglas] “Hmm, strictly speaking, Chika is not at fault.
However, your conduct was too defenseless and naive.
That’s why, today, this old man is going to teach you a lesson to let Chika’s body know about it.
Yeah, over half of it is just for our jealousy, to take it out on you, and for fun.”


I was honestly puzzled when he said that with a smile.


“Um, Gail-san, are you also…?”


I looked up at Gail-san’s face.


“I’m not mad, and I know that Chika is not at fault.
But I do know that you are as defenseless and naive as Doug says you are.
I made Doug promise that he would never hurt Chika.
He told me that he was going to pound on you until you were crying and begging for forgiveness, but if it feels good, then it’s no problem, right?”


Gail-san, I think that’s a bad idea! A very bad idea!!


Please don’t say such a thing with a very serious expression.


The gap is too great.


“Well, when I say that I’ll be punishing Chika, don’t worry, I won’t hurt you like Gail said.
But I will make sure that your body knows whose prey you are.”


Aah… Douglas-san’s face was like that of a predator.


I really wished I can avoid it, but I didn’t think I can.


I couldn’t imagine what they would do to me, but I’ve made up my mind that I don’t care what these two do to me.


Let’s just go for it.


“Oh… umm… please be gentle.”


“Yeah, I will try to do my best.
Because you’re not aware of it, we want to make sure you know that you’re our prey.
First of all, today, we’re going to put our presence and scrub our scents all over you.
That should make anyone with a brain notice.”


Douglas-san started to take off his clothes right in front of me.
I’ve always thought he had a wonderful body, but today he looked even sexier than usual.


Gail-san, who sat behind me, was already naked on top.


The force of his embrace was so strong that I could not escape.


No, I had no intention of running away.


“I really want to hug Chica, but I suppose the fatigue from the trip hasn’t worn off yet.
I won’t do anything to burden Chika.
I just want to feel good… so be prepared.”


His gaze that pierces me with a smirk was completely that of a predator that eyeing for his prey.


“Chika is maybe unaware of the fact that you had been aggravating me a lot during the trip.
Also the way you behaved towards Theo and father… Nah, I’m sure you were aware of it all this time.
Well, we’re more jealous than you think.
Even though we’re family, that attitude towards Theo and my dad needs to be punished, no matter how narrow-minded you think we are.”


I turned my face to Gail-san again to see if he felt the same way.


“It’s a pity, but when it comes to Chika, I can’t relax at all.
I have to admit that when I saw Chika looking so comfortable in Hector-sama’s arms, I almost lost my reason in anger.”


I was a little surprised by his words.


It was true that I had felt Douglas-san’s glares at me, but I had never thought that Gail-san had such feelings for me at that time.


I was happy that he thought so much of me, but at the same time, I realized that this is what Cyril-sama meant when he said that the love between these two was intense.


“Well then, Chika.
Are you ready for this? I’m sorry, but I’m not going to stop even though you cry today.
Ah, that’s not right.
The goal is to make you cry, right?”


As I looked closely, I noticed that Douglas-san had taken off his underwear and was completely naked.


Why was he completely naked? Ah, but more than that, I was really curious as what did he mean by saying ‘I’m not going to stop even if you cry’.


I knew that Douglas-san would never hurt me, but the part about ‘even if I cried…’ didn’t make sense to me.


While I was wondering what on earth he was going to do to me, Douglas-san had climbed up on the bed and was closing in on me.


He lifted my legs and put my big toe in his mouth, twirling his thick tongue around my toe and licking it moistly in his mouth.


A strange sensation runs through my body that I’ve never experienced before.


It was a mixture of ticklishness and pleasure.
It was not an unpleasant feeling, but I could feel goosebumps all over my body.


No, more importantly, I had to restrain him from licking that part of me.


“Ah, Douglas-san, that’s dirty! You can’t do that!”


“Chika, this is your punishment.
I’m sorry, but I can’t listen to Chika today.
I also think that Gail will not stop me today.”


Then, once again, Douglas-san took one of my toes into his mouth and carefully licked it up with his tongue.


“Ah, aahh! Don’t… not that place! It feels weird…!”


I’ve never experienced anything like this before.
As he licked between my toes, a unique feeling of pleasure crept into my brain.


[Gail] “Chika, I’ve never known that I have such ugly feelings inside me.
That’s why I hope you’ll forgive me for what I’m doing today.
But I can’t help it, because you’re so cute and precious.”


Gail-san’s face moved closer and his tongue entered my mouth.


He slowly teased my insides with his gentle tongue, as if tasting each tooth.
Then, suddenly, he roughly tortured my mouth, and my tongue was squeezed and entangled in his tongue from the root to the tips.


I could feel the saliva I couldn’t swallow dripping from the edge of my mouth.


“Mmmhh, mmmm, mmmm…”


While I was immersed with Gail-san, Douglas-san continued to torment me, and when he finished with my right leg, he carefully licked my left leg.


When I thought the foot was finished, he gently took my hand and slowly licked each finger of my hand in his mouth.


Of course, as with the feet, he licked carefully and thoroughly between the fingers.
Again, the tingling sensation paralyzed my brain.


Each time, even though Gail-san was covering my mouth, I unconsciously let out a moan that was seductive.


“How do you like it, Chika? It feels good, right? But this is just the beginning.
Are you alright with that?”


There was no way I could reply.


Douglas-san kept going with whatever he did, while Gail-san’s tongue continued to ravage my mouth.


“Well, next, I’ll thoroughly give love to this part.”


Douglas-san stroked his fingers around my small nipples, keeping them at a slight distance from the peak.


The occasional contact of his fingers with my nipples makes my body react with a jolt.


As if he enjoyed the reaction enough, he pinched my nipple firmly with both hands and gently pressed it with his nails.


The intense sensation of pleasure washed over me.


“Nnh… kuh… nnmmh–!”


I wanted to scream out as loud as I could, but Gail-san had my mouth fully covered, so I couldn’t make a sound.


This was quite painful because I couldn’t let the immense pleasure escape by letting out my voice.


I felt as if the excitement was building up inside of me as heat.


The heat was building up from my lower abdomen to my small rod, which I could already see is gently rising.


I writhed in shock when Douglas-san scratched me with his fingernails.
And when he squeezed my nipple and twisted it gently, I felt my whole body losing strength from the intense thrill.


Suddenly, Douglas-san’s tongue crawled over my other nipple while his hand was still on the other one.


As his tongue slowly licked around the vicinity and his nail occasionally touched the tip of my nipple, I felt a sticky sensation that was different from the feeling of his fingers, and it took away my thoughts.


At last, the tongue approached the nipple, and when I thought that the tip of the tongue was licking gently, the next moment, the teeth were placed on the nipple and he bit it lightly.




I was so shocked that I ejaculated even though I hadn’t been touched there.


“Chika seems to like his nipples teased.
If that’s the case, we’ll have to love them even more.”


This time, the other nipple was tortured in the same way, and although I didn’t cum from the biting, it did make me scream again.


Looking closely, I saw that my nipples, though small, were now standing up stiffly.


I was embarrassed because I couldn’t believe it was mine, and it looked kind of indecent.


I was finally released from Gail-san’s kiss.


Gail-san licked away the saliva that overflowed from my mouth without any hesitation.


“Next, I’m going to leave the nipples to Gail, and this is where it really starts.
Do your best, Chika.”


Douglas-san licked his lips.
His expression was calm, but his eyes were still the look of a predator in front of its prey.


The expression on his face gave me something akin to a thrill, and I felt like offering everything I had to him.

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