as, it was clear that I’m going to have to rely on them.


Then, let the three of us talk until we are satisfied.


“As Chika-chan’s father-in-law, I have a suggestion for you.
If you do decide to have children, I’m sorry Gail, but I recommend that you start with Douglas’s child.


“And why is that?”


“That is… Regardless of whose child it is, I and Al will protect it in private and as public figures.
I promise.
But Chika-chan’s existence is too special, and if they can’t do anything to him, some fools will think of aiming for his child.
Of course, if it was Gail’s child, Virgil wouldn’t be able to keep quiet.
But if it’s Douglas’s child, then Leonidas will be able to use all his power to solve the problem in the name of his royal brother’s child.
Keep this in mind.”


So it’s like that.
I was only thinking about myself, but there’s the possibility that my unborn child could be in danger.


I could never allow that to happen.


I didn’t want my child to have to go through what I went through.


“Thank you very much for your thoughtful consideration.
We will take this in our mind and discuss it among the three of us.”


Gail-san and Douglas-san also nodded their heads in agreement.


[Douglas] “I’d like to ask Troth a few questions.
I’m sure there was still time for Chika’s curse to take effect, but it suddenly activated.
Do you have any idea why?”


“This is just a hypothesis, although I have received a report from Paris.
It seems that Chikayuki-dono performed a great healing technique before the curse took effect, and shared his magic power and life force with his two companions.
I think that might be the cause.”


“Sorry, can you be a little more specific?”


“Hmm… right.
Curses are usually suppressed by the magic and life force of the person, and seizures do not occur until a specified period.
But with Chikayuki-dono’s healing technique, he shares his own life force and magical power with the subject.
Moreover, it was a large-scale technique to heal a defect.
I can’t even imagine how much life force and magical power were lost.
That’s why they couldn’t suppress the curse anymore.”


It was a very convincing explanation.


But then, I had a problem.


“So, does this mean that the more fatigued I am with the healing techniques, the more likely I am to trigger the curse?”


“Yes, I suppose so.
I think you’re right.”


“Then about working at the guild is … should it be postponed until the curse is lifted?”





Gail-san’s and Douglas-san’s voices were in perfect sync.


But I had to agree with them on this one.


If that’s the case, I’d like to break the spell as soon as possible…


No, it’s no use thinking about this alone.


Let’s just forget about this for now.


[Chika] “Thank you, Troth-san.
Thanks to you, I have hope.”


“What are you talking about? It all started because of what we beastmen did.
But you are just as Paris reported, Chikayuki-dono.”


I wondered why he kept mentioning Paris-san.


[Gail] “I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, Chika.
The feather on Troth’s back looks just like someone else’s, don’t you think? Troth is Paris’s grandfather.”


If I looked more closely, I would see that it is the same owl feather as Paris-san’s.


“So it’s like that.
I’m deeply indebted to Paris-san’s family.
Thank you very much.”


“No, no, if my grandson was any help at all, that’s enough for me.”


Troth-san, who smiled serenely, certainly seemed to have a similar atmosphere to Paris-san.


[Douglas] “Well, now, the matter of the curse has not been completely resolved, but we have decided what to do about it.
We’ve been here too long, so I guess we should head home.”


[Gail] “You’re right.
Hector-sama, Cyril-sama, and Troth-dono thank you very much for your help.
I will come back with my father to thank you when the time is appropriate.”


[Hector] “No! You all can leave, but please leave Chika-chan here! Chika-chan, you’re staying here today! Take a bath with me and sleep in my bed! You can touch my beast form as much as you like! You’re even welcome to stay here forever.”


As I was pondering over this with the father of my partner, Douglas-sama approached Hector-sama and whispered something in his ear, which made Hector-sama think for a moment.


[Hector] “Alright, Chika-chan! I’ll miss you, but you can go home with those two today.
Though you are welcome to come to visit us anytime.”


[Chika] “Yes, thank you, father-in-law.”


I thanked him with a big smile on my face.
I’m really happy to have another family member.


[Hector] “Ugh, I knew I had to let Chika-chan go home–“


[Douglas] “Father?”


“Damn! I understand.
But you have to promise me!”


“Okay, okay.
I got it!”


I thanked everyone again and excused myself from the room.


I was surprised to see that Hector-sama was looking at my back with a very sad expression.


After saying goodbye to Cyril-sama and the others, I was finally able to leave the palace and head home.


In the carriage, I asked a few questions that I wanted to ask.


By the way, I was currently on Gail-san’s lap.


And he was holding me tighter than usual, so it hurt a little.


[Chika] “Hector-sama was kind of an interesting person, wasn’t he?”


[Gail] “To be honest, I was quite surprised… To see Hector-sama like that, if I didn’t see him with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe it.”


[Douglas] “See? I told you.
It was only the outside appearance of the perfect “Quiet Wise King” that he showed to his people.

Though, even I have to admit that his behavior and abilities as a king are perfect.”


[Chika] “But he was a very kind man, and I’m very happy to think that we’ve added another member to our family.”


Both of them silently patted my head in response to my words.


I was a little sore from being petted so much.


“Douglas-san, is there a reason why Hector-sama is so obsessed with the human race?”


[Douglas] “No, I don’t think there is any particular reason.
But, I think he originally likes the human race.
Moreover, my brother and I’s mother were human.
He was my father’s [pair].
He loved my mother so much that it was almost embarrassing to watch.
He didn’t go crazy after my mother’s death, and that’s what makes him the “Silent Wise King”.
I’m a little worried that Theo has completely inherited that part of my father’s personality.”


“Douglas-san’s mother was also from the human race, wasn’t he?”


He was in the same situation as Cyril-dono and was saved by my father.
Though, his body wasn’t very strong, to begin with, so he passed away rather quickly from an epidemic.”


Douglas-san’s expression was a little sad.


“And what was the last thing you said to Hector-sama?”


“Ah, that? I said it would be better to keep Chika with us than to leave you with him.
If Chika’s magic power is high enough, you can give birth to a lot of cute human beings that look like you.
And then my father can be a grandfather surrounded by a lot of cute human grandchildren.”


Douglas-san threw me one of his signature pheromone-laced winks.


I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.


“Doug, you’re being selfish again.
I’m sure Chika said he wanted to discuss it with the three of us.
Don’t you think about Chika’s feelings too?”


“I’m sorry, but I thought I’d at least let my father dream a little.
So, Chika, you may not be able to make a decision right away, but we’ll talk about it over the next few days when things settle down, okay?”


“Yes, please!”


While we were talking about that, the carriage was arriving at Gail-san’s house.


However, at this time, I had already made up my mind.

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