In front of me, there was Douglas-san, who was leaking an aura of unhappiness.
He was not trying to hide his anger.
Meanwhile, Gail-san was feigning an expressionless face, but his eyes were twitching.


And the one who patted me on the head with his paw was Hector-sama.


Right, I was being held by Hector-sama who was sitting sideways in his beast form while stroking my head.


[Hector] “Chika-chan, you’re really small, huh? You’ve got soft cheeks, but you’re a little too skinny.
You should put on more meat.
Don’t they feed you well?”


“Father, enough! Chika is our spouse!”


Douglas-san’s face is too scary…


Why is this happening to me?


1This point marks a flashback.After the discussion with Albert-sama and the others, the three of us came to Hector-sama’s room.


I wasn’t sure why, but Hector-sama was lying there in his beast form waiting for us.


How should I say about Hector-sama’s beast form?


I knew I shouldn’t compare it to Douglas-san’s, but it was more magnificent than his overwhelming lion form.


Hector-sama’s beast form seemed to be more powerful and domineering.
Also, his whole body exuded the aura of an overwhelming ruler.


“Welcome, the traveler from another world.
Your name is Chika, right? Come to my side.”


How could he have known my name…? But more than that, his every word was so heavy with power.


I didn’t know how a beastman like Gail-san or Douglas-san would feel about it, but for me who has no power, it was a force I couldn’t resist.


“What’s wrong, human child? Come here.”


I moved my feet towards him as Hector-sama’s words prompted me.


“Oi, Chika!”


I heard Douglas-san’s voice from behind me, but I couldn’t stop myself.


“Well, come closer, this way.
Don’t be afraid.”


As if something was controlling me, I wobbled my way to Hector-sama.


His mane was marvelous and his whole body exuded a sense of intimidation.
I could not even stand still.


The gap in absolute power that I felt when I saw Douglas-san’s beast form and Hector-sama’s beast form was a bit frightening.


I got down on my knees and looked into the sharp gray eyes that radiated majesty from below.


I must have looked like a pathetic sacrifice, offering myself up to a predator.


“You don’t need to be so frightened.
I’m not going to hurt you in any way, do you still not trust me?”


Hector-sama was observing my entire body from top to bottom.


Then, his face suddenly came close to me.
He sniffed my scent and licked my cheek.


“Oh, you’re so cute, aren’t you, Chika-chan? Look, don’t just stand there.
Here, come here!”


Suddenly, the aura that surrounded Hector-sama weakened, and I was pulled to his chest, who was sitting sideways.


I could only be stunned at how quickly Hector-sama changed.


“Father, you…! There’s no way a docile human like Chika can resist the power of your beast form! No, was that your plan from the start!?”


Douglas-san shouted with an exasperating expression, while Gail-san was stunned beside him.


“I’m not sure what you’re talking about.
Though, I’m pretty sure you’re not going to let me touch Chika-chan if I don’t do this.”


“So you know that.
Of course, I wouldn’t let my Chika be near someone like you who loves the human race so much! Ah! You’re licking Chika’s face! I’m not going to let you get away with that!”


“No way! I don’t want to! Al’s wife is cute, but Al won’t let him go, and he’s too strong.
Alec too is guarded by Al and Theo.
I also want to love a cute human once in a while, nyaa~”2He’s not saying ‘nyaa’ literally in the raw.
It’s just he’s saying that in a cute manner and I couldn’t think of anything equal in english..


Hector-sama had a firm hold on me and showed no signs of letting me go.


My face and throat were licked, and that was ticklish.


“Nyaa your eyes3This too.
It should be like “nyaa your ass!”, but it’s too rude for a royalty setting, so I change it to eyes instead~! It’s disgusting.
Get away from Chika right now!


“No way! Do you have any idea how many cute and docile humans are left? If I don’t love them now, when will I love them?”


At the same time, I heard something like a rumble coming from Hector-sama’s throat.


And that leads us to the current situation…


“Uh, umm… Douglas-san, I’m fine.
Please calm down.”


“Oooh, what a good boy! What do you think? Say, how about you become my companion, instead of that playboy Doug, or that stubborn Gail, who never had any sex in his life? I’m a man of love, you know?”


Those words were met with a hint of anger, almost murderous, from both Douglas-san and Gail-san.


[Douglas] “Dear father, if you want to go to my mother’s place so badly, I’ll send you there… That’s why please give Chika back.”4Douglas’s mother….
I don’t want to spoil you here.
It will be stated so just read it until the end~ :v


[Gail] “I’m afraid I can’t agree to that, no matter how much I may respect you, Hector-sama.
Please return Chika to me.”


“No! What are you trying to do? 5Looking to Chika.Chika-chan, their attitude is terrible to this poor old man! 6Looking to Doug and Gail.But, old as I am, you will be the one who suffers for underestimating my power.”


The air in the room was very stifling.


Not metaphorically, but literally, physically suffocating.


I wasn’t sure if this was the power of a strong beastman.


If I looked closely, I would see Douglas-san and Gail-san roaring and gradually turning into beasts from the parts of their bodies that were shining.


This is not good.
I had to stop them no matter what.


“Everyone, please calm―”


Before I could finish, the entrance door was opened with a loud bang.


“I knew it would be like this.
Father-in-law, that’s enough! Douglas-sama and Gail-dono you’re being too childish too!


It was Cyril-san who strode in with large strides while saying that.


Behind him was a mild-mannered old man with wings on his back.


“What a bunch of old men! Look at him! Look how pale Chika-san is!”


Everyone’s eyes were drawn to me.


Am I that pale?


The presence of the three men was indeed too strong and a little stressful, but…


The light that was enveloping Gail-san and Douglas-san’s disappeared, and Hector-sama’s power to hold me also weakened.


Gail-san and Douglas-san looked uncomfortable as if they had just come back to their senses.


[Douglas] “I’m sorry Chika, I lost my temper.
Our beast form is too strong for you, isn’t it? Are you okay?”


[Gail] “He’s right.
You don’t look so good.
Are you sure you’re not pushing yourself too hard?”


“I had a few moments of discomfort, but I’m fine now.
I’m sorry for worrying you.”


I felt once again that they were both overprotective of me.


“Dear father-in-law, please return to your normal form first.
Chika-san is troubled.”






Cyril-sama’s expression was very cold as he glared at Hector-sama.


“I got it, nya~ Chika-chan, just wait here.
Don’t go to Doug.
I’ll be right back.”


Hector-sama got up and walked into the inner room.


A few moments later, a man wearing what looked like gorgeous robes appeared from inside the room.


No, I’m pretty sure it was Hector-sama, but he seemed to be a little confusing because his appearance didn’t match what he had said and done earlier.


His shining blond hair was swept back like a mane, and his face, despite its deeply etched wrinkles, looked just like Douglas-san’s when he had a serious expression on his face.


However, his gray eyes, like Alberto-san’s, were sharp and seemed to pierce the line of sight.


And with his imposing walk and blessed physique, I could feel the dignity of royalty even more than Albert-sama.
If I were a faint-hearted person, I would not be able to move even if he just stared at me.


I also felt a little frightened.


It’s hard to believe that this is the same person who had been yelling, ‘No way’ and ‘nya~’ just now.


“Did I keep you waiting, Chika-chan? Do you miss me? Well well, you’ve been a good boy.
Now, come and sit on my lap.”


Ah, it was the same person.


And I’m going to be held in Hector-sama’s lap.


Douglas-san and Gail-san had a pained look on their faces when they glanced at me…


[Douglas] “Chika, I’m sorry but can you go along with my dad’s antics for a little while longer? I’m sorry, Gail, but you’ll have to put up with my decision for now.”


Gail-san and I nodded in agreement.


“Like this, we can have a nice talk.
I should have come from the beginning.
Anyway, why don’t you all sit down?”


Everyone sat down on the sofa, and I was finally able to greet Hector-sama properly.


“Hector-sama, my name is Shinra Chikayuki and I truly apologize for the delay in greeting you.
I have been in the great care of Douglas-san and the others.”


“You’re a little stiff, aren’t you, Chika-chan? You can call me Hector or father-in-law if you like.
Or, well, how about grandpa instead?”


Oh, I feel like I’m having déjà vu.


The gap between his appearance and personality was so great that I couldn’t help but feel weak.


“Th- then, I will call you father-in-law.”


“How did your father-in-law know my name?


“You said your name in the audience room, didn’t you? I’ve been watching you too, you know.
Well, I know you have many things to worry about, but you are safe now, and I am on your side, Chika-chan.”


“Thank you very much.
I truly apologize for the troubles I’m causing you.”


I looked up at Hector-sama and bowed my head.
Then, he slowly stroked my cheek, ear, and head.


His hands were very gentle and reminded me of Douglas-san’s.


I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a little too comfortable and enraptured, but Douglas-san glared at me.


His mouth was moving without making a sound, and when I looked closely, I saw that it was forming the words ‘I will punish you’.


What have I done to deserve this? I was a little scared of what was going to happen to me including that time with Theo-san.


“Well then, may I have a moment, please? The chief sorcerer would like to speak with you.”


Cyril-sama raised his voice while urging the old man next to him.


“Hector-sama, pardon me for interrupting you.
It has been a long time since Douglas-sama and Gail-sama have been here too.
It’s nice to meet you, Chikayuki-dono.
I’m Troth, and I’ve been appointed Chief Magician by His Majesty.
Pleased to make your acquaintance.”


“I’m Shinra Chikayuki.
It’s nice to meet you too.”


“I’m sorry to hear about your troubles and the curse of the sex slave.”


That was right.
Troth-san came to me to break the curse of sex slavery that I was under.


“So, Troth, I want to ask you in conclusion, can you break the curse that is on Chika?”


“Yes, I can.”


He can!


With this, I don’t have to show them my shameful appearance.


I could feel my body relax a little with relief.


“I can, but… I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to say this in front of Cyril-sama and Chikayuki-sama…”


What exactly is there to say?


“I’m ready for this.
If there is a way, please let me know.”


“You can’t say it in front of me too?”


Cyril-sama seemed to feel something strange about the way Troth-san spoke.


After this, I was told by Troth-san a fact that surprised even Cyril-sama.

1This point marks a flashback.2He’s not saying ‘nyaa’ literally in the raw.
It’s just he’s saying that in a cute manner and I couldn’t think of anything equal in english..
:”)3This too.
It should be like “nyaa your ass!”, but it’s too rude for a royalty setting, so I change it to eyes instead~4Douglas’s mother….
I don’t want to spoil you here.
It will be stated so just read it until the end~ :v5Looking to Chika.6Looking to Doug and Gail.

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