Chapter 2 (I was bought)

I doubt my own ears.
My face is swollen until it’s shape can’t be seen anymore, I’ve been injured everywhere and even if I have to say that myself, I'm just a broken tool.
I also think that I don’t have any value either as a labor slave or even as a sex slave anymore.
The person who said he want to buy me talked to the slavery trader and they started the negotiations.
After a while the negotiations were settled, I was taken out of the cage and brought to the person who said he want to buy me.

“Well then, this is the slave certificate, dear customer are you sure you are ok with this slave? I think this slave will not last much longer, just so you know if you want to returned the goods I won’t hear you, is it really OK? Hey you!! don’t you want to greet your new master?!!”

The slaver trader who was behind me pushing me away to the man who bought me – no, I mean my new master.
However, because my leg is injured and I don't have any strength left I just falling and sit in front of the new master.
It's useless……I will get punished again …my body was trembling in dogeza posture (deeply bowing?).
And then the master carrying my body gently with his single hand and left the spot in silence without saying anything.

I was amazed that I was carrying with one hand and I was relieved for a moment, but a master can't do something so kind to the slave like this, so I am asking him to put me down desperately.

However, “It must be hard to walking while injured right? Don't worry about anything just stay still.” His word makes me surprised, plus he changed how he carries me, from a side carrying to the princess style carrying.

I decide to stay quiet because if I say anything more than this I'm afraid it will make my master mood become bad.

Even though the master is carrying me in his arm, why his foot step sounds like the master didn’t feel the weight on his foot at all? Because of that, I feel like he walks while dragging one foot.

Although I was carried by the master on the way, my body that already lost it’s strength almost lose consciousness several times, but I still managed to endure it somehow.

We continue walking for a while, my master still carrying me with him, we climbs a few stairs, and then the sound of the door opened are heard.
As the master came in, a loud voice with was heard from inside of house.

“Oh It's just Gale.
Welcome ho…..
Wait! What is the thing you carrying?!”

“I bought it.”

What?! You..
you bought a slave?”

“I am.”

Why? Well let's talk about it later, until when you want to carrying him around like that? Get him down already.”

when the other male person talking to my master.
My master put me down to the floor gently.
Originally I have to say a greeting here, but I can't speak and it's even difficult for me to stand because the pain in my legs.
The only thing I can do is do a dogeza.
I prepared myself to get punished.
While doing a dogeza somehow my physical strength to reach its limits.
And then, I fainted.


when I put down the boy slave on the floor, suddenly he started to kneel down and began trembling.
After that, the boy loses his consciousness.
I am hurriedly checking his condition, he seemed to breathe normal, but he had a fever, and his complexion was really bad.

“Oi, are you ok?”

“He still breathing but he had a fever.
First, let him rest.”

“That’s right.
Well let's leave the explanation later.
But I really surprised with because you suddenly a buying slaves.”

“I understand.
But we have to do something about this boy….”

“Ok, first let's change his clothes and bring he to the bath….
Wait, he doesn't have any physical strength so bath is bad huh…
For now let's wipe his body and put him on the bed.
His face is also swollen, let's call Mintz (ミンツ) I'm sure he will help this boy.”

I lay down the boy on the sofa, I have to prepare a warm water and towel to wipe his body.
So I'm going to another room to take everything that I need.
When I get back to the room I see Doug is changing the boy clothes.
But suddenly Doug face become pale.
I rushed over to see what happened and I was stunned after I see what was happened there.
There was a really miserable sight there.

No meat or fat, only bone and skin that can be seen from the boy's body.
The wound that seem come from beaten and whipped spreads on his entire body.
There was an old wound that still swollen and some new wound that still bleeding all over his body.

“This boy is still underage right? To be beaten until his face cannot be seen anymore, and his body become this bad, those guy sure are evil…”


“This country is the only one that still permit a slavery, I hope this country destroyed! Damn it…!”

Bang!! Doug kick the floor.
Despite his appearance, Doug love children so much.
I also feel angry when I look at how bad the boy’s condition, but Doug expression is more furious than me.

“His left foot and right arm are broken, I thought it was strange because he seem can't stand well …..”


Doug is holding his head and his face is red.
I prayed in my heart that my guess, the worst thing that can happen to this boy hasn't really happen to this boy.
I flipped the boy's body slowly and checking his ass, the blood start dripping like a river and his ass are ripped.

“Looks like this boy is a sex slave too…”


Doug checking on the boy too and lose his word.

“Are you kidding me?! This is not something that people will do!?”

“Let's clean and heal his body first right now.
We will think about other thing later.”

“You're right.
If Mintz come he can heal this boy's wound.”

I and Doug use hot water and towel to wipe off the dirt and blood on the boy's body as gently as possible.
The towel starts to turn black, we changing the hot water over and over, and finally the dirt was almost gone.

Doug holds the boy with one arm so that he can clean his hair, and when he wash his hair with hot water, slowly the dirt is falling cleanly.
When it was dirty, I doesn't realize it but the boy’s hair was completely jet black.

“A black hair?! I see..
that's why this boy was targeted.”

“You're right.
Not just his hair, in slave market I see his eye's just for a moment, and it's also black”

“A black hair and black eye?! Furthermore this boy's is a human tribe.
Because he is a rare being of course many people will target him.”

In general, it's said that the higher magical power the humans have, the darker color of the eyes and the hair they will have.
Although I only heard black haired and black eyed human tribe from the legend story, to think it's really existed …….

After finishing wiping the body, I smear the medical cream on his wound.
If healing magic are used it will heal better to some extent, but the healing magic is exhausting the physical strength of the object.
So I’m sure Mintz won't use strong healing magic for the boy

“I will clean up everything.
You're carry him to bed…”

“Yeah, leave it to me….So light?! What is this, isn't this boy is too light? Well if you see his body you won't find it strange because he's body is completely only had bone and skin…
It's all right boy.
Leave it to uncle.
I will feed you many delicious thing so that you can put some meat on.”

Doug was hugging the boy in his arm and pat the boy head gently, tears falling from Doug's eye.
I have known him for a really long time so I already know about this fact, but this guy is really a good guy.

I carried the hot water to the bathroom and cleaned up everything, after that a cheerful sound come from the entrance of the house.

“Hello!! Excuse me~”

Looks like Mintz has coming.
When I finished cleaning, I hurried to the front door and guide Mintz to the bedroom.

“Well, I got urgent business with my work, but because branch chief is calling me in hurry I was panicking because I thought something has happened, so I’ve been doing my best to end my job in flash! Ok then, what do you need from me?”

“Sorry about that, Mintz.
At first I thought I can bring him and visit you in your place, but I can't do that.
So I would like you to take a look at his wound here.”

The boy is still sleeping, Dough turned over the blanket.
Mints looking at the miserable figure of the boy and his eyes fully open in surprise.

What? This….
Isn't this too awful? Branch chief….
I don't mean to speak bad about a person’s sexuality preference, but isn't this a little too much? If you have a preference for little boy is still…
Ok I think? Well it's a crime though….
But this sadistic play…
isn't this a little too much? In the first place, to think you have a taste to a play like this,,, Ahh! So this is why you didn't have last long relationship with your partner until now…
By the way, this is a mutually agreement right? If not then…
Even if you are a branch chief, I will report you to the police, ok?”

Receiving a word attack without stopping even for one second from Mintz, Doug face become red.

“Are you kidding me?!! I don't have a taste for little boy or a sadistic play like that!! Listen to me, Gale bought this boy at slave market and bring him home.
When the boy arrive in the house he fainted, has fever, his complexion is bad, also as you can see his body full of wound.
That's why I calling you!! Do you understand?!!”

Then this slave is Gale's…
So that's mean the one who have a preference for little boy is…”

“Let's not talk about that for now.
First, please look at his wounds, the face is swollen, a wound from a whipping and beating on all over his body, left leg and right hand are broken.
Also, the wound around the anus are terrible.”

When Mintz heard how bad the boy's condition is he approached the boy and began checking the state of the wounded part.

“So this boy is a slave…
to experience such awful things..”

After finishing checking the whole body of the boy, Mintz starts talking with a gloomy face.

“There are many wounds, but there are no fatal wounds.
It will be okay to heal the fracture and other wound.
the fever and his zero body strength are remarkable.
In this state my healing magic can’t really cure him.”

After saying that much Mintz sigh.

“As you know, healing magic use the patient own strength and vitality to repair the wound.
It may be dangerous for him if I use strong healing magic on him.
Only wounds that's still bleeding can be cured with simple healing magic, but to heal for the other wound we must waiting for recovery of the boy's physical strength.
In any case, I think that you two need to keep nursing him until he feel better.”

Mintz closes his eyes and his hands wrapped around on the boy's face and starts to cast a healing magic.
A warm light wrapped the boy's whole body, and then it disappear in to the boy's body.

I think this is what I can do for him for now.”

When looking at the boy’s body, the wounds that were dripping up blood are blocked, leaving a slight trace.
The swollen face had regained the original look back.

“This boy is quite cute…”

“You right, he is cute…”


I didn't say it out, but honestly I really thought that the boy was cute too.
For me his face is refreshing and it's an ideal type face that I always like.

“I think if he open his eyes it will be more cute.”

“So you are really like little boys huh, branch chief?…..Aww! It's hurt! I'm sorry…
It's a joke….
Don't clenched your fits! Stop hitting me!”

Mintz was crying a little from receive Doug iron fits.

When Mintz finishes the healing magic for the boy, he applies the medicine to the wound, wraps the wound using the bandage, and gives instructions to us how to nurse him daily.

Really, If it's not because his mouth, he is a truly capable person …..

“Well then, this is the medical cream for the wound.
Apply it twice a day and cover the wound with a bandage after you apply the cream.
And one more thing, because broken bones are fixed by placing some pins, can you please be careful not to move his body even if his consciousness returns?”

Mint takes out a small bottle from his bag, he looks at it and tries to say something about it.

“Is something wrong?”

“No it's nothing.
This cream medicine is to heal the wound on his butt…
You need to apply it daily on his wound, but….
if his consciousness is back, he may be frightened when you give him the medicine, so don't forcibly apply it ok? Please give it to him gently.
And then…
his fever is really high so you can give this potion 2 times a day.”

I put a blanket on the boy and put away the treatment tools, drugs, and bandages that I received from Mintz.

Doug put his right hand on my shoulder.

“Well then, Gale.
Can you tell me about the detailed about the circumstances?” Said Dough in smiling face.
But his eyes isn't smiling at all! I feel his full force power on my shoulder and it's making a sound.
Ouch, if you grab it with your full power it will really hurt, please stop …

“Wow~ I want to know about the circumstances too~”

“I understand…I will talk…But..
Put away your hand from my shoulder…Oww”

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