The room we were led to must have been used to entertain guests.
There was a large, luxurious reception set that sat in the center of the room.


We sat there as we were asked.


Yep, my seat was on Douglas-san’s lap.


Gail-san was sitting next to me while Albert-sama and Cyril-sama were sitting across from me.
The young men from earlier were sitting one by one on either side.


“Except for Gail, everyone here is family, so let’s skip the formalities.
I’m Albert, Douglas’ older brother.
The one next to me is my companion Cyril, whom you have already greeted, and on either side are my sons, the older brother Theodore and the younger brother Alexei.”


Theodore-sama was of the lion tribe, I believe.


He looked a lot like Albert-sama.
His shiny blond hair looked like a mane.


That fearless face that made him look strong-willed was just like his father.
But, for some reason, was he seems unhappy? He had his arms crossed and his mouth tied in a straight line.


Alexei-sama was a human race, and he looked a lot like Cyril-sama.


His hair was the same dark blue as Cyril-sama’s.
It was shoulder length and his face had a friendly smile on it.


“I would like to greet you again.
I’m Shinra Chikayuki.
Thanks to the help of Gail-san and Douglas-san, I’m now can stand here by your side.
I’m sure there are some things that you might be wondering about being a partner for your son, but I humbly ask for your consideration.”


“I told you not to be so formal, Chikayuki-done.
Relax your shoulders.”


“Chika, my brother has said it.
I know it’s difficult for you, but you can relax more.”


Albert-sama’s expression remained dignified, but I could feel that his eyes showed tenderness.


It was just exactly like Douglas-san.


“Thank you very much.
I’ve never been to a place like this before, so I’m not sure what to do…”


“Well, I’m not saying that you should force yourself, but you can do it naturally.
Firstly, regarding the s*x s*ave thing that you are most concerned about, Chikayuki-dono, it is not your fault.
You are the victim.
That’s what everyone here feels, so don’t worry about it.”


“That’s right, Chikayuki-dono! It’s all the fault of that rotten beastmen who think of us humans as tools to conceive their children or to satisfy their own desires.
I’ll make sure to make them pay their retribution with their blood.
I promise!”


I was surprised to hear Cyril-sama’s words, which didn’t fit his elegant face.


“Cyril is, as you can see, a human race.
About twenty years ago, the village where he lived was attacked by slave-hunting beasts.
He lost his family and was on the verge of being sold into slavery, but we were able to save him.
I don’t know if I’d call it luck… but I understand that his hatred runs deep.”


“Obviously! My family was all killed by them, and I lost contact with all my friends.
I don’t know what would have happened to me if Al hadn’t saved me…”


“Mother, I understand how you feel, but please calm down.
Chikayuki-dono is surprised.”


When I was startled by Cyril-sama’s bluntness, Alexei-sama called out to Cyril-sama.


“Oh, I’m sorry.
I just can’t help thinking about the past…”


[Chika] “No, it’s not that I don’t understand how you feel… I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have hatred for the beasts who bought me and treated me as a sex slave.”




“However Gail-san, Douglas-san, I am so happy now that I met both of them.
They need me and they give me a place I can belong to.
That’s why I’m not looking for revenge.”


As I finished my words, Douglas-san slowly opened my clasped hands.


It seems that I had unconsciously squeezed my hand too tightly and my fingernails had dug into my palm.


When Douglas-san slowly ran his tongue over the nail marks, a tingling sensation crept up my spine.


“Chika, that’s fine.
All you need to think about is your happiness right now.”


Gail-san nodded enthusiastically.


“I see, the report from Mintz proved to be true.
That Douglas dotes on Chikayuki-dono so much that you can see him in the eye without being ashamed.
This is not something I want to talk about with Chikayuki-dono, but this guy is a real playboy, even from my point of view as his brother.”


“Hey, brother!”


“That’s okay since it’s true.
He is loyal to his instincts, or perhaps he is a pleasure seeker.
Whether it’s the Anima or the Animus, Douglas is a convenient partner with nothing to lose who will make a move on you if you ask.
I’m not wrong with that, am I?”


“Don’t say it like that, brother, but I admit that I’ve been indulging in a bit of pleasure.
However, my instinct as a lion has never been appealed to by anyone until now.
Chika, however, is different.
Chika is mine, my [prey]!”


When Douglas-san finished his refute, Albert-sama nodded in satisfaction.


“Alright, alright.
It’s a good thing that you’re aware of that.
We’re just worried about Chikayuki-dono, who has become the [pair] of such a playboy.
But from the looks of it, there seems to be nothing to worry about.
Gale, as someone who shares the same [pair], I know it would be hard on you, but I’m counting on you.”


“It’s nothing like that at all.
I’m honored to have the same [pair] as Douglas-sama, who is essentially my master.
But I love Chika too, and I have no intention of giving him up.”


“Gail, don’t do that Douglas-sama thing in front of my brother, it gives me goosebumps.”


Douglas exaggeratedly quivered on the spot.


“Chikayuki-dono too, I know it’s hard to deal with these two, but you must take it easy.


“It’s true, Chikayuki-dono, even when I was dealing with Al alone, I honestly thought about running away at first.
That is even more true when it comes to you who’s a [pair] of a lion royalty and a pure-blooded bear.”


“Hey Cyril, that’s news to me.”


“Of course since this is the first time I’m saying it.
The lion tribe’s way of loving… is so intense and heavy.
So if you have any problems, you can come to me right away.


“Thank you, Cyril-sama.
I will be counting on you if I need anything.”


I was so happy to see his concern that I bowed my head lightly as he smiled like a saint again.


“Well, Chikayuki-dono, from now on, as the king of Leonidas, I am willing to be your guardian.”


[Douglas] “Thank you, brother.”


[Gail] “Thank you, Your Majesty.”


[Chika] “Thank you.”


I, Gail-san, and Douglas-san bowed in gratitude.


“I don’t mind about that, but here’s a suggestion.
Chikayuki-dono, instead of hiding your power for the rest of your life, how about spreading it to the rest of the world?”


“What do you mean, brother?”


“Well, the first step is to make your power and your existence is known so that you can become a special person.
If we do that, there will not be many fools who will take the cheap shot and do something stupid at Chikayuki-dono, who stands out and has Leonidas’ backing.”


[Gail] “But, Your Majesty, that’s ……”


Douglas-san and Gail-san both seem to be quite worried.


“I can understand Douglas and Gail’s concern.
Indeed, even with Leonidas’ backing, Chikayuki-dono’s knowledge and power are attractive enough to make anyone want to get their hands on him.
That brings me to my second point.
Chikayuki-dono, do you have any intention of spreading your knowledge to this world?”


“My knowledge?”


“Yes, your knowledge.
According to the report from Mintz, Chikayuki-dono possesses very impressive medical knowledge and skills.
I have heard that it is this knowledge that allows you to perform miraculous healing techniques.
If that’s the case, then you should spread your knowledge and skills to the world instead of keeping them to yourself, Chikayuki-dono.”


For me to spread my knowledge and skills.


I had never thought of that.


“Leonidas has no intention of monopolizing this knowledge and technology and will accept the training of personnel from any country that wishes to learn it.
And we won’t restrict those who learned it to spread it further.”


[Douglas] “I see, you mean to train people to reach the level of knowledge and skills as Chika?”


“In your world, Chikayuki-dono, people can be saved by medicine alone, without the use of healing arts, right? If that knowledge and technology spread throughout the world, we will no longer have to rely on the few people who have the proper healing skills, and the people will be less worried.”


[Douglas] “It is true that there are many people who do not like the healing arts itself.
How is it, Chika? Do you think you can do it?”


I will spread medical knowledge in this world.


I’m not sure if I can really do that.


No, even if I could, I’d have to start from scratch.
And that could take years… even decades.


“I don’t… think it’s impossible.
There are people in this world who have a certain amount of knowledge, like Mintz-san and Paris-san.
I think it is possible to pass on my knowledge to them.”




I hated to interrupt Albert-sama’s words, but I needed to say something.


“No, please wait.
I think there are a few problems.
First of all, will everyone accept that an unknown person like me is suddenly passes on the knowledge that doesn’t exist in this world? Besides, it may take years, even decades, to spread the knowledge.
Are you okay with that?”


“Hmm, the first one should be no problem.
Douglas’s restored arm will be a good advertisement even if we don’t intentionally spread the news.
And if Chikayuki-dono is okay with it, I would like you to use your miraculous healing technique in the guilds of this country and teach it to others.
If you do that, there will be fewer people who doubt your knowledge, won’t there?”


“I would like to help people to the best of my ability, so I am grateful for your offer.
However, I’m not sure if I can do it for all those who wish to do something as large-scale as restoring a limb…”


I don’t think I’ll be able to use such a large-scale technique anytime soon.


I realized that I had pushed myself too hard when I was healing Douglas-san.


“That’s right, Chika’s healing technique uses Chika’s life force.
It’s not easy to heal on a large scale like restoring a limb.
Well, brother, do you think the people will still accept it?”


“Surely, we will not be able to fulfill the wishes of all the people.
Even so, if a disease that could never be cured can be cured, wouldn’t that be a great hope for the people?”


“That’s one way of thinking about it.
Well, for my arms, at the very least, I can make up a reason why it was possible because I had a special magic match with my [pair].
I’ll tell them I feel bad that I’m the only one that’s getting special treatment.”


Douglas-san is making an outrageous proposal, but it’s certainly one way to go.


It’s not a bad idea to take advantage of the fact that Douglas-san and I are a [pair].


“As for the other issue, I think it will be better in the long run.
In the meantime, I promise to protect Chikayuki-dono as long as it is in my power to do so.
The more you spread your knowledge and skills, the more people will be attracted to you, and the more people you can save.
I’m dreaming of a future where the number of such professionals gradually increases and overtime spreads throughout the world.”


It would be truly amazing if that could happen.


But the responsibility is too great.


The knowledge I spread would become the standard of this world.


If I unknowingly introduced false knowledge, I wouldn’t be able to get it back.
If possible, I would like to discuss this with Mintz-san and Paris-san.


“I would like to say that I would be happy to accept it, but I honestly feel that the matter is too big for me to give an answer right now.”


“That’s understandable.
I’m also worried that the burden is too heavy for Chika alone to bear.
Brother, can I ask you to give Chika some time to think about it?”


Take your time and think about it.


“But I would be happy to work for the guild.
I would like to learn more about medicine in this world through the healing arts.”


Albert-sama was happy to accept my proposal.


“I’m sure you have no objections since Douglas and Gail joining the guild as well.”


Yeah, we have no problem with that, but Chica, when you use the healing arts, please don’t overdo it.
Until Mintz arrived, either I or Gail will stay by your side.
Do you understand?”


“Yes, of course.”


“I’m not going to let you out of my sight because Chica can be reckless even when I say so.


Gail-san looked at me with concern.


“I’m not going to be as reckless as I was with you two, trust me.”


“Well, just take it easy, okay.”


Douglas patted me on the head.


“Yosh, that matter is settled.
Now, about Chikayuki-dono’s s*x s*ave curse, can you talk to the chief sorcerer about this? Tell him that we’ll visit father after this.”


“Geez! Can I not go say hello to father too?”


“Of course you can’t! You know better than I do that he’s more frightening if you don’t go.
Please be careful, Chikayuki-dono.”


I wondered if Hector-sama was as peculiar as Albert-sama said he was.


On the contrary, I’m looking forward to meeting him.


“Anyway, we’ll be going to give our greetings to father, is that okay?”


Alexei-sama, who was sitting on the far left, raised his voice.


“Oh, I forgot to mention that both Alexei and Theodore are looking forward to meeting you, Chikayuki-dono.”


“Oh, I’m not looking forward to meeting you, …….”


“Brother! I apologize on behalf of my brother, Chikayuki-dono.
I am Alexei.
It’s the first time we’ve met a human race other than my mother, so we were really looking forward to meeting you! I’ve just seen your tag, and we’re close in age, so I hope we can get along!”


He greeted me with a smile that was very similar to Cyril-sama’s.


“Thank you very much.
Alexei-sama, I am also very happy to meet someone from the same human race.
You say we are close in age, how old are you?”


“Chikayuki-dono, you’re too stiff! I’m fifteen years old.
I’m younger than you, so you can speak in a more relaxed manner.
You can call me Alex if you like.


I was a little surprised to hear that he was fifteen years old.


There is no doubt that he is a young man, but I didn’t expect him to be that young.


I think I can understand why Gail and Douglas were confused when they heard that I was at sixteen.


“Thank you very much.
It’s just that I have a habit of talking like this and it’s a little difficult to call me by your nickname, so may I call you Alex-san?”


“Yes, of course.”


“Then I would be very happy if you could call me Chika.
Also, everyone, please call me Chika if you like.”


Albert-sama and Cyril-sama nodded happily to my request.


Only Theodore-sama would not make eye contact with me at all.


“Theodore-sama, did I do something wrong? If I have been rude, I apologize.”


I was about to bow my head, but Alex-san stopped me.


“Chika-san, my brother is just being shy.
He’s always been fond of the human race, and the first human he met beside me and his mother is a lovely one like you.”


“Alex! Y-You… what are you saying!!”


“Aah… Theo, you’re 20 years old and you still haven’t gotten over the fact that you’re a mother-con? Or rather, you just love the human race? Anyway, if you don’t cure it, won’t it be a problem later? When he was little, he used to annoy Cyril-dono by saying, [I’m going to marry mother!].”


“U-Uncle, what are you saying?”


Theodore-sama’s face had turned bright red, and the scowl he wore earlier had disappeared.


I’m not sure if it was really just embarrassment.


If that was the case, it would be better to relieve his tension.


I got off from Douglas-san’s lap and approached Theodore-sama.
I kneeled down, looked up at his face, and gently held his hand.


“‘If you are a member of Douglas-san’s family, then you are very important to me.
I know you may not like the idea of me becoming part of your family, but I hope you can be friends with me.”


Theodore-sama’s face turned redder and redder.


“No, It’s not that I’m unwilling… Chika-dono… can you call me Theo?”


“Theo-sama, right! Please take care of me!”


“Me too… please take care of me.”


I grasped Theo-sama’s hand firmly and smiled once more.
He shivered and muttered something quietly.


“Chika, don’t let your ignorance get the better of you like that.
Theo is still young, and he’s going to be the next king.
I’m sorry, but I’ll have to punish you later.
Theo, there’s no other meaning at all in Chika’s behavior.
Don’t take it to heart.”


After saying that, Douglas-san picked me up in his arms.




I wondered if I had done something wrong.


I’m not sure what the punishment will be… Douglas-san’s smile scared me.


“Then, shall we go say hello to my father? Haa… there’s no other way.
Chica, don’t leave my side.”


“Yes, thank you, all of you, for taking the time to see me today.
Will we meet again later?”


“Of course, you’re family now.
You are welcome to visit us at any time, and I’ve sent Alexei and Theodore to the guild for social studies as well.
Please take care of them there as well.”


“I have to teach Chika how to be a lion’s mate.
I’ll make time for you next time.”


The two of them smiled softly.


“I’m looking forward to seeing you at the guild later, Chika-san! I’m also well versed in the healing arts.”


“Chika-dono… we look forward to seeing you again…”


Alex-san had a big smile on his face, while Theo-san blushed.


“Well then, Albert-sama, everyone please excuse us.”


Gail-san’s words prompted us to leave.


I was impressed by the warmth of Gail-san’s family and Douglas-san’s family as well.


I was very happy to have become a family with them.


Next, I’m looking forward to meeting His Majesty the former King.
I wonder what kind of person he is.

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