The next day was hectic from the morning.


As one would expect, going to meet the king was not something that could be done in casual clothes, so everyone was dressed in formal attire.


I wore a pair of dark blue pants and a vest that gave me a slightly formal look.


Of course, I wore a loose-fitting hooded coat of the same color over it to avoid being seen.


Gail-san was wearing a knight’s uniform with a stuffed collar, all in black.


The drapes were embroidered with silver thread.


He wore knee-high boots, a ceremonial sword at his waist, and a cloak of the same color fluttering down his back.


The tight-fitting design of the knight’s uniform further emphasizes Gail-san’s good physique and fearless character, giving him the air of a knight.


The design of Douglas-san’s outfit was similar to Gail-san’s, but the color was all white.


There were gold threads embroidered on it.


I was told that Gail-san’s was the formal attire of a knight and Douglas-san’s was the formal attire of royalty.


This outfit was also perfect for Douglas-san’s pheromone overloaded appearance, and I felt that it added to his adult sex appeal.


Above all, his dull blond hair, which was usually messy and unkempt, was tucked behind his back, giving him a different look and it made me nervous.


I couldn’t look directly at these two lovely people.
I was glancing sideways when Douglas-san suddenly lifted me up.


“What’s the matter, Chika? Is there something wrong?”


I just thought it was nice that both of you look so good in formal wear.
Douglas-san, your hairstyle looks great too.”


“I don’t really like formalities, but if Chika says so, this might not be so bad.”


He kissed me lightly as he said that.


I could feel my face reddening as I remembered the intense kiss from yesterday.


“Oi, Doug, you’re keeping him since yesterday! Don’t monopolize Chika.”


“Isn’t it fine? And I’m not monopolizing him.”


Gail-san took me away from Douglas-san.
Then, he kissed me on my mouth.


“This is also what Sebastian had prepared, but Chika, you look good in it too!”


“You look amazing too, Gail-san.
You look like a knight out of a fairytale!”


Having said that, he kissed me again.


“Yes, yes, that’s enough, let’s go! Everything should be ready by now.”


Douglas-san urged me to leave the room and go down the stairs, where Virgil-sama, Rickham-sama, and Sebastian-san were waiting for us.


However, their expressions were strange.


“Oi, Rickham, I wonder how many surprises I should be expecting since yesterday and now.”


“That’s… We’re supposed to be happy about this, right? The fact that our son has the same possessiveness, obsession, and affection as anyone else?”


“It would be a very pleasant sight if it weren’t done by that son, but I never think that Gail will do it too.
I feel as if I’ve seen something I shouldn’t have, and as I said yesterday, it’s a little creepy.”


“Young Master! I’m very touched to see you and the young mistress in such a good relationship!”


Sebastian-san was pressing his eyes with a handkerchief.


I realized my current position when I was told that much.


I had my hands around Gail-san’s thick neck and he was holding me by my hips and waist.


This is what happens when you get too used to being held!


“Excuse me, Gail-san, could you please put me down in front of your parents?”




Gail-san looked at me like, “Why?”


Aah, I knew that Gail-san couldn’t understand me when he was like this1Chika meant that Gail don’t understand their cultural difference when he was confused like that.
For a Japanese Chika, it’s not appropriate to show PDA, however, for Gail and the others, that’s totally normal..


[Virgil] “No, Chika-dono, it’s fine, it’s fine.
That much is okay.
It’s us that have to get used to it.”


[Rickham] “Yes, yes, Chika-kun, I know it’s a lot to take in, but will you do your best?”


“To see the young master and his spouse together, this Sebastian could die happily! Young mistress, please take good care of Master Gail.”


I can only return a wry smile to them.


“Well then, Master, we’re off.”


[Virgil] “Douglas-sama, please give my regards to Albert-sama and Hector-sama.”


“Of course.”


After the three of them sent us off, we left the gate and found a carriage was waiting for us.


It seems that we’re going straight to the royal castle.


Gail-san took me in his arms and sat me down on his lap.


“It won’t take long to get to the castle.
We’ll be there soon, so we can proceed slowly.”


Gail-san told me so, so I sat quietly on his lap.
Without realizing it, we arrived in no time.


It probably took less than ten minutes.


When I got off the carriage with Douglas-san pulling me by my hand, I saw a scene that was a little different from the royal castle I thought of.


When I think of a royal castle, I tend to think of a massive building like a European castle. 


However, what I saw in front of me was certainly large, but it was more like an embassy or consulate, rather than the castle I had imagined. 


I was expecting a castle to have a massive structure in case it was attacked, but I was wrong.


“I had imagined it to be more like a huge fortress since it was called a royal castle, so I was a little surprised.”


“Well, the royal castle is more like home for the royal family, where they entertain and hold ceremonies for envoys from other countries.
It doesn’t need to function as a fortress because it’s not going to be invaded by other countries, so it was built simply.
For governmental affairs, there are specialized buildings separate from the royal castle.”


Douglas-san, walked leisurely into the royal castle while holding my hand.


I was still wearing my hood, and Douglas-san was using his cloak to hide his left arm so as not to show the condition of his arm as much as possible.


Gale who was wearing a knight’s uniform followed us.


As we entered the castle, a young man in formal attire appeared.
After a very courteous greeting to Douglas-san, he bowed to us as well.


He seemed to be our escort as he showed us around.


As expected of a royal castle, the interior was decorated with paintings on the walls, delicate glasswork, gorgeous chandeliers, and carpets under our feet.


After a while, we came to a door that exuded a heavy atmosphere.


Is this what they call an audience room?


“I’m sure my brother and his retainers are in there.
But, after a brief greeting, those retainers should be dismissed, and then we can talk to them at leisure.
There’s no need to be nervous.”


“Alright! Um, is it alright for me to take my hood off?”


“No, not yet.”


The young man opened the door and we walked in.


At the front of the hall, there were two thrones with men sitting on them.


One of them must be the current king, Albert-sama.


His blond hair, which reached just below his ears, fluttered behind him like a lion’s mane.
He looked a lot like Douglas-san, but without the friendly atmosphere.
Also, his gaze was very sharp.


His shoulders were broad and his imposing physique radiated the dignity of a king.


Of course, on his head sits a magnificent lion’s ear.


The other man must be his consort, Cyril-sama.


His dark blue hair was tied back in a single lock.
He had a well-developed face with long slit eyes.
All in all, he looked more like an Asian man.


His physique was about the same as Mintz’s.


He did not have any animal ears on his head, indicating that he was probably human race.


On either side of them stood a number of well-built, mature men.


These men must be the retainers that Douglas-san was talking about.


Douglas-san led me to the center of the room.
Then, he and Gail-san got down on one knee and bowed.


I hurried to follow suit.


“It’s been a long time, dear brother.
There are some urgent matters that I must inform you of, so please forgive our sudden visit.”


“Douglas, you give me goosebumps when you greet me in such a formal manner.
I’m fine with the usual, and I’m sure no one will have any problem with that now.”


Douglas-san stood up and gave his shoulder a jerk.


“I’ll take your word for it, brother.
First, let me introduce you to my [pair].
Chika, can you take off your hood and show your face to everyone?”


“Ye― yes!”


I took off my hood and showed my face as he asked.


I could feel the eyes of the people in the hall piercing me, and I felt a buzz of excitement.


“This is my [pair], Shinra Chikayuki, whose family name is Shinra and the first name is Chikayuki.
He is from the human race.”


My name is Shinra Chikayuki.
I am greatly indebted to Douglas-san for his help.
I am not familiar with this kind of place, so please forgive my rudeness.”


I bowed deeply.


“I believe that everyone here is loyal to my brother and can be trusted.
However, what I’m about to say must be kept secret for now.
If any of you feel that you cannot keep this secret, please leave this room.”


As Douglas-san said this, there was a tense feeling in the room, but no one left the room.


“All right, then, Chika, would you mind showing your tag to the others?”


“Yes, I understand.”


I put in the magic power to open it fully, just like I did when I showed it to Gail-san’s parents.




Name: Shinra Chikayuki Age: 16 (physical age)


Race: Human race (animus body)


Spouse: Gail Van Forrester , Douglas Von Leonidas


Place of residence: Indefinite


Rank: F


Life Force: F


Magic: SSS


Strength: F


Endurance: F


Agility: F


Intelligence: SSS


Skills: healing, enhanced magic, medical knowledge, medical license, cooking, housekeeping, animal massage


Title: Stray from Another World, Supreme Healer, Conduit of Knowledge, Frail, S*x S*ave, Loves and is Loved by Fluffy


Status: S*x s*ave curse




The murmur in the room grew louder when the tag information was displayed in large font.


However, Alberto-sama and Cyril-sama were extremely calm.


“Douglas-sama, what is the meaning of this…?”


A man who was much older than the others asked Douglas-san.


“Yeah, I know it’s hard to believe just by looking at it, but everything you see here is true.
My partner, Chika, is from another world.
In addition, he possesses knowledge foreign to this world and is able to use miraculous healing techniques.
This is the proof.”


When he had finished, Douglas-san removed the cloak he was wearing to conceal it and held up his left arm as if to show it off.


The buzz around him was beyond anything I’ve ever seen before.


“Oh, my God, Douglas-sama’s left arm!”


“Yeah, it’s not just me, Gail’s leg is back too.
And had risked his life to heal us.
With this, you can believe us even a little, right?”


“Even if we doubt it, it has been visibly shown to us.
We have no choice but to believe.”


“I’m sure you are all aware of how great a loss it was for this country when Douglas-sama and Gail-dono were injured… and we can only thank the honorable companion for healing them.”


Suddenly, everyone around me bowed their heads.


I was at a loss as to how to respond to that.


[Douglas] “Chika is not used to this kind of thing, so can you please raise your head?”


The retainers immediately obeyed his words.


Seeing Douglas-san’s imposing figure, I was reminded that he was royalty.


“Douglas-sama, there is one thing that concerns me, if you don’t mind.”




“I’m a little concerned about the word ‘s*x s*ave’ in the information about your companion.”


I got a fright at that word.


It was just as I thought it would be.
Gail-san’s parents could accept me, but Douglas-san was, after all, royalty, and the king’s brother.


For his partner to be a s*x s*ave…


I’m not sure if he knew what I was thinking, but he pulled me into his arms.


“Yeah, it is as you can see.
Chika was a s*ave until he met us in Catalton.
It’s been almost five years, even though he is innocent of any crimes.
In addition, he came to this world from his original world and was immediately made a s*ave.
Please understand his pain and suffering.
If you still have any complaints, please direct them to me.”


“Huh? No, I have nothing to complain about! Rather, it should be emphasized that we cannot allow the people of Catalton to torment our royal consort for such a long time!”


“Wouldn’t it be better to destroy that country…?”


“But it’s too early to say.
The people of that country are innocent.
We have to deal with the royalty and some of the corruption…”


I was stunned by the response, which was quite different from what I had expected.


Douglas-san noticed this and just chuckled at me.


“See? I told you it would be fine.”


I did my best to respond with a smile.




Albert-sama’s dignified voice rang out.


“We will have a meeting later to discuss Douglas’ arm and Catalton’s case.
From here, I would like to take some time with only the royal family in private.
May I?”


With those words, the vassals bowed deeply and left one after another.


The three of us, Albert-sama, Cyril-sama, and the two young men who were standing near Cyril-sama remained there.


Then, Cyril-sama stood up, rushed over to me, and grabbed my hand in both of his.


“It’s Chika-dono, right? I’m Cyril, King Albert’s consort.
I’m sure you’ve been through a lot, but don’t worry, I’m sure Al will be able to help you.
I’m very happy to meet another human race.”


He said with an expression full of compassionate smile, and I naturally smiled too.


“Yes, Cyril-sama, thank you for your concern.
I might be causing a lot of trouble for His Majesty the King, but please take care of me.”


“It’s okay, don’t worry about it, you can rely on me all you want.
It’s only natural considering what the beasts have done to the human race…”


I felt that Cyril-sama’s expression darkened deeply for a moment around the last word.


“Well then, since we’re not going to be standing around talking about it here, let’s move to a different location and talk about it more slowly.”


As Cyril-sama suggested, we moved to another room.

Translator Note

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This month is and will be hectic since I have to do my thesis… :’v

I may not be able to release on schedule, but once I release, I’ll try to release double.
Thank you for your consideration and patience~ :”v

1Chika meant that Gail don’t understand their cultural difference when he was confused like that.
For a Japanese Chika, it’s not appropriate to show PDA, however, for Gail and the others, that’s totally normal.

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