After greeting Gail-san’s parents, we finally were able to relax.


Sebastian-san had prepared a very spacious guest room for us.


There was a huge bed in the middle of the room, which was certainly big enough for three people to sleep on, but…


As soon as I entered the room, Gail-san lowered his head to me.


[Gail] “Chika, I’m sorry about everything that happened with my father.”


[Chika] “Please don’t be.
They are very nice folks.
They accepted me the way I am and I’m truly grateful for that.”


[Douglas] “First, why don’t you take a bath, change your clothes, and get refreshed? You must be exhausted, Chika.”


I was grateful for Douglas-san’s thoughtfulness.


To be honest, the fatigue from the trip and the tension from earlier had reached their peak.


“You are right.
I am a little tired and―”


I felt dizzy and couldn’t finish what I had said, so I abruptly stopped sat in silence.


It seems that after the trip and the greeting to his parents, the tension in my body was loosened at once.


[Gail] “Chika, are you okay?”


[Douglas] “What is it? Are you hurt somewhere? Or are you in pain?”


“Ah, nothing.
I’m fine, really.
I think I’m just a little tired.
It was my first time traveling, and I was nervous about many things.
I’m sorry, I’ll be fine after a little rest.”


Gail-san stood up and hugged me.


“Are you sure you’re okay?”


“Yes, I’m sorry, but can I get some sleep?”


“Yes, of course.
Just wait a moment while I get you changed.”


After he said so, Gail-san began to rummage through our luggage, while Douglas-san skillfully undressed me.


[Douglas] “I’m sorry that you had to go on such a long trip, Chika.
We should have taken better care of you.
If… Mintz was here, he would have scolded us.”


“No, that’s not true.
It’s just that I don’t have the physical strength to handle it.
Though, I was able to recover enough by sleeping with both of your beast forms every night.”


[Douglas] “What, Chika, do you like our beast form so much?”


“It’s… to be honest, I really love it.
I’ve always liked animals, and the fact that the two of you are so fuzzy and fluffy makes me really happy.”


[Gail] “Is that so? Then, you can tell us anytime.
If it is Chika, we’ll be happy to let you touch us any time you want.”


Gail-san let me put on the shirt he had found.


Oh, I knew this whole shirt thing was going to continue over here, too.1Remember that Chika was required to wear either Gail or Douglas’ shirts in their house? They seemed to like it that much that they continue the habit even in Gail’s parent’s house.
Husbands… *smirk


“I’ll wake you up when it’s time for dinner, so you can get some rest.”


“I’m truly sorry, both of you.
And thank you.”


The soft bed was so comfortable for the first time in a few days that my consciousness quickly fell into an abyss of slumber.


When I woke up, the sun had already set.


However, I felt strangely refreshed.
So I asked Gail-san, who was by my side if he had bathed me while I was asleep.


I wondered why that didn’t wake me up.


Did I really that tired?


It seems that it was not a lie that I have the physical strength of a toddler.


I didn’t see Douglas-san, so I asked Gail-san about it too.
He said that Douglas-san was talking with Virgil-sama about what had happened so far and what will they do in the future.


As for the term “master”, both Douglas-san and Gail-san have been receiving sword instruction from Virgil-sama since they were young, and Douglas-san said that he can’t help but admire him.


After a while, Douglas-san came back and we had dinner.


Sebastian-san had everything ready for us in the room, so all we had to do was eat.


Gail-san called me over to him, so I went to his side and climbed into his lap.


I’ve already gotten used to this… but I’m not sure if I should get used to it…


But I had to take this opportunity to ask him things I was wondering about.


“Gail-san’s parents are both from the bear tribe, aren’t they? I was a little surprised because I had heard that it was difficult for strong beasts to have children with each other.”


My mother is an animus, which is rare in the bear tribe, so it seems he had a lot of trouble because of his circumstances.
Moreover, his [pair] is a powerful beast.
Like my father, he is also a bear.
They faced a lot of conflicts.
It seems that my mother forcibly suppressed his instincts and once ran away from my father to hide.”2Remember, ‘mother’ here only refers to the title.
Not the gender.


Gail-san answered me as he prepared the food for me to eat.


[Douglas] “The story of General Virgil and his [pair] is a famous love story in this country.”


[Chika] “Eh, is it that famous?”


[Douglas] “They don’t look too happy about it, but it’s rather well-known.”


Across from me, Douglas-san was also eating and talking with me.


“It’s a story about a young man with a promising future who goes against his instincts and disappears, thinking about his own and his partner’s situation.
In the end, after overcoming various hardships, the two are united, and the story has been adapted into books and plays, and is quite popular.”


“That sounds interesting, I’d like to read it.”


“Actually, it sounds very different from the story.
In the end, my father forced my mother to become his companion, but it was more of kidnapping than a marriage proposal.
For a while after that, my mother often told me that he was forced to live a life of confinement, not even allowed to leave his bedroom.”


“That’s a story that can’t be told…”


“But then again, he had a lot of trouble after that.
My mother was kinda had to have given up the idea of having a child, but after a few years of trying, he finally gave birth to me.”


“I’ve heard a lot of people talking about how it was a miracle, how it was the fruit of true love.”


“Well, I heard that my father became even more overprotective when he found out that my mother was pregnant, and that he kept him locked up until he gave birth.”


It was a fact that was hard to imagine from the current state of the two of them.


It was only a short time, but I can imagine the strong bond between the two of them.


“Father-in-law… no, Virgil-sama was a commander of knights, wasn’t he? Then what was Rickham-sama did?”


“Aah, my mother was the second-in-command.”


“Those two are really strong, you know.
If it is just swordplay, my master is probably superior, but Rickham-sama uses magic in combination with swords.
And Gail has inherited that skill.”


“I see.
If you have the blood of these two, then it makes sense that Gail-san is so strong.”


The son of a knight commander and vice commander, Gail-san is a genuine thoroughbred.


As I ate the marinated vegetables in front of me, I nodded my head in agreement.


“By the way, in the conversation between Douglas-san and Virgil-sama, the names Albert-sama and Hector-sama were mentioned, are they the names of Douglas-san’s family?”


“Oh, right, I should tell you.
Albert is my brother and the current king of this country, and his companion is Cyril of the human race.
They have two sons, Theodore and Alexei.
Lastly, there’s my father, the former king, Hector.”


New information poured in at once.


“I… I’ll do my best to remember.”


“I’ll introduce them to you tomorrow, so there’s no need to be in such a hurry.
Also, in our house, aside from my brother, my father is even more eccentric than my masters, so be prepared for that.”


Gail-san’s parents didn’t seem to me to be as strange as Gail-san said they were, but when Douglas-san said this, I think I should keep it in my mind.


“But Hector-sama is the former king, isn’t he?”


“Indeed he is, but… I’m not sure how to put it, but he’s got all the appearances of a king, but you’d have to be a family member to understand that.3He meant, understand about his father’s eccentrics.
I don’t think that even Gail understands if you ask him.”


[Gail] “Right, Hector-sama was such a great ruler that he is often called the ‘Silent Wise King’.
He thought of his people first, and his benevolent and excellent reign is still praised even today.
However, he also has a cold-hearted side that is decisive and merciless in judging those who disturb the order or break the law.”


[Douglas] “I think so too… That seems to be the general evaluation of my father.
But I’m really worried about letting him see Chika.”4Because Douglas is worried about his father’s antique.


With a complicated expression on his face, Douglas-san was biting down on a piece of meat.


I was so full that my hand had already stopped.
Gail-san saw this and gave me some more fruit from his hand to eat.


He peeled a bunch of grape-like fruit and held it out towards my mouth.


“Um, Gail-san, you don’t have to do that.
I can eat them myself…”


“It’s okay.
Do you want to try some other fruit? Or, if you’re tired of fruit, I can find you some sweet snacks.”


What can I do about these occasional misunderstandings?5Come on, Gail.
You can’t just stuff your spouse with food.
What will you do if he’s pregnant with food instead of your child?? :”v


“No… no, this is enough.”


When I took the grape-like fruit offered to me from Gail-san’s hand with my mouth, the juice flowed through his thick fingers.


As if unconsciously thinking that it would contaminate Gail-san’s hand, I ran my tongue over it and slowly licked it from his palm to his wrist.


[Douglas] “Chikaa… please don’t provoke him like that.
Look at Gail.
He’s about to lose it!”


Douglas-san smiled wickedly and spoke to me.


When Gail-san looked at me, I saw that he had the face of a man with lust in his eyes.


“I’m sorry, Gail-san, I didn’t mean to―”


Before I could finish my words, Gail-san picked me up.
He brought our faces close together and covered my mouth.


His hot, thick tongue plunged into my mouth, and the stimulation made me lift my hips involuntarily.


Gail-san’s hands crawled up my thighs to my waist and then to my belly as he moved his tongue around as if he were devouring my mouth.


I could feel the heat rising in the places where Gail-san’s fingers touched me.


As I was writhing in the uncontrollable heat, a hand suddenly came from behind me, pulling me to my side.


“Yep, that’s enough.
We’ve got a lot of work to do tomorrow, so don’t try to exhaust Chika’s energy.”


While he said so, Douglas-san took me in his arms and pulled me away from Gail-san.


His arms were in the air, and Gail-san looked unhappy.
But his reasoning triumphed, and he clenched his fists in frustration.


“Well, it will be unfair if you only indulge in Gail, won’t it? During our trip, we faced a lot of trouble together, so this old man deserves some attention too, don’t you agree?”


He then sat down on a chair with me in his arms and put a piece of the grape-like fruit in his mouth.


My lips were then covered with Douglas-san’s large mouth, and the fruit entered my mouth with his tongue, forcing it open.


The sweet juice from the fruit crushed by Douglas-san’s tongue flowed out simultaneously and stirring my throat.


My tongue moved in my mouth as my throat tried to swallow the sweet juice, all of which led to a pleasant sensation.


The crushed fruit spreads in my mouth, and Douglas-san’s tongue precisely twirled around it.


When Douglas-san’s tongue went deep into my mouth, I couldn’t resist the stimulation of his stubble on my skin.


The pleasure given to me was so intense that I felt suffocated.


“Umph, mmmm― hmm.”


I tried to resist by moving my hand to somehow weaken the stimulation, but I was lightly restrained.


Douglas-san’s eyes in front of me had a lecherous hint in them that I had never seen before.
I also could feel a trace of a predator’s aura in his face which told me that I should not resist.


The back of my head was being held by one of Douglas-san’s hands, so I could not escape.


The one-sided ravage continued, and I was breathless from the pleasure that kept being given to me.


Douglas-san’s arms suddenly loosened, and I was finally released from the kiss.


“Thank you for the food6Gochisousama deshita, anyone? If you have a better TL, I’m open for corrections~ .
Chika was delicious, thank you.”


Douglas-san, who said that while smiled, didn’t have that lecherous air around him, yet the way he licked his lips made me feel a fierce sensuality.


If they don’t take it a little easy, the act of these two might be too stimulating for me.


I went limp and weak, that I was carried directly to the bed.

Translator Note:

Hi! I want to confess.
Actually, I just read this novel from chapter 1 all the way to my latest chapter.
And I feel that my choice of words is too different from the previous translators.
Well, I hope that you can have a translation that is not straying too far from the raw, but if you find any discomfort (regarding my choice of words, grammar, or even misTL), please don’t hesitate to put it in the comment.
Thank you, and enjoy your chapters!

1Remember that Chika was required to wear either Gail or Douglas’ shirts in their house? They seemed to like it that much that they continue the habit even in Gail’s parent’s house.
Husbands… *smirk2Remember, ‘mother’ here only refers to the title.
Not the gender.3He meant, understand about his father’s eccentrics.4Because Douglas is worried about his father’s antique.5Come on, Gail.
You can’t just stuff your spouse with food.
What will you do if he’s pregnant with food instead of your child?? :”v6Gochisousama deshita, anyone? If you have a better TL, I’m open for corrections~

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