The two who had finished the battle came back to us.


[Douglas] “Yo, Chika, are you okay? It’s not a pleasant thing to see for someone like you who’s never been engaged in a fight before, is it?”


[Gail] “Chika, are you feeling all right? We don’t need to linger in this place, so let’s move on.


I could feel their concern for me in their words.


[Chika] “I’d be lying if I said I was completely fine, but I was rather overwhelmed by your strength.
I’ve heard from Paris-san that you’re really strong.”


[Douglas] “I feel embarrassed when Chika says so.”


[Gail] “Chika, are you not afraid of me? Chika’s hands are the hands that heal and help people, but mine is just the opposite.”


Gail-san frowned slightly.


[Chika] “Gail-san! That’s not true! You may indeed have taken the lives of the magical beasts, but that’s something that someone had to do, right? I’m not that naive.
Especially when it comes to the magical beasts that have a high risk of attacking people’s settlements.
In addition, this hand is a very gentle hand that has protected and helped me.”


I squeezed Gail-san’s hands and kissed them.


[Gail] “Thank you, Chika.”


When I said that, Gail-san looked at me kindly.
But then, Douglas-san pushed him to the side, stood in front of me, and held out his hands.


“Umm… Douglas-san, these hands are…….”


“Chika, I feel like my hands are defiled and it’s hard for me too.
So please?”


T/N: [Douglas] Please touch mine too.


“As expected of the branch manager.
What a shrewd man, or rather that’s just like the branch manager…….”


Even Glenn-san was amazed when he saw it.


It was hard to be without Mintz, who liked to give comedic comments.


I was sure that this was something that needs to be done.


T/N: Mintz’s presence is important to complete the react-comment comedy duo (Tsukkomi).


“Well, Douglas-san’s hands are also my favorite hands that protect and help me.”


I smiled, then took both his hands in mine and kissed them.


After that, I thought Douglas-san was making a gut pose1Gut Pose: ガッツポーズ – Wikipedia, but I pretended not to see it.


Still, the strength of the three of them was unusual.


Maybe I should go talk to them in detail later.


I once again rode on Douglas-san’s back while talking to Glenn-san, who was running beside us.


I requested to speak with Glenn-san, so they were going very slowly.


“Um, I know it’s hard to answer if I ask the person themselves, so I’m going to ask you, Glenn-san, is the strength of Gail-san and Douglas-san unusual?”


“Of course, they’re not ordinary at all.
We defeated them quickly, but a Dual Fang is enough to give an average adventurer a hard time.


“One against one, huh…..?”


“Anyway, one Mother Fang can be beaten back by ten average adventurers.
Ideally, a team that has a well-balanced lineup of strong adventurers in the vanguard and rearguard can barely win against it.
Mother can destroy a small town after all.”


I couldn’t believe it.


It was not unusual for Gail-san to kill nearly a dozen with a single swing of his sword.
And it was not unusual for Douglas-san to continue to kill several with his exceptional movements either.


But, the unusual ones were not just those two.


“Glenn-san, you’re talking about the two of them as if they were strangers.
Aren’t you also quite strong, Glenn-san? That accuracy and speed of your archery is something that even an amateur like me would find peculiar.”


[Gail] “Chika, you’ve got a good eye! Glenn is rarely seen in the public eye because of his usual behavior and Mintz’s influence.
But he is considered by older adventurers to be one of the most promising among the younger adventurers.”


[Glenn] “Please stop it! It’s embarrassing to be told like that by Assistant Gail.”


[Douglas] “If we only look at his rank, Glenn’s is still A rank.
But, in terms of his abilities, it should not be surprising that he is an S rank.
But, since he didn’t apply for an update, he leaves it at that.”


Douglas-san also entered the conversation while walking slowly.


I wasn’t sure if they would ever get tired of talking while walking.


[Glenn] “I’ve decided that I will stay at A-rank.
I’ll apply for S-sank when I’m on par with the branch manager and assistant Gail.”


[Gail] “I’m sure Glenn has already surpassed us when it comes to archery and throwing techniques alone.
His speed and accuracy are unmatched.”


[Douglas] “Today, you were so awesome to be able to shoot arrows into two heads at the same time.”


[Chika] “Ah, I was also surprised by that! Your focused expression when you shot the arrows was very cool!”


[Glenn] “Hehe… Being praised by Chika-kun feels really good?”


Glenn-san seemed to be a little embarrassed and was scratching his head.


Somehow, Gail-san’s ears drooped, and I could see that Douglas-san, who was beneath me, had gone pouty.


I could hear Douglas-san whispering, “Glenn, I’ll get to you later.”


That was that thing, wasn’t it?


A guy who needed to be followed.


“Ermmm, I think it’s amazing that Gail-san can wield such a heavy-looking sword so lightly.
I had no idea that you could kill so many with just one swing.
The way you fought Mother Fang was also very impressive and reliable!”


“Re– really? I don’t think I did anything special, but I’m glad to hear Chika say that.”


Yep, Gail-san’s smile was restored!


“Douglas-san too, you were moving so fast that my eyes couldn’t follow your movements.
Was that a double sword technique? As Paris said, it was as if you were dancing, and I was fascinated.
That timing when you slashed at Mother Fang was a perfect combination of you and Gail-san, and it made me fall for you!”


“I’ve always been good with two swords.
Now, that Chika has fixed my left hand, I’m even more pumped than usual when I think I can fight with it again.”


Yosh! It looks like Douglas-san is back in a good mood.


This way, Glenn-san would not be subjected to unwarranted sanctions.


I’m not sure if I was making this up as I went along, but these are all things I really meant to say and originally intended to say.
So, there was no problem.


That was how great the three of them were in their battle.


[Chika] “Oh, by the way, when he said that Glenn-san was young, how old are you guys?”


[Glenn] “Eh, didn’t I tell you? I’m 25 years old, and Mintz and Paris are 28.”


I see.
So Mintz-san is older.
Then, don’t you think that Glenn-san was being dominated by him?


Even so, Glenn-san was much younger than I expected.


[Chika] “Glenn-san is really young, isn’t it? That kind of strength is very impressive, right……?”


[Gail] “Yup! A-rank at Glenn’s age is a rarity.
You can say that Chika is right, Glenn is out of the norm.”


[Glenn] “I’m glad to hear you say that, assistant Gail.
But, I’m just trying to protect Mintz and catch up with the branch manager and assistant Gail.
That’s all.”


[Douglas] “Wow, this young man is stoic and cool! I’ll have to learn from you.”


I think I had gotten to know Glenn-san better on this trip.


He was Mintz’s companion, and he was a very nice man.


[Gail] “However, Chika, it is all thanks to you that we can fight again like we did today.
Really, thank you so much.”


[Douglas] “That’s right.
I’ve always thought that I would never be able to hold a sword again.
I’m so grateful to be able to fight in my original condition.
Chika, I truly appreciate it.”


[Glenn] “I can’t believe both of you have been out of action for almost five years.
To think that you’ll be able to be active again, well, Chika-kun’s ability is truly incredible.”


Gail-san who was on top of Noah, and Douglas-san who was looking back, was looking at me and lowered their head.


[Chika] “It’s me who should be thanking you.
If this can be counted even as a small repayment, I’m happy.”


[Gail] “It’s not a little.
I felt it when I actually fought, but being in a healthy body is wonderful.
I can move around, but I don’t think I could have fought as well as I did today with the aftereffects I had.”


[Douglas] “That’s right, beast men with strong bestial traits like us have a kind of purpose in life through fighting.
When I lost my arm, I felt like something was lost inside me, but after fighting today, I even felt my insides fill up again with the joy of having my arm and being able to fight again.”


[Gail] “Doug’s right, what we’ve done to help Chika is trivial compared to what you’ve given us.
You can be more proud of that.”


[Douglas] “Yep! It’s our turn to return the favor to Chika, so look forward to it!”


These were what the two of them really meant, without a doubt.


I was able to give them something with the power I had.


They were people who needed me in this world.


[Chika] “I’m really glad to hear you say that.
I think I understand a little more about why I came to this world.
I think it was my destiny to meet the two of you and live by your side while helping you in any way I can.”


[Douglas] “I’m not a person who believes in fate, but I’d welcome such a fate.
We should be grateful to the person who gave you that fate.”


[Gail] “If that’s what you think, then we’ll be happy to oblige.
Chika, please take care of us from now on.”


[Glenn] “It’s the same here! I’m looking forward to working with you!”


Gail-san had his usual gentle smile, and Douglas-san who was in his lion form made a peaceful smile.
I’m also, surely I would be able to laugh happily from the bottom of my heart.


“It’s totally a world of three, I want to be with Mintz too!”


After that, we had no trouble and continued on our way.
And apparently, we had covered a lot more distance than we had planned.


I was excited to hear that we would be able to reach Leonidas tomorrow.


At the campsite, we set up our tents as we had done yesterday.
We had dinner of hard bread, roasted magical beast meat that Glenn-san had caught nearby, and soup that I had made.


For me, it was satisfying enough, but for the two who had been eating my cooking for the past few days, it didn’t seem to be enough.
They said in unison, “I can’t wait to eat Chika’s cooking.”


Those words alone made me happy.


As I had predicted, I was going to sleep with Gail-san in his beast form tonight.


He gave me an arm pillow and wrapped me in his short but soft fur.
The fuzzy feeling of his chest as I nuzzled his face was pure bliss.


I made up my mind that even after this trip was over, I would ask them to sleep with me in their beast form, even if it was just once in a while.

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1Gut Pose: ガッツポーズ – Wikipedia

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