’s content!”


Glenn-san’s eyes were twinkling.


I guess he was really happy to see the two of them fighting.


“Chika, make sure you never leave Glenn’s side.”


Gail-san patted me on my head.


“Yes, but you two are in more danger than me, so please be careful.
If you get hurt, please call us right away.
I’ll be ready to help you.”


“Haha! That’s very kind of you, but I can’t let you see me embarrass myself by having to use Chika’s healing technique, right Gail?”


“Of course! I promise you that we will not get even a scratch.
Chika can rest assured.”


The magical beasts were found in an open area a little further down the road.


Based on Glenn-san’s explanation, these black wolf-like beasts were called Dual Fangs.


They were the targets of complete extermination, who prefer to attack humans and eat their corpses.


They had two heads attached to one body, and their crimson eyes were shining.


They are said to be troublesome when they spit fire from their mouths.


There were probably more than thirty of them.


Amid the crowd, there was a particularly large Dual Fang.


The size of it seemed to be as big as three Gail-sans in their beast form.


It had three separate heads.

It seemed that this was the Mother Fang, the boss of the pack, and its strength was incomparable to that of a normal Dual Fang.


I was worried about having to face such a strong boss, but those three’s expressions didn’t change.
They even had time to do some light preparations with their own weapons.


“Well then, Gail, It’s been a while, but there’s no problem, right? Let’s do it and show Chika what we’re made of.” 


” You don’t have to tell me.
Leave it to me!”


The two didn’t do anything special.
Gail-san held a large sword in his hand and Douglas-san held a one-handed sword and a dagger in each hand as they made their way toward the horde.


Suddenly, Gail-san ran out and jumped into the center of the crowd.


The Dual Fang, noticing Gail-san’s appearance, jumped at him in a swarm.


In the next moment, Gail-san’s arm strengthened and his great sword slashed out with a bang.


All of the swarms that were jumping at Gail-san had their bodies cut off and were blown away.


There are nearly ten of them.


I didn’t think a single swing of the sword could kill that many.


Douglas-san, who jumped out from behind Gail-san, cut into the crowd with a speed that didn’t seem human at all.


The Dual Fang, caught off guard, didn’t even have time to adjust their stance and were being beheaded one by one with each of the swords in Douglas-san’s hands.


Even when they jumped at him from behind, he dodged as if he had eyes in his back, and accurately beheaded them with his other hand.


When I watched the scene, I was reminded of Paris’s words that it was like watching a dance.


While I was watching the event in a daze, an arrow pierced the heads of two scattered Dual Fang at the same time.


When I looked next to me in surprise, I saw Glenn-san at my side with the most serious face I’ve ever seen, holding his bow at his side and firing two arrows at the same time.


The arrows struck precisely between the eyebrows of each of the two heads of the Dual Fang, one after the other.


While I was dumbfounded and speechless at how quickly it happened, the Dual Fangs that were moving were almost gone.


A minute? No, it might have taken less than 30 seconds.


At that time, Gail-san was confronting Mother Fang with the motionless Dual Fangs at his back.


The attacks from its sharp claws were deflected easily by the large sword, and the flames from its mouth were avoided as if he knew where they were coming.


The attacks went several times before Gail-san suddenly jumped up and plunged his greatsword into the center of the neck between the eyebrows, slicing it open. 

Almost at the same time, Douglas-san jumped at him from the left side and swung his swords several times, cutting off the left side of the neck from the base.


When I turned my eyes to the last remaining head, I saw a large number of arrows piercing its brow in almost the same position.


I couldn’t even follow the arrows with my eyes, but I’m sure that Glenn-san was firing them all at one single point.


The center head of Mother Fang let out a scream and fell to the ground, dead.


I looked at the two of them and saw that they had just wiped the blood from their own weapons and were coming back to us while cracking their shoulders.

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