Chapter 29: Beast form

At the present time, a very large wolf with silvery fur was standing in front of me.

I had forgotten that beastmen in this world could transform into beasts.4

Memories that I didn't want to remember― memories of being raped by beasts flashed back for a moment.

I didn't notice myself, but my body trembled a bit.

“Chika-kun? What's wrong? Is it that cold?” [Glen]

The sound was a little muffled, but it was Glen-san's voice.

This wolf in front of my eyes is Glen-san.

I am not afraid.

There is nothing to be afraid of.

I desperately told myself.

“No, it's okay.
I was a little surprised.” [Chika]

Glen-san approached me on four legs.

It's okay, this person won't do that sort of things.

“I think my fur will be a good alternative to the blanket.” [Glen]

“Eh? Is that okay?” [Chika]

“Of course it is, you can wrap yourself around me and sleep.” [Glen]

“Thank you, can I touch your fur for a little before that? Oh, of course, I won't touch the ears or the tail.” [Chika]

“Yeah, I don't mind.
Chika-kun, the ears are also okay, the tail is the only thing I have to decline.” [Glen]

I was a little uneasy, so I thought I would start by touching the body, but when I saw the wolf's face smiling with a friendly expression, I somehow understood.

Seeing that, the stress from earlier washed away in an instant.

Even if he had transformed into a beast, Glen-san was still Glen-san.

Although he was kind to me, I thought of something rude.

Thus, I presumed upon Glen-san's kindness.

I stroked the fur starting from the ears, enjoying the fluffiness of the whole body.

“Chika-kun is a technician! I can see why Mintia and the others are happy to be stroked! Oh, I'd be happy if you could stroke me more!” [Glen]9

I thought that Glen-san's wolf form that was in front of me was clearly that of a very dignified wolf, but now he was hanging his tongue out without hesitation and completely facing up, showing his stomach to me.4

The next time I didn't hesitate, and I buried my face in his stomach, enjoying the fluffiness to my heart's content.

I continued for a while, and when both of us were satisfied, Glen-san raised his body for a moment and lied down next to me, making an opening so that I could easily accommodate there.

“Excuse me for bothering you!” [Chika]

“Oh, it's fine, it's fine.” [Glen]

Slowly, I slipped my body into the opening and fitted completely from Glen-san's chest to his abdomen.

He bent his body a little and I was wrapped in fur even more.

This was…
pure bliss.3

The fluffiness, the texture of his fur, and his body temperature were very comfortable.1

I also put my arm on a part close to Glen-san's chest.

“Glen-san, it's so warm and comfortable!” [Chika]

“I see, I see, it's good if you like it.
Mintz also likes this.” [Glen]

“Eh? Mintz-san does?” [Chika]

It was hard to imagine that Mintz-san, who was always firm, would be spoiled in such a way.

“He's quite unreasonable outside, so I guess as the reverse effect of that he'll behave like a real spoiled child once in a while.” [Glen]

I wondered if it was okay for me to hear this.

It seemed like Mintz-san would get angry if he knew.

Let's keep quiet…

“I-I see.
Anyway, it's really warm.” [Chika]

I could understand that Mintz-san liked it, it was nice.

When I started to doze off surrounded by that warmth, I heard footsteps in the distance.

Maybe Gail-san and Douglas-san are back.

I thought vaguely, but I couldn't put my thoughts together.

The clatter of footsteps approached, and I heard some metallic sound nearby.

“Glen! You bastard, what are you doing?” [Gail]17

That yell woke me up immediately.

Looking around in a hurry, I saw Gail-san was thrusting his sword into Glen-san's throat with an expression of anger that I had never seen before.

What on earth is going on here?

“Glen, you bastard, I asked you a question.
Answer me!” [Gail]

“A-Assistant Gail, this is―” [Glen]

Glen-san was being completely overpowered by Gail-san's overwhelming force.

I have to do my best here.

“Um, Gail-sa―” [Chika]

“Chika was badly hurt in his body and soul because he was raped by a stupid beastman in his beast form.
What are you thinking changing into your beast form in front of him?” [Gail]

Something cold ran through my spine at the words.

How does Gail-san know that I was raped by a someone in their beast form?

Even if I had been raped by countless men when I was still a sex slave, he should not have been able to know that.

Gail-san, Glen-san isn't doing anything wrong.
Please, sheathe your sword.” [Chika]

When I said that, Gail-san finally sheathed his sword.

“Gail-san, Glen-san was worried I was cold and tried to warm me with his fur.
Please don't be angry….” [Chika]

“Chika, but you―” [Gail]

“U-Um, Gail-san, how did you know that I…
was raped by a beastman in his beast form?” [Chika]8

When he heard this, Gail-san showed a defeated expression.

He wouldn't have planned to tell it to me originally.

When you first came to the house, we could observe the scars on your whole body, and then…
your back was torn to pieces and in a terrible state that I couldn't even bear to see.
If it had come to such a state, I could only think of an unforgivable person who must have raped you as a beast.'' [Gail]

Oh, I see.

I remembered that before the day I was brutally raped by someone in their beast form and had suffered a terrible wound that wouldn't even allow me to move.


I see, so the both of them already knew it, huh?

“I didn't know it, I'm sorry Chika-kun.
Was that the reason why you were trembling when I transformed into this form?” [Glen]

“To be honest, it's true that I felt a bit scared when I remembered about the old days.
However, the one who is right in front of me isn't those people, even if you transformed into a wolf, when I realised you were Glen-san the fear disappeared in an instant.” [Chika]

“Oh, I had no idea, still, I'm sorry.
Assistant Gail, I apologize to you too.” [Glen]

Glen-san hung his head lowly while still in his wolf form.1

“No, don't worry, Glen-san.
Rather, I'm grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to overcome my unpleasant memories.” [Chika]

I embraced Glen-san, whose tail and ears were dropping and was hanging his head downhearted, and stroked his head.

“Hey, it's really fine, so don't worry about it, okay?” [Chika]

As I said so, I stroked Glen-san while hugging him from behind.

“Chika, are you really fine? Are you not overdoing it?” [Gail]

“It's really okay! As I said earlier, I was a little bewildered at first, but I realised that it would be rude to think all people are the same as the ones who tormented me.” [Chika]

“I see, Doug and I decided not to be in our beast forms before you until you could forget about everything.” [Gail]

“You thought about that?! I'm sorry for always making you fuss about.” [Chika]

“If so, Chika, is it okay if you see my beast form? Of course, if it's overdoing it, I'll go back to normal immediately.” [Gail]

“Yes, of course!” [Chika]

That said, Gail-san held me and headed to the neighbouring tent.

“Glen, I'm sorry.
I lost my cool for a bit, please forgive me.” [Gail]

“Not at all! I'm the one who did things on his own, I'm sorry.” [Glen]

“I'm sorry I caused you trouble, Glen-san.” [Chika]1

Glen-san waved his paw our way as if for me not to worry about it and I waved my hand.

When we arrived at the neighbouring tent, Gail-san got naked without hesitation.

“Chika, my and Doug's beast forms are bigger than Glen's, and I think they give a sense of intimidation.
If it's not good, tell me right away, okay?” [Gail]

I nodded, and Gail-san closed his eyes.

Then, just like in Glen-san's case, his body shined for a moment, then it transformed, and the light dimmed down.

There was a huge bear standing on his two legs with a large build that surpassed Gail-san's.4

When I looked at his beast form, I didn't experience the same fear as in Glen-san's case again at all.

But what should I say?

That form was so splendid and breathtaking.

The fur, which was the same glossy colour as Gail-san's hair, covered his whole body finely, his extremities were shorter, thicker and tougher compared to when he was human, and sharp claws extended from the tips of his front paws.3

I was sure I'd be blown away and die by one swing of those forepaws.

those eyes were the same emerald shade as Gail-san's.

And there were small, rounded ears and a tail located on his head and his butt.

He wasn't scary, he was cute.

“Chika, this is my beast form.
Are you okay?” [Gail]

Gail-san's pleasant low voice was deeper, making his voice resonate directly in my head.

I felt somewhat excited.2

“I'm fine, there's no problem! It's really lovely! Those ears! Those rounded eyes! The short limbs! The tail! The fluffy fur! What's this? Do you want to kill me from cuteness!?” [Chika]12

I shouted without thinking for the first time in this world.

Without waiting for a reply, I jumped to Gail-san's neck and hugged him, and he hurriedly hugged me back.

“Are you really okay? If you are overdoing―” [Gail]

“I am not! Ah, I'm really happy.
I love the usual Gail-san, who is dignified, dependable, kind, and cool, but I also love this Gail-san!” [Chika]

Hmm? I feel like I've blurted out a lot of crazy things while I got excited just now.

Then Gail-san licked my face.

“I see, I'm so happy that you thought about my usual self like that.
I didn't expect this form to be liked so much either.
That's right, what do you think? Do you want to sleep with me like this today?” [Gail]

“Is that okay!?” [Chika]

Gail-san licked my face and the back of my neck everywhere.

It was a little ticklish.

At that time, I heard a familiar voice from the entrance of the tent.

“By the way, how long should this Occhan wait?” [Doug]

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