care of him by our own.
You and I will show our face alternately to the guild.
Is this okay for you? Well we don’t have any job that require much time right now, so I think this is the best way.”

“I understand, we must check his condition every day, so it should be the best way.
But…even if you say that you want to nurse him, isn’t it will be hard for you? Especially with that arm..”

“If you said it like that then how about your legs? Do you think how many years have passed since my arm became like this? Don’t worry, I can do most everything’s by myself.”

After heard what I said to him, Doug make a gesture as to hit me with the left arm which is not cut from the root.

“That’s right, sorry to bother you about this.”

“It's alright you know..
If I have to say, this is not other people’s affairs anymore.
We will protect this boy together okay?”

As Doug said so, he was wiping away the boys sweat floating on his forehead.
It’s probably really painful with the fever, pain expression is shown on the boy’s face.

“I will try to give the boy the soup and medicine given by Mintz.
Doug, you can take a bath first.”

I wanted see how Doug take care of the boy later even it's just once, but it doesn't have to be now.

“Okay, I will leave it to you for now.
Please call me if anything happens.”

“Got it.”

Doug heads to the bath, I warm up the soup that Mintz made, and take out the medicine.
Then, I move the things I bought today and put them in the appropriate place.
I prepare a soup, the medicine, and head towards him.

Sitting beside him while see his suffering from high fever and his painful expression, I gazes at his face.
I feel that when I look at that figure the desire for make him mine is growing so strong.

Originally, the bear tribe is strongly instinctive to protect small things and the weak ones, my desire for protect him is definitely strong, but this feeling seems to go beyond only to protect him.

His black hair, not sharp but it's a small clean nose, thin lips, I still can't see it now but his black eyes, white skin, I want to make him all for myself, under my own protection.
I don't even want to let him go, that's how deep my feeling have become.

While gazing at him, I unconsciously passing my fingers through his hair.
I couldn’t believe myself doing such a thing but once my sense is returned, I swear to myself it’s not the time for this and trying to make him drink the soup.

The soup that Mintz made is full of minced rabbit meat and some stewed vegetables that simmered nicely.
The soup is clear, has a reasonable salt control, and it tastes a little plain but it’s very delicious.

I raises his back slightly, supports it, and carries the soup with a spoon to the mouth.
I opened his mouth a little and give him a soup a little, but there was no sign of swallowing, and the soup almost flowed from the edge of his mouth.
In hurry, I wiped it with a towel, but if this continued He can’t drink the soup.

I think hard to find a way to make him drink the soup.
I try some way, but in the end I let him drink the soup via mouth to mouth.

I give a small amount of soup to his mouth while telling myself that this is for nursing the sick, this is for the sick people, for the sick people, no other objective.
(TL: Umm..
don't worry I forgive you Mr.
Bear ^^)

I open the boy s mouth a little, pour his mouth with soup and close it.
When the liquid flows to the back, the body seems to desire a water, so it swallowed nicely.

It looks so lovely that he tried so hard to swallow the liquid from my mouth.
When flowing in, the tongue of the boy and my tongue entangled a bit and it’s was a strange feeling or to be honest a pleasant feeling, but once again I told myself this is for nursing the sick.

Even if I forcibly let him drink so much from the beginning, he won’t be healthy instantly, rather it will be a burden to his body, so I give him about half the soup in the bowl and give him the medicine in the same way.
The medicine was dead bitter.
I wonder if this should be mixed with something sweet…? I will think about it next time when I make him drink the medicine again.

After seeing the boy’s condition for a while, Doug came into the room, steaming come from his body because he just gets out from the bath.

the bath feel so good.
Wow, looks like the boy's complexion is getting better.”

“It's because I give him a soup, medicine, and water.”

“Ah, I see I see.
But to be able to give him the soup even though he not conscious.
What did you do?”

I feed him mouth to mouth..”

Say it one more time.”

I said I feed him mouth to mouth.”

“……Well, that’s can't be helped! Because he's not conscious! Side benefit…
side benefit!”

I want to know what he means by side benefit, but I will let it go for now.

“I will look after the boy, so you should take a bath this time.
Let’s eat together when you done, then let's go to bed.”

“I understand, please look after him.”

“Got it!”

#See u again in chapter 4! ^^

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