only the meat, but the stewed vegetables also have a wonderful taste.”

As expected, Mintz-san gives a detailed analysis.

On the other hand, without saying a single word, the two of my partners are vigorously reaching out into the pot one after the other.

I stare into the pot waiting for fresh meat to boil.

Ah, Douglas-san, that is still half-cooked.

“Branch manager, let us eat meat as well please.”

“You're noisy, this world is ruled by the survival of the fittest.
If you want it take it away.”2

Glen-san and Douglas-san carry on a small fight, and next to that, Gail-san firmly secures his share.

“Umm, there is still a lot of meat and vegetables even if you do not rush so much.”

It is useless.
The three hungry beasts are only aware of the pot in front of their eyes.

“That reminds me, if you eat the meat with raw eggs mixed, it will give the meat a mellow tast–“

Before I finish, Gail-san stands up and brings some eggs from the storehouse.3

“Hey, Gail, hand them over to me too.”

“If you want them, go take them yourself.”

Gail-san breaks an egg, mixes it with the meat and takes a bite.

Many non-Japanese people hold repulsion towards eating raw eggs, but that does not seem to be the case in this world.17

“This is…
It's like the egg wraps the meat giving it further sweetness.”

“Chika, sorry, I'll move a little, here we go.”

Douglas-san goes to take an egg while holding me as it is and eats the meat in the same way.

“It's delicious! Chika's food is really amazing.”

This kind of exchange repeats endlessly, and all the prepared ingredients settle completely in everyone's stomachs.

I wonder how many servings they were able to devour…

I am a little worried about what will happen to the finances of this house in the future.1

After cleaning up, we hold a discussion about the future, which is the main topic.1

“Well then, the branch manager and the rest will be able to leave here and return to Leonidas as soon as the preparations are ready.”

“Yeah, I think it'll take about a week, but we'll leave as soon as possible.”

“Is that so…? When thinking about Chika-kun, it would be nice if we were able to use healing techniques together, but apart from the post-processing, there's a reason why I can't move from here right away…”


“What's wrong? Are you sick?”

Gail-san asks Mintz, who is wearing a troubled face.

“No, it's not that.”

“You can't do anything about it, Mintz, you have my child on your abdomen.”1

What did Glen-san say just now?

'You have my child'.

“Um, by any chance, did Mintz-san get pregnant?”

“Yes, I went to check it out today.
A few days before I met Chika for the first time, that mongrel prepared on his own, and it seems like it was successfully implanted.”

“It wasn't on my own! When I asked 'Mintz, don't you want to have kids any time now?', you replied 'Yes, yes, okay, okay.”

“Mintz definitely wasn't being serious, Glen…
He didn't mean to agree.”2

Paris-san and Mintz-san have a bitter face, while Glen-san makes a smug face.

“For that reason, I'm sorry, but I can't move from here until the baby is in the stable phase.
So you can leave the post-processing to us.
Once I reach the stable phase, we will immediately follow you.''

“Congratulations Mintz-san! So you are having Glen-san's child first, regardless of who he resembles, the child born will be lovely.”

“I hope the inside of his head doesn't look like Glen's…”8

Mintz-san mutters with a rather serious face.

“Paris, you've been left behind.”2

“No, I don't mind.
I also thought Glen would be the first to make a child.
However, I just didn't think it would be at this time.”

“Glen, Mintz, congratulations.
I wish you a healthy baby.”

Unexpectedly, Mintz-san is pregnant.

I will take this opportunity to ask what I was wondering about.

“Um, this is a bit off the conversation, but in this world how long is the pregnancy before a baby is born?”

“It depends on the race, but for general beasts and humans it is about three months.
There are exceptions such as the time-consuming dragon tribe, but it varies depending on the anima's race, who is the one that provides the children.”

“Th-three months?! Uh, how many days does a month have in this world?”

“Thirty days.”1

It seems to be the same as in the earth.

But three months!?

I think it is too fast, but if that is actually the case it can not be helped.

“It is pretty fast, I am a bit surprised.”

“So it's different in your world?”

“Yes, the pregnancy period in my world is about 9 months.”

“That is quite a period, but if it's that long, there seem to be various inconveniences.
The stable phase will be in three weeks, so we will be able to follow you quickly.”

I am surprised at the period after all, but I still do not understand the process from getting pregnant to giving birth.

I would better find an opportunity to ask Mintz-san about this.

“Then, getting back to the conversation, when we're ready, the three of us will head to Leonidas.
But Chika and I should keep out of sight as much as possible, so we intend to go through the Helenia Forest instead of the main road.”

“The Helenia forest, huh? That is certainly out of sight, but isn't it also an area where hordes of demon beasts appear frequently? Is that okay?”

“If Doug and I are there then there's no problem.
Even though there are many demon beasts in the forest around there, after all, they are just a gathering of small fry.
Chika won't be exposed to danger in the least.”

Hearing that, Mintz-san thinks about it.

“That's right, I see.
In that case, I'll lend you Glen.
You two won't have a problem, but it's better if you have more hands.
Here there won't be a problem with me and Paris.”

“Is it really okay?”

“I don't mind, even if Glen is left behind, he is not suited for paperwork.
Wolves are used to forests, he will surely become a meat wall that protects Chika-kun.
Then, I'll have Glen go to Leonidas first.''

“Glen, are you okay with it? You'll be away from Mintz for a while.”

“I'm okay.
Rather, I'm honoured to be able to protect Chika-kun.
Besides, I may be able to see the fighting of the branch manager and assistant Gail again, that's enough for me!”

Glen-san's eyes shine brightly as he gazes at the two of them.3

Speaking of which, if I remember correctly, I heard Glen-san felt like becoming an adventurer after admiring Gail-san and Douglas-san.

He would be very happy to be able to see the two of them fighting.

If that is the case, I will kindly depend on him.

“Glen-san, I may cause you trouble, but thank you.”

“Leave it to me Chika-kun, but well, my turn to act may never come.”

After that, we arranged some details and ended the discussion.+

The departure is a week from now.

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