Chapter 26: At daybreak

I lost my consciousness, and when I woke up there was a thick chest in front of my eyes.

It looks like Douglas-san's chest today, in the past few days, how many times have I had this sight?

However, now it is a little different from before.

There is also warmth in my back.2

There is one possibility, most likely the warmth of my back is Gail-san.

Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would sleep sandwiched like the centre character of river (川).3

And then, I clearly remember about yesterday.

I showed them an outrageous state…

Moreover, I remember myself begging in the middle of it.

This is bad, I want to run away from this place.

Despite the curse, I remember the storm of pleasure that ran through my whole body.

I remember Douglas-san caressing the inside of my mouth with his finger, but I did not think it would be so pleasant.

Gail-san touched my whole body gently, all of that directly stimulating my mind and giving me pleasure.

A refreshing scent from Gail-san and a rich scent from Douglas-san stimulated my mind again.

When my back was thrusted, the inside of my head became blank.

Every time Gail-san's rigidity thrusted my back, I felt a shock that could not be expressed with words.

I don't think I'd be able to forget the feeling of continuously receiving one-sided pleasure.

When I move a little, a tingling pain runs through the back of my neck, and the lower half of my body is unusually sluggish.

Speaking of which, it seemed like Gail-san bit the nape of my neck towards the end.

A dull pain runs when I touch it with my hand.

It seems that there is no bleeding, but there may be internal bleeding.4

Incidentally, my current outfit is Douglas-san's bigshirt, which covers completely my top.

Certainly, it is so big that it reaches up to my knees, but it is a little embarrassing.2

Gail-san bought me a lot of clothes for me to wear, but for some reason, I am not allowed to wear anything other than Douglas-san's or Gail-san's big shirts inside the house.3

When I asked the reason, the brief answer was “It's a man's dream.”21

No, that is irrelevant now.

What kind of face should I make when I meet the two of them?

I am very worried that both of them may be shocked after showing them such an unbecoming state.

I move around and check my body.

Then I feel someone's gaze, and when I look up Douglas-san is looking this way with a grinning face.

Tell me if you are awake, please.

“Did you finally notice? Good morning Chika.”

“Oh, good morning! Yesterday I showed you an embarrassing scene! I'm sorry!”

Douglas-san, who tends to have downturned eyes, lowers the outer corner of his eyes even more, making a grim expression.

“What are you talking about, Chika? You were really cute.
I never thought you'd suck me.
And your unclear way of talking at that time was also nice, thanks for making me feel good.”

Eeeeeep, so it was.

I remember I felt sorry for being only myself the one feeling good, so I wished to serve Douglas-san.

“Ngh, Chika, did you wake up?”

“Ah, Gail-san, good morning.
I am sorry for yesterday.
And thank you.”

Gail-san comes close to my head and licks the back of my neck, which I think has the marking of teeth.

“Eek, G-Gail-san, stop please.”

“Hmm, Chika, is there any pain?”

“No, it is all right.”

“Chika, you should thank me.
If I hadn't stopped him, Gail would have bitten even more firmly into that place with his fangs, since our teeth have unusually sharp canines.”

Looking at Douglas-san, who opens his mouth with a smile, there are certainly things sharper than the canine teeth of ordinary humans.

“An Anima puttying the shape of their teeth on the neck of an Animus 'mate' is a courting behaviour, and it's a sign of one's possession.
Chika, now you're already Gail's companion both in name and reality.
So, — the next should be this Occhan, right?”

Douglas-san sends me a wink charged with pheromones.

When I remember my disarrayed manner from yesterday, my face starts to burn, but it would be rude to the both of them to coy about this.

“C-Can you be gentle, please?”

“Yeah, that's right.
I'll take care of you so much that you won't leave this Occhan, look forward to it.”

Ah…, Douglas-san is making that carnivore-like face again.3

Gail-san rises, holds me in his arms, and places me on his lap while sitting cross-legged.

I am hugged tightly from behind and I smell a scent as I get light kisses placed on the neck and ears.4

“Chika, from now on it's going to be hard, now that's come to this Gail will never let you go.
And I think you are going to be even more spoiled than before, so be prepared.
This Occhan isn't going to lose.”

Until now I was overprotected enough, to think it is going to be more than that…

“G-Gail-san, you too, be gentle please.”

“Chika, it's okay, I'm happy to make any exchange for you.”

He licks the back of my neck again.

Ah, this may not be good.

The subtle talk is not getting through to them.

“Well, setting that aside, Chika, about the future…”

“Ah, yes, of course, it would be suspicious if Douglas-san's arm suddenly turned back to its original state.”

“There's that too, but Maldo told me we'd better rely on my country's head magician for your curse of sex slaves.
I think we should leave this country as soon as possible, okay?”

Speaking of Maldo-san, if I am not mistaken, he is the owner of the magic shop.

Moreover, am I troubling these two about my body?

“No, you don't have to worry.
I think we explained a little about it earlier, but do you remember we said there was a reason for me and Doug to work in the guild of this country?”

“Yes, of course, I remember.”

“Our goal was to investigate the movements of the royal family of this country, the underworld, the slave trade and the transactions of illegal goods.
It was just the right time, and we've already obtained enough results.”

Gail-san says that while stroking my hair.

“Our job, of course, was to stay in this country and find out about the royalty's situation, but we consider we've already made an understanding of them.”

“Therefore, that's the other reason why we decided to go back to our country.”

“Chika, you need a reliable and strong backing.
I'm going to ask my aniki to do that.
If Leonidas protects Chika as a country, it won't be easy for others to lay their hands on you easily.''

“It can't be, to make trouble even for Douglas-san's onii-san…”

“Don't worry, being my partner means that for my aniki you're already considered family, Chika.
I'm sure he'll be glad to help.”

I should have been prepared for this when I decided to heal Douglas-san's arm.

Again, I can only rely on being spoiled.

“I understand, can I also directly make the request to your onii-san?”

“Of course, I'm going to introduce you as a partner first.”

“In that case, I would like to do it, please.”

Douglas-san strokes my head when I lower it.

“You're really serious, isn't it okay to entrust it to us? But that's just like you, Chika.
Alright, then we'll make plans for the future and call Mintz and the others.”

“Mintz-san and the others too?”

“Yeah, those three are subordinates under our direct control.
If we come back to our country, we'll have to rely on post-processing.
And there are also others that will take our place, of course.”

“We'll contact you on the way back home from the guild, Chika, you should rest until then.
Yesterday put a lot of burden on you.”

“No, I am already fine!”

When I say that I try to stand up, but my legs are wobbly…
And the foreign feeling between my legs is unusual.

“Hahaha, it's impossible after you ended holding Gail's thing on your lower part.
Don't overdo it.”

“T-Then, I will do as you say and rest a little more.
Let me see, after you go with Mintz-san and the others and finish your work it will be dinner time, right?”

“Yes, I think that's right.”

“Is it okay for me to prepare everyone's meal? There are good dishes to eat in large numbers.”

I pick one out of some of the dishes that I think of in my head.

“Yeah, of course, don't worry.
We'll be happy if we can eat Chika's food again, and Mintz and the others will be glad as well.”

“Thank you.
Then, can I ask you to do some shopping?”

When Gail-san gives me his consent I verbally tell them the necessary ingredients.

I can read the letters, but since I have not written them, I do not know if I am able to write them.
I will have to try it out sometime in the future.

“Okay, it'll be ready by evening.”

“Well then, Chika, rest your body properly.”

After saying that, the two of them leave the room.

Leaving this country and going to Leonidas.

I am not anxious, I certainly want to see the country where the two of them were born and raised.

What kind of place is it? How do we go there?

While thinking about such things, my thoughts gradually faded away until I fell into a deep sleep once more.

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