Chapter 25: Curse of sex slaves (Gail's POV)

*** Author's Note ***

· There is a direct sexual depiction.
That's all there is.

· Direct expressions, obscene words, etc.
will appear.

· Chika has a slight linguistic breakdown (*).
I think that it looks very vulgar to look at.

If you are not good with the above, please avoid it.

I don't think there is any problem without reading this story.



“Gail, you sleep with him today.”

Doug tells me while holding Chika face down.

“Is it okay? I…”

“Yeah, I want to sleep with Chika, who is suffering, to help him, but to be honest, I might not be able to suppress my instincts if I sleep with him in his current state.
I don't want Chika to have that sort of experience from the beginning.
So, Gail, please.”

“…All right.”

I never thought that I would sleep with Chika in this way.

But he asked us to sleep with him.

In that case, let's rewrite his painful memories of sexual activity up to now.

I am determined to do so.

I slowly approach Chika, cover his back, and whisper to his ears.

“Chika, if it gets really detestable say it immediately.
I'll try not to make you suffer as much as I can, but don't hesitate in the least, okay?”

“Hm, Ghail-shan…
I'm shorry, I'm shogwy.”

“There's nothing to apologize for.
Doug also said it, we sleep with you because we want to.
Chika, you only need to do what feels good for you, do you understand?”


Because of the curse his whole body might be throbbing painfully.

Chika keeps crying.

I really want to lick those tears.6

I want to shove my tongue into his mouth and savour the inside to my heart's content.

But that's Doug's role.

When I lightly bite his ear from behind, Chika makes a screaming moan.

Every time I hear that voice, my excitement steadily rises.

The inside of my underwear is already stiff enough to hurt.

As it is, I surround Chika's nipples from behind with my both hands and gently pinch the small protrusions.

“Ohhhhh, hah hah, not good…
no gwod!”

At that moment, Chika's body flinches hardly and bends back.

Apparently, he ejaculated just by stimulating his nipples.

I continue to stimulate his nipples.

I pinch the small protrusions that twitch and stand up and twist them lightly, and his body reacts by flinching.

I put a little nail and scratch them lightly, and he rises a remarkably high moan.

Aah, I want to bite them…

Doug, after licking Chika's overflowing tears, gently rubs his small genitals with one hand, puts his thick finger in his mouth, and caresses the inside of his mouth.

Unlike me, Doug's skills have plenty of experience, and he must be only giving pleasure to Chika.

“Chika, I'll loosen your back.
Tell me immediately if it hurts.”

I remember the time I saw Chika come to our house, his condition teared into shreds.

Now it's completely fair, but still very small.

It's necessary to steadily get it used.

I apply the oil to my fingers and bring one to Chika's butt.

Each time I carefully extend the crease of the small hole with my finger, Chika flinches and his whole body shakes, showing a reaction.

The first thing is to go forward through his back slowly.

The inside of Chika seems to be very hot and it twines itself around my finger.

Once the finger advances through his back, I draw circles around the outer circumference.4


I move my finger from shallow to deep places many times, and carefully stir from the front to the inner part.2

I increase the number of fingers to two, then to three, and then I push my fingers through the back, lightly stroking a place that's like a lump.

“Nhh, aaahhhhhh!!”

“Chika, this is your good spot.”

I stir the inside slowly, stroking his good spot, every time whispering low at his ears, and Chika rises his waist with a loud moan.

“Nhhh! Haaahhh”

“Do you know that your inside is hot and sticky?”1

Just from pressing my finger against a certain point and rubbing it, Chika's small thing thumps and spills a honey-like juice.

“Amazing, every time I stroke you juice leaks out…
Hm? Chika, are you feeling good?”

Doug says that and closes Chika's mouth with his own.

Doug's tongue is probably invading his mouth.

Chika has a flushed face, but his eyes are dim.

When I rub his good spot with my fingers in accordance with Doug's kiss, Chika flinches and bends his body again, ejaculating with an inaudible voice.

When Chika is released from Doug's kiss, he squeezes out a slight voice from the back of his throat, unconsciously demanding.

“Mo…re ah…
hah ple, morre…pleahsh…se”

His articulation isn't functioning well enough anymore.

It would be mean to tease him more than this.

“Chika, I'll slowly put it in.
Is it alright?”

“Itsh-Itsh algwrith…”

I pull my fingers out, take what the excitement has raised out of my underwear, apply the spilled oil to the tip and steadily fit it into the small hole.

I am worried if it is really okay to put it in here, but once started I can't stop anymore.

I slowly move my weight forward to his back.


“…Ugh, Chika…Don't tighten up.”

“Chika, focus your attention here.”


Doug starts to caress Chika's nipples, and the tightening starts to weaken.

There's a squishing sound, and I have the feeling of thrusting deep into the back of his body.

I can't bear it and push my thing all at once.12

I thrust my thick and hot thing about halfway and wrench open Chika's back.

At the shock of the thrusting, Chika shakes and bends his body,  bending the waist loosely back and forth.

The tightness of Chika's inside is intense, and it transmits a firm pulsation.

The shivers and peristaltic movements of the intestines which grow restive wrap me up and I increase the rubbing.

The extreme pleasure is too much, and my consciousness becomes distant.

“Haaa…aaaah, ahnn haa ha, aahn…uhn…hn”

Every time I push up his back, Chika raises moans.

“Hey Gail, go a bit easier on him.”

At Doug's words I come back to myself, but it's hard to stop moving.

I know, but…
my body doesn't listen to what I say.”

“Ai, ai am, all-all wright, haah ith musht bwe hardsh. Dougrash-san too, ai will maike yuu feel goosh.8

Chika says that, takes out the thing that is already raised from Doug's underwear, opens his small mouth and sucks it.

“He-hey, Chika, is it really okay?”

“Yesh, ai am aglwaysh beingh taken carre of, so ai am hapy too du it.”4

Chika is gradually holding Doug's thing in his mouth.

I wonder how that thick thing of Doug fits into it.

Doug gently holds Chika's head and expresses a look of ecstasy.

Thinking about such things, the inside of Chika tightens up again.

“Sorry Chika, I will move again.”

Resuming the in and out movements and stimulating the lump with the tip, the inside of Chika tightens, crumpling and wriggling, conveying an unbearable pleasure.

With a violent movement indulged in ecstasy, I advance even more through his back, gouging through his body.

“Uhn aaahhhh, t-too ddeep y-you c-can't, uhhnn hn”

Like this, successively being squeezed out assails me with pleasure.

I push up in shallow places, then in deep ones.

After all, I can't stand it and repeat consecutive in and out movements violently, gouging through his back.

“Eek, aaahhh—Haah, aaaahhhnnnnn!!”

Along with a remarkably high moan, he groaned unbearably while tightening more intensely than ever.

“Ugh, Chika, sorry, I'm coming.”

I squeeze out deep inside Chika and come.

Then, as if to match it, Doug also comes.

I hear a hot and deep breath.

Chika shivers and tightens, as if by the feeling he realized that I was coming.

That transmits as a movement that squeezes the residue out, spitting out the rest of it.

As expected, after coming just now the intense urge weakens, but after such superb movement of squeezing out his back, I can't bear to pull it out.


Really, what a body!

Looking closely, Chika is also slightly shivering, spurting a large amount of semen out.

Besides, it is coming out every time he shivers.

His appearance is charming, at this rate I want to hold him and crush him.

He is mine.

Yes, I have to mark my stuff.2

I cover him, put my teeth on the nape of his neck and bite it tightly.

“Eeek, kyaaaa—!!”

Even the moan that rises is adorable.3

I slowly lick his neck, which has the shape of my teeth on it and is bleeding a little.

The taste of Chika's blood spreads in my mouth, stimulating my mind.

I can't stop, I want to lick it more, I want to drink it.

Once again, I open my mouth wide, exposing sharp fangs to the thin nape of Chika's neck.

“Hey Gale, that's enough.”

I'm surprised by Doug's voice and regain my consciousness.

When I see Chika, he's already unconscious, his body lying down without strength and wet with body fluids, but yet, his small waist sways, squeezing out a small quantity of colourless mucus from Chika's small thing.

“Chika, are you okay? Chika?”

“It was too pleasant and he lost his consciousness, that's all, don't worry.
But you were too violent, weren't you? You aren't the type to be so greedy.”

“I don't know if it's because Chika is my 'mate' or a human, but his body is too amazing.
I was on the verge of being almost completely irrational, it might have been dangerous without you.”

When I look at Chika's face he is unconscious, but it seems that his face is extremely calm and he is sleepingat ease.

“You also had it done with the mouth, right? Though didn't it seem strangely fast for Douglas-san, who holds the nickname of the guild's studhorse?”10

“Don't call me by that name, but certainly, you're right.
His tongue skill sure is great, but having Chika as my partner I couldn't really endure it at all.
If I had been careless, I would have come the moment he got to suck me.''

Doug smiles and scratches his head.

“Ah, Chika's body is really amazing, if you hadn't stopped me, as it was, I would have kept coming into his back over and over again, and I might not have let him go.
To be honest, I wish I could immediately go inside again.''2

“For the stiff Gail-san to say that it must be really amazing…
If I'm not especially careful, I'll break Chika.”

Although we are still in a state of some excitement that needs to cool down, Chika can't be left as it is.

“We have to put Chika in the bath to clean him up.
Also, tell me more about what you said about the bathroom before sleeping with Chika.”7

“Ack, so you remembered.
I understand, but you seem angry.”


I have a slight conjecture of what you did, but I need to confirm it.

“Anyway, is the curse safe for a while?”

“I think it's okay for a little while, but it's better to return to our country as soon as possible and consult with the head magician, I didn't expect for a curse seizure to happen so soon like this.
I don't know what the cause is, but we'd better hurry up.”

I hold Chika from the bed, wrap him in sheets, wipe his tears, and slide a finger on his black hair.

“Yeah, next I would rather sleep with him in a proper way, more slowly, not the way it is with a curse seizure.”

“Oh, next time it's me, right? I've decided to slowly flirt on the bed without rushing and spoil him until it gets slimy, then make him cry adorably all night long.”

“You said that you could break him just before, didn't you?”

“That's that, this is this.
It's okay if you agree! Have faith in this Occhan's reason.”

“That's what I don't trust…”1

We put Chika, who was unconscious, into the bath and clean him, and then we go to sleep.


(*) I tried copying the writing style of what I was able to understand, but I don't really know what Chika says in some places (the ones in italics) since I can't fully translate such fragmented and distorted words with online resources, so part of it is guessed.
If someone wants to try looking for an accurate meaning here are the raws in order of appearance:

– どくてもへぇいきれすのれ

– わらしばかりきもひよくひてもらってるのでおかえひれふ+

– おきゅっおくっダメっ 

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