“More importantly, Chika, are you all right?”

“Me? Right after finishing the healing technique I was greatly exhausted, but now I'm fine.”

“Is that so? In that case, it's fine, as far as Mintz can tell, Chika's healing technique seems to give Chika's magic power and vitality to the other party.”

I see, it makes sense for the energy that I lost more and more when I was curing them.2

“That's why Chika, I'll say it again and again, but from now on don't ever do anything unreasonable.
Your vitality is really weak.”

“Yes, I'll be careful.
But I'm really happy to have been able to cure you two! I've heard that you are very strong, can you show me how you use the sword next time?”5


“Yeah, with the gift you gave me, Chika, I can show you as much as you want.”

“Will you take responsibility if you fall in love with this Occhan's brilliant sword handling?”5

Douglas-san seems to be able to afford a joke, which is really good.

“Well then, there are some things about the future we have to talk, but why don't you eat rice first? Chika, you must be hungry, right?”

“No, I'm not hungry at all, but I'm really anxious to make something out of some ingredients.”

“You just woke up, is it really okay?”

“Yeah, it's completely fine! By the way, how long did I sleep?”

“It's been three days.”

I almost faint for a moment.

“I'm sorry to trouble you again…”

“Don't worry about it, should we go?”

And as usual, I am held by Douglas-san.

“You are convalescent, and I have both arms to embrace you, so hold onto me.

As he says I'm still weak.

As it is, I'm quietly brought to the living room and stand in the kitchen.

I check the storage to see what food is left.

At that time, I suddenly feel something hot coming up from the back of my body.3

What is this feeling?

My whole body is burning and itchy.

The next moment, a shudder that gives me a pleasant feeling runs through my whole body.

Is this…
a curse that was applied during sex slavery?

I wasn't very conscious during my slave days, but I think other sex slaves said that this would not subside unless semen was taken into the body.1

But what should I do?

I can't ask these two to do that.

But, aaaah, not good.

A ridiculous wave of pleasure rushes over my whole body.

I can't stand anymore.

I sit down on the spot.

My knees and legs hit the floor, and even the feeling of that strikes me as a pleasure.

“Chika, what happened?”

Gail-san notices my strange condition and approaches.

That big hand touches me.

“Ah! Aah, ah.
No-not good.
Don't touch me please.”

A strong pleasure runs where I am touched.

Gail-san takes his hand away surprised and looks this way.

“What? What happened?”

Douglas-san, who notices this situation, comes over.

No, don't come over here, don't look at me.

Such a wish doesn't come true, and Douglas-san seems surprised to see my condition, but immediately begins to think about something.

“Chika, I understand that it's hard to answer.
Just now, is your body getting so sensitive that any stimulus becomes pleasant?”

Why do you-?

Somehow, I direct my gaze to Douglas-san and nod.

“Shit, we didn't make it in time? Listen to Chika carefully, Gail, that's a curse put on the sex slaves.
That's what happens when semen is not taken on a regular basis.
As far as Maldo could tell, there should have been still more time…”7

“Is there something that we can do?”

“There is, but that…”

Douglas-san approaches slowly, sits down and looks at me.

His expression is serious.

“Chika, we promised to wait.
But I had the feeling that this might happen.
So I thought of gradually getting you used to it in the bathroom, but I never thought it would be this early.”

Oh, Douglas-san knew about the curse of sex slaves, so what he did in the bathroom was in order to get rid of my disgust…

“Bathroom? What about it?”

“I'll explain that later.
Chika, there's only one way to help you right now.
It might be hard for you, but can you allow it?—Now, me and Gail have to sleep with you.”

“Hey, Doug!”

“Shut up! Chika, we made a promise, and I'm sorry.
Can you stand it?”

It's because of my body, so why is Douglas-san so bitter?

Rather, it feels disrespectful towards the two of them to have them sleep with me in such a state.

“Hm, if it's, you two, I…
I am, sorry, that my body is like this.
But, plea…se. Hic, sleep, with me, please.”2

“Yeah, leave it to us.
But don't be mistaken, Chika, we sleep with you because we want to.
This is not a duty or anything.”

“Chika, is it really fine?”

“Hmm, yes, if it's you two…
it's okay.”

Douglas-san gently embraces me and takes me to the bedroom.

However, during that time, all the places Douglas-san touches strike me with a pleasant sensation, and I raise a moan.4

When he lays me on the bed, Gail-san and Douglas-san undress, wearing only the underwear.11

When Douglas-san comes up to bed, he makes me lie face down.

He slides himself between my body and the bed and holds me from the front.

I raise my eyes and Douglas-san's face is there.

Then, Douglas-san turns his gaze towards Gail-san and tells him:

“Gail, you sleep with him today.”

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