Chapter 23: Lost (Doug's POV)

What the hell is going on?

Chika begins to heal my missing left arm in order to try out a new healing technique.

At that time, I think that there is something wrong…

An extraordinary amount of magic power flows into me from Chika, and an unfathomable feeling runs into the section where my arm originally used to be.

If I look closely, I can see the arm is gradually regenerating from the base.

Isn't that a foolish thought?

I don't know what will happen to Chika.

Besides, if Chika does this, his body will be exposed more and more to danger.

I desperately call out to Chika and stubbornly try to stop the healing.

Glen, that bastard, desperately presses me down.

I beg Chika to stop.

What will become of us if something happens to you?

When I feel that Chika's great power has flowed in, the dazzling light of the healing technique disappears, and my left arm, which shouldn't be there, is there.

It must be a lie…

I feel the weight of my left arm that I haven't felt in a long time.

I don't feel uncomfortable when I move it.

No, that's not the point right now.

Is Chika all right after doing this?

When I see Chika, he looks very bad, he's so tired that he can't stand by himself.

“Gl-Glen-san…, carry me……to Gail-san plea……se”

Chika, you! There's no way you're going to Gail!

I try to stop Chika, who is being carried by Glen, from going to Gail, but Mintz desperately blocks me.

“Understand Chika-kun's feelings, plese! I will receive any scolding later!”

While I'm having a dispute with Mintz, Chika arrives at Gail's side.

Gail seems to be saying something to Chika, but Chika shakes it off and then starts to use the healing technique.

I have no choice but to look at the scene stunned.

It's not like me…

Just like with me, a big light wraps around Gail and then disappears.

After that, Gail has a dumfounded expression and Chika is with a more haggard complexion than before.

” Ga…il-san, Dougla…s-san, I'm so…rry for…
acting shelf…
Don't get angry…
with Mintz-san and…
the others ple…

After saying that, Chika falls down on the spot.

I panic and rush up to Chika to lift him.

Soon the other guys also gather.

“Hey! Chika! Hey! Are you okay!? Hang in there!”

“Chika! Please hang in there! Chika!”

“Branch manager, let us take over please.
Paris, lay Chika-kun down on the examination table.”

While lying on the examination table, Chika's face is ghastly pale and he doesn't feel alive.

“Hey! Mintz, is Chika okay!? The heck…
What's going on!?”

“Chika! Chika!”

Just now, Gail's expression next to Chika has a bitterness I have never seen before.

“I'll give you as many explanations as possible later.
But now Chika-kun is more important.
Please, both of you, calm down!”

Mintz looks at Chika with a serious expression.

After a while, he looks back at us with a relieved look.

“It's okay, it's not a life-threatening condition.
However, both his magic power and life force are extremely weakened.
It could be said that he is in a considerably weakened state.”

“A weakened state? Is it really okay?”

“I guarantee you that, he'll be fine if he takes a good rest.
But do you remember Chika-kun's status? His body's rank abilities and constitution are weak.
It may take a while for his consciousness to return.”

I am relieved to hear that his life's condition isn't serious, but still, what the heck happened to Chika?

My arm, Gail's leg and the person using the healing technique collapsing, I've never heard of something like that.

“I understand, since Chika is okay that's fine.
But I want to listen to the clear details of the situation.”

“Mintz, what did Chika do? Doug's arm was astonishing, and I don't have any terrible pain in my leg at all.
I don't feel any discomfort while walking.”

“Of course, I will give you an explanation.
Paris, I entrust Chika-kun to you.”

“Yeah, you can leave him with me.”

Leaving Chika and Paris in the treatment room, me, Gail, Mintz and Glen move to the back room.

“Then first is this arm of mine and Gale's leg.
Explain it.”

Mints starts to talk about the events that happened yesterday in order.

Chika's healing technique completely treated a patient who generally wouldn't have had any hope of being saved.

They were stopped by Chika when they tried to report it to us.

Apparently, Chika was somehow convinced that with the healing technique he could cure our arm and leg.

When he realized what Chika was trying to do, he triedto stop him, but Chika's determination was firm.

And then, he actually cured our arm and leg completely.

“That is not the same as curing the general patient.
Chika-kun understood exactly the risk of healing the branch manager and Gail-san.
But still, his determination didn't change.''

“That's obvious! But setting aside Gail's leg, I can't hide the fact that my arm grew, and there are many people who know about both of us.
Those guys will easily know that my arm suddenly returned and they'll have their eyes on Chika.
Why didn't you stop it!?”

On my side, Gail doesn't change his firm expression.

“Of course I tried to stop him, but Chika-kun said he didn't have the intention to stop even if his body approached danger in compensation, even if it resulted in losing his life at worst.
That that was the repayment he was able to give you himself.''

When I hear it, I have no choice but to hold my head.

Gail looks with a bitter expression next to me.

“Why did he go so far…”

“We didn't want Chika to do such a thing to help us.”

“That's how much Chika-kun considers you two's existence a salvation.
It seems like he can sacrifice himself.
Chika-kun, he even worried about what might happen to you in case he died.''


Chika dying and leaving us behind? I can't forgive such a thing.

Just thinking about it makes me go mad.

“If you both knew what he was trying to do, you would surely stop him.
So, we all worked together to fulfil his wish.”

“So Glen was there to stop us, wasn't he…?”

“Branch manager, assistant Gail, I'm sorry! But after hearing Chika's story from Mintz I really wanted to cooperate.”

Glen bows deeply to Gail's question.

“Yes, that's fine.
I'm also sorry for being rough.”

“By the way, both of you, how are you doing with your arm and leg that Chika-kun healed?”

“At first I had a feeling of being out of place becauseI didn't expect to have something that wasn't supposed to be there, so I was alittle bewildered, but the feeling of being out of place disappeared immediately.
Now it's in its perfect original state.”

I don't know how many years it's been since I touched my left hand.

“Yeah, my leg is just as it was before I was injured.”

Gail stands up on the place he is and starts stepping firmly on the floor to confirm it.4

“Then, that's good.
Otherwise, it would have been meaningless for Chika-kun to have workedso hard.”

“But Mintz, what's the matter with Chika's current state? Shouldn't the healing technique drain magic power and use the vitality of the target that's healed? If so, then shouldn't have been normal for us to collapse?”

Gail asks for what I've been concerned about.

“That's right.
I'm going to tell you my hypothesis, okay?”

“Yeah, no problem.”

“Yesterday, even after Chika-kun treated the seriously ill boy, the boy wasn't tired at all, rather he was the one that felt exhausted.
He said he had been too tense and was out of energy.''

Mintz seems to have something on his mind while talking.

“After that, I asked Chika-kun and he said that he had the feeling that he was losing his energy.
Then, guessing from today's situation, I think Chika-kun's healing technique distributes both his magical power and vitality.”

“His own life force…
Does that mean he'll die if he fails!?”

“I think that is the worst possibility.
But even then, Chika-kun has a weak life force.”

When I hear that, a shiver runs through my body and a cold sweat goes down my back.

If Chika had failed, he would have died because of me?

I haven't felt like this for a long time–is this fear?

I know a little about the madness of losing a 'mate'.

Looking at Gail, he seems to be thinking the same thing as me, and his complexion isn't good.

“However, as a result, it's hard to say Chika-kun is safe—but he is alive without any serious condition.
And Chika-kun succeeded in what wanted to achieve even if he risked his life.
In that case, isn't it good?”

“I'm not sure I was able to grasp all that, but well, I think we should accept it.
Besides, we have to think about the future.”

“What are you saying about the future?”

“It's about Doug's arm, unlike me, we can't hide Doug's arm.
And then they'll be able to find about Chika immediately.
When that happens, this country is the worst to protect Chika.”

Gail speaks for me what I was trying to say.

There's slavery, so we can't leave Chika in this country where the royal family is rotten.

Even if we were to protect him, we should still leave this country just in case.

“Yeah, that's right.
It's not a good idea to stay in this country as it is now.
I have done some research on what is necessary, and I think returning to the country would be one way.
I have to contact the country before long, not only about this matter, but also about Chika.''

“About Chika?”

Gail looks at me with a suspicious look.

“Ah, sorry.
I haven't mentioned it yet, but Chika still has one curse that was put during his slavery period.
It's a pretty troublesome thing, I was told by Maldo that we should rely on the head magician of our country if we wanted to solve the problem.
This way we don't have to postpone it longer”.

I give a big sigh.

“Isn't it okay for you two to leave and return to the royal capital in the near future?”

“Oh, it will be after Chika's consciousness returns and his physical condition improves.”

“In the meantime, we'll have to do our best.
Having my foot and your arm cured by Chika, it's easy to protect him.”

Certainly so.

I can hold again the twin swords that I already didn't expect to be able to use ever again.

With that, I won't fall behind those who hurt Chika.

“I can't thank Chika enough, but it's complicated.
It's certain that because of us Chika's path has become a difficult one.”

“That's right, I thought we'd provide for Chika, on the contrary, in the end Chika is the one gifting us.”

Being something out of character, both Gale and I feel down.

“Both of you, what's with that? Isn't that arm and leg a gift from risking Chika-kun's life? If that's so, it should be easy for you two to support and protect Chika-kun from now on, right? The S-rank adventurers that everyone admires must not make pathetic looks!”

“That's right, but I can't take it off my mind.”

“But it's exactly what Mintz says.
There is no use regretting it.
Chika's future depends on both of us.”

“Yeah, I wasn't being myself, sorry.
But I couldn't help being unreasonable after such a thing.
Whenhe gets up, he will be properly warned and scolded.”

We quit there and go back to Chika.

Paris gets close near Chika and stares at his complexion.

“How is Chika?”

“Yeah, I don't think it's bad.
He's feeling really tired and is deeply sleeping.”

“What about you, branch manager? If you're worried, I'll take care of him.”

“No, that's far from it.
I won't show up in public for a while, if there's no sign of life Gail and I will be okay.”

“That's right, we are used to taking care of Chika.”

We decide to take Chika home and take care of him.

I have to wear a coat that hides my entire body to hide the fact that my arm has grown.

This appearance looks suspicious…

Taking care of Chika isn't difficult.

Unlike the last time, there's no wound or fever.+

Nourishing Chika, who keeps sleeping, helping with excretion, and letting him rest in a calm sleep.3

That's enough.

Chika wakes up three days later.


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