om the other examination table, but Paris-san stands up in front of him and stretches his body to prevent him from coming here.

I thank them in my heart and start healing.

A loss of the left arm from the top of the shoulder.

First is the skeleton, which is formed by the backbone, the humerus, the elbow joint, and the ulna that connect to the shoulder joint.9

Starting from the wrist joints, including the eight short bones that make up the carpal bones, I call to mind the combination of the twenty-seven bones of the palm from proximal to distal.


Once I put in a great amount of magic power, I know that a large amount of energy flows into Douglas-san.

Next is the nervous system.

I image the flow of nerves of the spinal cord missing from the top of his shoulder.

I imagine the nerve roots extending from the C5, the C6, the C7, the C8 and the T1 of the spinal cord, and the necessary nerves extending from the bundle of nerves to the arm.6

The axillary nerve, the musculocotaneous nerve, the radial nerve, the ulnar nerve, the antebrachial nerve, the median nerve, the nervous system is too large…
I can't get the image together in my head.5

But I can't give up here, because this is all I can do.

The nerves in the palm are controlled by the radius, the median and the ulnar nerves.

It will be okay if I can imagine each ​​control area successfully.

When the image is finished, my body loses its energy and it flows into Douglas-san.

I can hear Douglas-san yelling near my head.

But I don't worry about that.

I can't stop here.

“Sorry Douglas-san! Please do not move! Please!”

The vascular system is also huge.

First of all, I picture the image from the thickest brachial artery towards the distal side in order, from the radial artery and the ulnar artery to the thick blood vessels, the thin blood vessels and the capillaries, and when I finish the arteries next are the veins, in which the flow of blood returns, on the contrary, from the thin veins to the thick veins and into the brachial veins.

Every time the image of each part is completed, the white shining light that surrounds Douglas-san shines strongly for a moment and then weakens, when the next part is imaged the brightness increases again, and then it weakens over again.

Each time, my body loses its strength, but I don't care.

I have to get through this.

Finally, the muscle and skin tissue.

I image the trapezius muscle from the shoulder, and then the deltoid muscle divided into the anterior, lateral and posterior parts, followed by the long and short heads of the biceps brachii muscle in front of the upper arm, and the anterior, lateral and posterior parts of the triceps brachii muscle on the rear of the forearm.3

What is it…? My body feels very heavy…

No, don't think about unnecesary things.2

After that, there are nearly twenty forearm muscle groups that exist in the forearm.

I also build an image of these from proximal to distal.

Finally, the twelve muscles present in the fingers that control the movement of the palm and the fingers.

Then, I clearly image the skin that wraps everything I have imaged so far.

Alright, the image is clearly organized.

I put more strength into the magic power I put in, and the energy that comes out of my body now is more than ever.

This is bad, I don't have strength in my body…

The white light wrapped around Douglas-san gives off aparticularly large glow and shrinks gradually, and after the light goes out,the left arm which wasn't there before is completely restored.8

It's the same sturdy arm as the big right arm that holds me gently.

Douglas-san looks with a startled expression I had never seen before, giving the impression that his mind isn't here.

It looks good.

I was worried that there might be a dysfunction, but that's not the case now.

However, the strength of my body has faded and honestly, I doubt I can stand up.

“Gl-Glen-san…, carry me……to Gail-san plea……se”

Glen-san walks away from Douglas-san, holds me in his arms and lets me off at Gail-san's location.

“Chika, you!”

“Ple-please, Ga…
il-san, right now…
don't ask me…
Just a little…
bit more.”

My body is weak, but my head is still working normally.

I put my hand on Gail-san's left ankle and begin to put in magic power.

A dysfunction of the left ankle.1

I don't have to restore it, so I need to focus on healing the areas that are causing an impairment.

Using a healing technique to heal just what is torn off in appearance, it's expected that the muscles and nerves won't be working properly.

Considering an ankle disability and paralysis, is a paralysis of the common peroneal nerve or of the area of the nervus peroneus?

First of all, I imagine the two nerves respectively and pour magic power.

Just in case, I think of a normal image of the the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles, and the Achilles tendon and put in magic power.5

Like with Douglas-san, when the normal image is completed, the light shines and converges.

Though not as much as with Douglas-san, I lose energy from my body again.

I can't tell by how it looks, but I have the feelingthat Gale-san's leg must have been healed.

“Ga…il-san, Dougla…s-san, I'm so…rry for…
acting shelf…
Don't get angry…
with Mintz-san and…
the others ple…

That was my limit.

As if I had severe anemia or hypoglycemia, my eyes become dark, my whole body loses its strength and I fall into the ground.

I can hear many voices calling me from the distance, but I have no energy to reply.

As it is, my consciousness is swallowed by darkness.+

*** Author's Note ***

I've investigated the medical contents, but I doubt every detail is perfect.

I would appreciate it if you could read it as a fiction.

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