“Is that so? Then there's no problem.
This is your place, Chika, isn't it?”

“Ye- yes.”

I've been pushed out.

It seems like I can't escape from their laps.5

“Kukuku, give up Chika.
Bears like Gale have an attachment to their “mate” that isn't common.
It's not unusual for them to go to extremes because of their attachment and force a “mate” to live in captivity, isn't it?”


“Hey, don't talk about a tribe of people as if they were a bunch of criminals! Rest assured, I won't do that to you.
Rather, the ones who are more dangerous are Doug's types.”

What's wrong with Douglas-san? I turn my eyes to him.

“The lions have the habit of seeing a “mate” as their prey, particularly the powerful lions.
Their way of loving a “mate” is to entangle their prey in their own hands and harassing and tormenting them to the limit despite their fondness, I would even hesitate to call it love.
Those guys are dangerous.”

“Wait, wait, that's like saying we are a criminal gang.
Don't get me wrong Chika, saying that we harass and torment is a misleading statement…
That's right, yeah, it's a misleading statement…
It's just that a few guys get too fierce in bed, that's just what it is.”

Douglas-san nods as to convince himself.1

Is that the real nature of these two? It's true that a little chill ran through my back when I hear their habits, but I don't really mind what these two do, so I might be a little crazy.

“Chika, I don't think that's the case, but if you decided to change partners and be other guy's, he'll surely throw his reason away.
The only thing left would be an ordinary wild beast with an extraordinary obsession with its prey and an unconcerned cruel and lunatic behaviour.
I'm not confident I'd be able to stop Doug like that.”

“You don't have to worry about that, right, Chika?”

As one would expect that surprises me and I look at Douglas-san again, and for a second he looks like a carnivorous beast and seems to be licking his tongue, but I think it is just my imagination.

“Mo-more importantly, please help yourselves! It will get cold.”

“Ah, my bad.”

They reach out for the food and start eating with a slightly curious look.

I also take one fried chicken and eat it, it is crispy and savoury, and the seasonings are not bad either.

And white rice — how many years has it been…
I feel a little gloomy when I remember the miserable dietary habits of my time as a slave, but when I take a bite the sweet taste of tender white rice spreads in my mouth.

“How nostalgic……”

I am biting bit by bit while remembering the earth, but the looks of Douglas-san in the front and Gale-san above me are strange.

“Um, what's the matter? Don't you like it?”

“That's not it, sorry, it was just so delicious that I was a little surprised.
The fried chicken…
This is excellent, how much of it can I eat? It's amazing how different each taste is.”

“This miso soup is also very delicious.
I was a little surprised by the colour, but the more you drink it, the more unique the flavour that will spread.
Rice really goes well with fried chicken.”1

It seems that they like it.

The two of them are amazing.

They waste no time speaking, and one after another they reach out for the dishes and eat them up.

I don't remember how many times I've refilled the rice and miso soup, but all the things I had prepared to eat tomorrow morning are gone.

Both of them are about to serve themselves with helpings, but I don't give up and convince them to let me do it.

At that time, I have Gale-san take me down from his lap, he then holds me and carries me back to his lap again, and that scene repeats itself many times.

In the blink of an eye, all the fried chicken dishes I had prepared for them are empty.

“Chika, aren't there any more of this left?”

“Yeah, I want to eat a little more.”1

That amount is not enough…
is it…?

“I'm sorry, next time I'll increase the amount of food I prepare…”

The two are regretfully staring at the empty plates.

It's a little funny because their appearance resembles the dog I used to keep in the old days gazing at an empty food plate.

It is unexpected that the amount was not enough, but I am glad that they liked it.

“Oh, no, I just didn't think I would eat such delicious food.
Does everyone in your world eat such delicious food, Chika?”

“I am an amateur, so I think it would taste even better if a professional chef cooked it.”

“This is an amateur's? That's amazing.”

“Oh, but it was really delicious.
Thanks for the meal.”

“It was delicious, Chika.
Can you make it again?”

“Yes! I'm glad you liked it.
There are still various dishes I would like you to eat, so I will prepare them!”

I had been cooking for a long time instead of my busy mother, so I have some confidence in my skills, but I am self-taught.

It's embarrassing to be praised so much. 

“Well then, I'll do the cleaning.”

“No, that's fine.
We'll take care of it.”

“Yeah, Chika, we can't let you, who made such a delicious dish, clean up.”

I want to do what I can since I am still in their care, but after that dispute, it's been decided that I will cook and then they will take turns to do the cleaning. 

Then, as promised, I take a bath with Gail-san.

There isn't any fooling around like that time with Douglas-san, and I am very glad to have his whole body washed.

Of course, I don't forget the animal ears and the fluffy tail.

But I got carried away when washing his fluffy tail and regrettably I was stopped again. 2

It's a very happy time.

Then I get in bed in Douglas-san's bedroom and I'm hugged from behind.

Feeling Douglas-san's body temperature on my back, my eyelids become heavy while I double-check what I should do tomorrow.

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