Chapter 20: What I can do

 “I see, so because of Chika-kun, that child's illness was…
Um, how was it again? You were confident of what was making him sick, so you had the image of the cause and thus were able to remove it and cure it completely by using healing techniques.”

“Yes, appendicitis was a very common disease in the world I was in so I knew exactly what the cause was, and there was also an established cure, so I think I was able to have an accurate image of it…”

Right now I'm being interviewed by Mintz-san and Paris-san.

I've been basically explaining as much as possible about the phenomenon I mentioned before.

“After all, Chika-kun's world's medical technology is wonderful.
And Chika-kun's knowledge too, it's a sad story but I'm sure that boy would have died as it was…”

“I was worried about using a technique for the patient without having certain evidence of it, but I knew that he would definitely die as it was…
I am sorry for not consulting you.”

After all, there may be a feeling of regret when one cannot save the patient with their own hands.

Mintz-san's expression sinks a little.

“No, it doesn't matter, but maybe the “Supreme healer” referred to this kind of thing.
You can use healing techniques that we don't know with knowledge that we don't have.
I guess it was showing that.''

“By the way, what happened with that child and his parents after that?”

“Oh, after that Mintz gave them a clever explanation.
He said that Chika-kun was an excellent healer and he was able to cure his son's illness by using a new healing technique that is under study.
It seemed like a lie that he had been suffering and after that both of his parents wanted to thank you, Chika-kun, but you were so exhausted that he had to refuse them.

I am relieved to hear that the boy's condition is stable.

On the other hand, Mintz-san and Paris-san seem to be thinking about something.

“But I'm worried.
Chika-kun's power is certainly wonderful, but regrettably we'll have to keep his ability away…”

“Well, that's right, if it were spread that there's a healing specialist who can cure illnesses and injuries that couldn't be cured before, there's no telling what kind of things would go on.
If we are imprudent there's even a possibility that it could result in a quarrel between nations.”

“I think that's the kind of person that a country would want to lay their hands on the most.
In the worst case, it's possible that you could be treated like an experimental animal, especially in this country.”

A war between nations…
is it that valuable?

When I hear the words experimental animal, I remember my days as a slave and feel sick.

“First of all, we have to report to the branch manager and Gail-san.
Being the branch manager there are various measures he can take.”

“Certainly, the branch manager is from the royal family of Leonidas, and since both of them are well-known adventurers, they have a wide network of contacts.”

“Um, do you all know that Douglas-san is from the royal family?”

“Well, that guy looks like an ordinary person.
The ones who know him know about it, but I think he's more famous as an adventurer.”

Certainly, no one can see Douglas-san as royalty at a glance.

His silent and serious appearance gives a sense of dignity or dreadfulness, but I think that his friendly atmosphere and behaviour cancel it out.2

And it seems that both of them were great adventurers.

“Were the two of them that famous as adventurers?”

“I see, you don't know about it, Chika-kun.
The branch manager and Gail-san are so famous that all adventurers know about them.
They are Rank S adventurers, and there are only a few of them in the world.
Assistant Gail attracted demon beasts in the vanguard, and the branch manager brought them down one after another with two kinds of swords, a one-handed sword and a dagger.
It was so fast that it couldn't be followed by eyes, and the battle seemed like a dance.”

Paris-san goes on with an enraptured expression as he remembers the story.

“Assistant Gail was also great, he could use any kind of weapon, but nobody could get to him when he used a right-handed big sword.
The blow from that powerful arm lightly swept away a group of demon beasts, blowing them away.
They were a duo that attracted the attention of young adventurers and were trusted by the old ones.

“Neither of them was proud or arrogant.
There are so many people who loved them.
That's why when they ended in their current state and decided to retire, they had various difficulties.”

The strength of the two of them is somehow more than what I had expected with the information of their tags.

They are strong, popular and handsome, I'm glad that they are my spouses, I would like to be a person able to match them, but the hurdle is very high.

“For now, Paris, please, call out the branch manager and Gail-san.
Let's talk about the future once more.”

Prompted by Mintz-san, Paris-san heads to the exit of the room.

I then rush to stop him.

“Umm, could you keep Gail-san and Douglas-san from this, please? No, just until tomorrow.
Could you wait to speak about it until then?”

“Chika-kun, is there any problem? And untill tomorrow…”

“I have something I really want to try…
But I think I will be stopped if we talk to them, so just one day is fine! Could you give me that much time?”

If we report this to them now, they will probably tell me to stop using healing techniques.

But before that, there is something I have to do.

Knowing what I'm trying to do, in order to protect me they won't allow me to do it.

The two of them are so kind and sweet to me.

That's why I want to delay it for one day, that should be enough time.

“…Chika-kun, what you want to try, could it perhaps…
No, I'm sure you would be able to do it, but Chika-kun, is it okay? It may make your power known to the world.
And then you may endanger yourself, right?”

“Yes, I have made up my mind.
Gail-san and Douglas-san saved me, I need to do it.
I would do anything to repay that debt.”

Mintz-san seems to be pondering for a while.

Paris-san watches Mintz-san's without saying anything.

“I should really stop you, but I understand.
Let's take care of them together.”

“Then I'm also an accomplice.
I'm not sure what you're thinking about, but if Mintz-san's convinced, I'll go along with you.”

“Thank you!”

Mintz-san's cooperation is really reassuring.

However, I think both of them might get a little angry at Mintz-san later, so I feel a little sorry for it…

At that time, I'll do my best to prevent Mintz-san from getting blamed.

“But Chika-kun, don't overdo it, okay? Is there any abnormality in your body after using the healing technique?”

“No, it's okay! Immediately after finishing the treatment I felt my body a little weakened, but there doesn't seem to be any problem.

“I hope so…”

After all, Mintz-san seems to still be thinking about something, but he can't keep spending time with me.

The afternoon consultation is just beginning.

“It's time to resume the examination, right? I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.”

“Yes, let's go back to the doctor's office.”

The following medical examinations are favourable.

Although the usual flow in which it is pointed out that I look like a child and seducers are chased away by Mintz-san's magic spell continue to be repeated.

Glen-san also comes on a regular basis, makes a pass at Mintz-san and gets hit in the head.

Paris-san gives them a pitiful glance, and I feel a little curious as to what position Glen-san has among them.

Healing fractures, cuts and burns.

Basic healing is no problem at all.

However, every time I perform a healing I have a strange feeling that I lose a little part of myself, but I don't think deeply about it.9

Instead, I want to perfect my healing technique now.

There are some severely ill patients whose flesh has been considerably cut away, but they are able to be healed without leaving any sequelae.

A non-adventurer patient shows typical ureteral stone symptoms.

Pale face, vomiting, nausea and an unbearable severe pain in the back of the lower abdomen that happens at certain times rather than continuously, which settles after a while and then aggravates again.

As a trial, I hold the image of the ureter being normally extended from the kidney without any stone, and when I try to subject him to the healing, the symptoms promptly improve.

Whether or not they are completely healed requires some follow-up, but he'll surely be fine.

I want to gain a little more experience in healing techniques by healing variouscases, but (though it may be an unscrupulous way to say it) there isn't any serious patient brought.

It would be nice if there isn't any serious patient, but it's a bit unfortunate when thinking about tomorrow.

I am doing one work after another, and it is already the guild's closing time before I realize it.

Gail-san and Douglas-san come to pick me up, so I say goodbye to Mintz-san and Paris-san and then return home.

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