Chapter 19: Healing

“As I said before, the most important thing when using magic is the image.
The image of the spirits used for attacks is relatively easy.
Creating a fireball, putting together the wind like a blade, creating a pillar of ice from water, growing rocks from the earth…
These are things that can be seen with the eyes, and they are easy to understand as a phenomenon.
On the other hand, in healing and body strengthening there are many things that can't be seen, so it is very difficult to have an image of them.”

“Then, on the contrary, is it okay to think that you can do anything as long as you have an image of it?”

“Well, yes…
That's a hypothesis, but I think it can be done.”

Mintz-san gives various explanations while elegantly drinking tea.

“Then, there is the discomfort and pain felt when taking in the magic power of other people into the body, which can be considered a  major problem.”

“That's right, the pain when Mintz-san treated my fracture was quite great.”

“There are quite a few people who dislike healing treatment because of that.”

“Surely that discomfort would be painful for a child…”

I don't think a young child can tolerate that pain and discomfort.

At least I didn't like it.

“Well then, let's try a simple healing technique.”

Mintz-san picks up a nearby needle and injures the tip of his left thumb.

It doesn't seem to be such a big wound, but the overflowing blood makes a big ball and begins to flow.

“What are-!? Mintz-san, you didn't have to scratch yourself, I could have done it myself!”

“Oh, I didn't tell you that either.
You can't heal yourself with your own healing technique.
I don't know exactly why, is it that pouring magic that is originally yours into yourself doesn't have any effect? That is the widely accepted theory.
Now then, please try it.”

“I'm sorry…
In that case, thank you.”

I take Mintz-san's hand and let my magic flow as I was taught.

I imagine the blood vessel wall damaged by the needle tip and picture the image of the skin being repaired in my head, and I strengthen the magic power being sent.

A pale light wraps around the wound.

This is…!”

Mintz-san raises a questioning voice consequently, and as I weaken the magic power I'm sending in, the light wrapping around the wound disappears, and the wound that was supposed to be there is gone.

“Good, I think I can use healing!”

I am impressed that I was able to use the healing technique for the first time and heal his wound.

However, Mintz-san seems to be thinking about something else.

“Paris! Paris! Can you come for a minute?”

Paris-san rushes from the lab next door with a panicked look.

“Why are you being so loud? What happened?”

“It's okay, please come here.”

Mintz-san takes Paris-san's hand and thrusts the needle without hesitation.

I stare at the sight unfolding in front of me.

“Ouch! Hey, Mintz, what are you doing?”

“Please be patient! Chika-kun, I'm sorry, but can you heal him?”


I come back to my senses, grab Paris-san's hand and try to heal it in the same way I did before.

“This is…!”

Paris-san has the same reaction as Mintz-san.

In the meantime, the wound has healed nicely.

“How was it, Paris? Was there any discomfort or pain?”

“No, there wasn't any at all.
It was the same as when Mintz-san heals me.
But what does that mean?”

“I don't know.
I didn't feel any discomfort at all.
It was rather pleasant.”

They hold their heads and ponder.

“Um, what's the matter…?”

“Oh, sorry.
I was a little upset.
Chika-kun, you said that you felt uncomfortable when I healed your fracture with healing, right? That's the normal reaction.
But Paris and I, who were treated by Chika-kun now, didn't feel it at all.
This is something that can't be imagined except for a 'mate'.”

Certainly, I remember having that explained to me before.

The magic power of others is basically foreign substance that causes pain and discomfort, and the only exception to this is a 'mate'.

Does that mean my magic is compatible with everyone?

And then I realize that it is ridiculous.

“Is it possible that Douglas-san and Gail-san were mistaken to be my 'mates'?”

“Oh no, it's not.
Certainly, Paris and I could accept the magic power from Chika-kun, but Chika-kun, you were uncomfortable with my magic power, right? And the magic power of the branch manager and Gail-san was not a problem for you.
And if you also felt the scent, there is no doubt that the two of them are your 'mates'.”

When I think about it calmly that's certainly true, but it seems that my head went spinning over the possibility that I might not be the 'mate' of those two.

“Well, I'm glad…”

“But is this the effect of having SSS magic power? Either way, I have to report it to the branch manager.”

“Uh, I'm really sorry for all the inconvenience.”3

“No, don't worry.
It's not a bad thing.”

After that, we consult the matter with Gale-san and Douglas-san, and though there are various problems, it's decided that for the time being I will continue to work as a healer.

When a patient is asked about the healing technique, since human beings are good at handling magic, we can give them a suitable reason that it is because of a new healing technique that is in the middle of research, but if they still get their teeth into it, Douglas-san will handle it using his authority as the guild manager.

After that, I have lunch with Mintz-san in the guild's dining room, and in the afternoon I decide to treat the adventurers who are slightly injured.

“Why are kids here?”1

As soon as I enter the examination room, everyone is surprised to see me and say the same thing.

Each time, I explain that I am already an adult and I'm going to work here from today on, but they are not convinced.

They seem to trust me when they show me their wound and I am actually able to heal it, but then, one after another, they start calling me.3

“Are you free today after work? There is a place where you can eat good food.
Would you go with me?”


“Hey, you're an adult, right? If it's OK with you, why don't you go on a date with me next time?”

“Are you not married yet? Would you like to try dating on a premise of marriage?”

“Hey, you're a human being, aren't you? How about this once? No, it's not just about your body, is it? I fell in love at first sight.”

I wonder, are these guys in the romantically popular period of their lives…?1

Everyone is an adventurer, so their bodies are very strong, and they are all muscular.

Many people in this world have well-carved facial features, if I was still on earth, I would be in high spirits by that.

But now Gail-san and Douglas-san come to mind.

Is it because we are 'mates'?

I wonder if other people also have these feelings.

I wish I could clearly say that I have a spouse, but I am embarrassed and am unable to refuse them.

Then, when Mintz-san whispers something in their ears, everyone changes their expressions and jumps out of the examination room.

“Chika-kun, are you okay? Well, they have no ill will, so please look after them.
It's a strong beastman's instinct trying to seduce as soon as they find a preferred partner.”

“No, I should definitely refuse them, but it's embarrassing to say that I have a spouse…”

“Fufufu, it's okay.
Instead I'll use a magic spell to drive them away.”2

Mintz-san answers with a bewitching smile.

Fortunately, no one is badly hurt, and the examination proceeds smoothly.

I think I've become completely accustomed to dealing with quite a few patients and using healing techniques.

At that time, I suddenly start to think that the surroundings have become noisy when a new patient is brought in.

The patient is still around a boy's age, with cute cat ears on his head.

His parents (I wonder?) get close to him with a worried countenance, and the face of the boy lying on the examination table has a writhing expression, bending his body and cold sweat appearing on his forehead.

Mintz-san approaches to see the boy and interviews his parents.

“What happened?”

“He had a fever last night, and he had stomachache, so I gave him a medicine that works for stomachache, but the pain got worse…
He says the lower right hurts so much that he can't stand it.

“I see, I'll have a little medical examination.
I will touch your stomach a little, okay? Does it hurt here? Is it here? Here is more painful, isn't it?”

The boy manages to answer the questions while making a loud moan each time he is palpated.

After finishing the examination, Mintz-san distorts his face slightly thinking about it.

“I see, both of you come here for a moment.”

Mintz-san calls his parents to the back room.

“The condition of your child is not very good.
The lower right part of his abdomen seems to hurt the most, but there is a strong pain in the entire abdomen which is quite severe.
I have no choice but to try out medicine that increases both pain and body resistance.
Some people may get better in a few days…
But if there is bad luck…”

“What!? Do you mean he might die!?”

“As far as I can see, the condition of your son is quite bad.
I think it's better to be prepared to some extent.
I'm sorry.”


The boy's parents break down in tears, and Mintz-san lowers his head beside them with a sad expression.

Visceral diseases may not be able to be managed by medical technology in this world.

As a health care worker nothing is more painful than letting a patient die.

I'm not completely sure about it, but I decide to try one possibility.

I pull Mintz-san's clothes and lower my face close to his ear, whispering in a small voice.

“Mintz-san, can you please let me examine him? There's something I'd like to try.”

“Chika-kun? Is there anything you can do?”

“No, I'm not quite sure yet, but I can't leave it as it is.
If there is any chance, could you let me try it?”

Mintz-san seems to hesitate for a moment, but he quickly agrees.

“Okay, but don't overdo it, okay?”

“Yes, it's fine.”

I return to the office and head for the boy.

It seems that his parents are staring with an uneasy look, and I can feel their gazes from behind.

“What is he doing?”

“It's okay, he'll give him a more detailed examination.
He's an excellent healer, so you can rest assured.”

I call out to the boy to perform the medical examination.

There are various causes for stomach ache.

Since the abdominal pain in the centre of the abdomen causes noticeable pain in the right lower quadrant, appendicitis is the first thing that comes to my mind, but I can't abandon the possibility of intestinal inflammation.

“It'll hurt a little, but please be bear with it for a moment.”

The boy is placed on his back and I apply pressure to the appendix to perform a palpation.

“It hurts! It hurts!!!”

There is a clear, very strong tenderness.

This time, I press the entire abdomen slowly.

The whole abdominal wall is stiff like a board, and the muscular defense reflex is positive.

I quickly release the pressing hand.


The boy moans with a bitter face.

This also hurts.

The Blunberg's sign is also positive.

He's completely showing symptoms of peritoneal irritation.

The possibility of peritonitis caused by appendicitis is high.13

With a CT scan it is possible to make a reliable diagnosis, but I can't hope for something I don't have.

If there are such symptoms so far, it is highly likely that it is causing a perforation, so even if there is an antibacterial agent it will not be possible to completely cure it, originally it would be approached with surgery, but that can't be done in this world.

In other words, if this situation continues, the child will die with sepsis.

I had no choice but to bet on the remaining possibility.

“Mintz-san, I'm going to heal this child right now.”

Mintz-san stares at me with a surprised look, but he noddes his head.

“I'll cure you now, so can you just hold on a little? Tell me if you're in pain, okay?”

When I gently put my hand on the boy's abdomen and begin to cast off magical power, a large light wrappes around his abdomen.

I imagine the structure of the normal abdominal organs while casting magic.

From the duodenum to the jejunum, to the ileum, the cecum, the appendix, the ascending, the transverse, the descending colons, the peritoneum and the visceral peritoneum that enclose them, the parietal peritoneum, the endothelial cells in the capillaries that make up the peritoneum…
all the correct structures.22

Then, I think of a normal condition in my head that is neither inflamed nor perforated.

When the image becomes perfect, the light gradually fades and is sucked into the boy's body.

“How is it? Are you still in pain?”

“Ah…? It stopped hurting…? Amazing! My stomach doesn't hurt anywhere!”

The boy gets up on the examination table and curiously stares into his stomach.

It seems like I've winned this bet.

I must have been very nervous, for I lose the strength from my whole body and fall into the ground.

My body feels a little sluggish.

“Chika-kun! Are you okay?”

“Oh, it's okay.
It seems that I was under high tension…”

“What on earth…
What happened to my son?”

“Well, your son is okay now.
He's healed.
I'll tell you the details.
Paris! Let Chika-kun rest somewhere.”

I am sitting there without being able to move, so Paris-san holds me in his arms and takes me from there.

“Chika-kun, didn't we tell you not to be careless?”

“I'm sorry, but I couldn't think of any other way…”

“But that's amazing, it seems like a lie that he was suffering that much.
Can you tell me the details about that later?”

With a gentle smile, Paris-san sets me on a large sofa in the laboratory and quickly get back to Mintz-san.

But this definitely makes me confident about it.

Healing is truly almighty if you can perfectly image the functions and structures of the human body.1

In other words, it is fully possible to restore a missing arm or a dysfunctional foot to its original state.

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