ts and finally came to the Health Department, which would be my workplace.

The atmosphere of a clean, disinfected laboratory full of the smell of herbs makes me a little nostalgic.

Mintz-san and another young man with an intellectual atmosphere wearing a white robe were waiting there.

He had a very calm and gentle air, and his features were set like those of an idol popular with young children.


His back has feathers that look like a mixture of brown and white.

“Nice to meet you, you're Chika, right? I'm Paris, from the owl tribe, a member of the Health Department.
Now it's just me and Mintz, but since it's a place in need of manpower I'm grateful to have you.”1

He held out his hand with a gentle expression, and I too held my hand out in a hurry and greeted him.

“Yes, I'm Chikayuki.
I may cause trouble because I have memory loss, but I'll do my best, so please take care of me.”

“Oh, Chika-kun, it's all right to tell Paris about your situation.
He's also my partner, so I'm also going to have him serve as Chika-kun's bodyguard.”

“Oh, Mintz-san's partner!?”

“Yes, I've heard a lot of you from Mintz, so you can be reassured.
It's been difficult until now, so if you have any problems, you can rely on me.”

When I looked up at Mintz-san thinking that he was the exact opposite of Glen-san, whom I met the other day, he smiled.

“Then, I entrust Chika to you.”

“If anything happens, report it to us as soon as possible.”

“Please leave it to us and we will take good care of your important 'mate'.”

“Chika, don't push yourself too hard.”

“If something happens, I'll rely on them right away.”

Gail-san and Douglas-san left the room regretfully looking back over and over again.

“Hey, Chika-kun, you're really loved.
I've never seen assistant Gale like that before.”

“Well, it's true, especially Gayle, since other staff members were also surprised…
Then, Chika-kun! I'm going to explain the work of the Health Department, is it okay?”

“Yes, please.”

Since it's called the Health Department, it's probably a department in charge of the treatment of injuries and illnesses, but there are too many differences between the levels of medical technology in this world and my common sense.

I must listen carefully here and tighten my feelings.

“There are two basic tasks.
The first is the treatment of the sick and injured.
They are mainly adventurers belonging to the guild, but there are also cases where ordinary citizens come.
If it is light, it will be cured using healing technique, but it is necessary to consult with the patient about that.
I also prescribe drugs.
The second is compounding drugs.
We are conducting research on new drugs by combining herbs with different medicinal properties.”

A mixture of medicines?

Although I have some knowledge of Chinese medicine when it comes to herbal medicine, when it comes to developing medicines from new herbs in this world, my knowledge is completely out of expertise.

In the first place, the plants in this world are completely different from those in my original world.

Without that knowledge, it is impossible for me to develop drugs.

“Um, Mintz-san”

“What's the matter?”

“The flora and fauna of this world are completely different from what I know, and I don't know the kinds of herbs here.
Even when I was a doctor in my original world, there were specialists in the development of medicines.
Furthermore, my main task was to use them appropriately for patients.
So whether I can be useful in drug development….”

“Oh, that's okay.
There are a few other people who have specialized knowledge in drug development.
I would like Chika-kun to use his knowledge to examine and treat patients.
As far as I heard the other day, it seems that you have more knowledge about wound treatment than we do, and above all, there are very few people who have proper healing techniques.
Here it's only me and Paris.''

“That's right, and you might be of some help!”

If it is a medical examination, then I have some confidence.

My specialty was surgery, but I've seen other departments for nearly 20 years, and I was always learning the latest information on various diseases.

I am confident that I will be able to make a certain degree of diagnosis unless it is a special disease or unusual case.

It's unsettling that we can't do physiological tests, so I have no choice but to rely on my experience and intuition.

“Paris, I'll guide Chika-kun to the examination room and the treatment room, so I'll leave the rest to you.”

“Yes, then, Chika-kun, see you later.”

I was sent off by Paris-san and guided to the room next to the laboratory.

It was a cosy room of about six tatami mats, with white walls, desks, chairs, and beds where patients could lie down, and it was quite close to the examination room I knew well.

“This is the examination room.
First of all, if it is easy to give them treatment or medicine, then the patient is examined here.
If it is difficult to treat here, then it's used the back room.”

Mintz-san takes me to the back room while saying so.

There were two beds lined up in the centre, and various medicinal plants and tools were lined up.

“If you have to deal with a wound which is too deep or severe pain, then use this room.
However, there are many people who die because they can't get the treatment done in time or because they bleed too much…”

When I heard it, I realized that there was probably no concept of blood transfusion.

I think ahead with curiosity what would happen if a field which specialized in the healing process that causes blood to form in the body were to appear.

“I think Chika-kun will be working mainly in this room.
Chika-kun? Are you okay?”

“I'm sorry, I was thinking a little.”

“Okay, if you have any questions, ask me anything.
Then what should we do today? Fortunately, there are no patients yet.”

“I would appreciate it if you could tell me how to use healing techniques.”

“Oh yes, that's fine.
But since Chika-kun is already able to use magic power it shouldn't be that hard.”

We return to the examination room and sit on a chair facing each other.


Mintz-san quickly made a cup of tea, and while drinking it, he gave me a lecture on healing techniques.

(*) 番 has also been translated as 'ban', but since that doesn't mean much to me I think 'mate' or 'soulmate', as someone mentioned, is more accurate

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