In the bedroom

After the bath was done, I was held by Douglas-san and we returned to the living room, where Gale-san was.

When I sat on the sofa, Gale-san brought me a drink that looked to be ice tea.

Drinking a sip, the refreshing taste of tea cooled down my heated body.

“You took a long bath, you didn’t become dizzy from the heat?”

Gale-san asked touching my forehead and cheek with his hands.

“I am fine, I only talked with Douglas-san a bit.”

“I’ve got Chika to wash me, sorry for being the first, Gale.”

“You got…… your body…… washed…… you said……?”

Gale-san’s expression changed to a dangerous one, one that I’ve never seen before.

Gale-san, with an intimidating aura looming over him, glared at Douglas-san.  

Was this the so-called killing intent……?

“T- that, Gale-san! I had you wash me just yesterday, so if you would like it, then tomorrow!” 

I desperately tried to break off the tension that filled the air and clung to Gale-san.

“Chika, you… are you okay touching and being touched by us?” (Gale-san asked)

Gale-san seemed to have been thinking the same as Douglas-san.

“Yes, I’m okay if it is Douglas-san and Gale-san! I do not hate it at all!”

“I see, then can you tomorrow?”

“Of course.”

 The heavy air vanished in an instant and Gale-san returned to his usual self. 

From what had just happened, Gale-san must never know what Douglas-san had done to me during the bath.

I have to be careful from now on too……

“By the way, Chika.
What are you going to do tonight? Your room haven’t been prepared yet, so you’ll have to stay in my or Gale’s bedroom.”

“I am fine with this sofa here……”

“No.” “No.”

Their voices synced in unison. 

“Chika, don’t you remember what was written in your tag information? We all overlooked it because your magic power and intelligence were abnormally high, but from vitality to the rest of the other statuses are F, moreover, in the titles, it was written that you have a ‘weak constitution’.”

“Yeah, Chika, you may not be aware, but a status of F is equivalent to an infant’s constitution.
Also, you are still a recovering patient that was sleeping up until a day ago.
We can’t let you sleep in a place like this.”

I froze up when he compared me to an infant.

My physical strength was that weak, huh…

“That being said, you have two choices, either sleep with me or with Gale, who will you choose?

“Oi, Doug, shouldn’t it be my turn today?”

“Maa, maa, let’s let Chika choose.”

“Um, what do you mean by Gale-san’s turn…?” 

“When you were still asleep, Doug and I watched and took care of you at night, it’s that order.”

I did not think they would have stayed with me all the time while I was asleep.

“I am sorry for being troublesome…… Well then, may I disturb Gale-san’s bed?”

If I had only two options, this was probably the most right answer.

“Yeah, of course.”

“Tchi, then, Chika, tomorrow it’ll be me.”

“Eh? But my bedroom……”

“Of course we’ll prepare your room as quickly as possible, because you need some private time too, right, Chika.
However we’re companions, ya know? Do we need a reason to sleep together?”

Standing next to Douglas-san, Gale-san nodded.

No matter what I said, it would probably be overwhelmed by their arguments.

Douglas-san laughed quietly.

“I, I understand.
If it is okay with you, then it can be decided by alternating…….”

Suddenly it was embarrassing to say it.

“Yesss, he permitted it, okay, Gale? You’re the best body pillow to hold, Chika, so sleeping’s gonna be more and more something to forward to, huh.”

I had no energy left to argue after hearing the word body pillow.

“Tomorrow, we’ll go to the guild to talk to Mintz about what you’re going to do in the future, is that okay? It’d be better to introduce you to other staff too.”

“Then, on the way back, we can take a look at the market before coming home.
Chika also wants to see a lot of things, isn’t that right?

“Yes, please!”

“That decided, let’s sleep already.
Doug, we’ll be going first.”

Saying that, Gale-san carried me and prepared to take me to the bedroom, so I said goodbye quickly.

I wanted to walk with my own leg soon……

“Goodnight, Douglas-san!”

“Yeah, take a good rest.”

Douglas-san waved his hand and sent me.

When we arrived at the bedroom, Gale-san put me down on the bed.

The soft cushion and the clean sheets felt comfortably good on the skin.

While I was enchanted by the comfortable bed, Gale-san had taken off his jacket and became shirtless.

“Gale-san, did something happen?”

“N? Ah, I always sleep like this.
Is it bad?”

I remembered that Gale-san was half-naked when I first woke up here.

However, seeing it once again made me think he really had a great body too.

Even while wearing clothes, one could see that there was a well-trained body underneath, but it was even more amazing if he took it off.

The muscle rose from the chest to the upper arm, and it seemed to burst.*

*T/N: maybe he’s talking about the shoulder muscle? And that it’s big.

The abdominal muscles are also beautifully in packs, it could be said that this was the desired body by any man.

“No, I just thought you have a great body.”

“Is that so? By the way, Chika, I have a request……”

Approaching me slowly, he gently caressed my cheek and chin with his big hand.

When I raised my head, there were clear emerald-colored eyes in front of me.

Unlike Douglas-san, who had a lot of expressions and spread pheromones from everywhere, the Gale-san who did not change his expression much, but had a quiet face, looking at me with those intense eyes made my heart beat faster.

“This morning, you kissed Doug in the guild…… If you don’t hate it, could you kiss me also……? I want to feel in my body that you belong to me.”

The kiss in the morning — My face instantly became bright red when I thought of the sudden kiss with Douglas-san.

“I, I do not hate it.
However, I am not so…… used to kissing, so I do not know if I can do it well, but if it is okay like this……”

“Yeah, I’m also not as experienced as Doug, so I’m not sure if I can satisfy you, but please take care of me*.

*T/N: yoroshiku tanomu.
I didn’t find a better translation… 

“That, Gale-san, I have a request too, would you hear it?”

“What is it? If it’s something I can do, anything is okay.”

I remembered the conversation I had with Douglas-san in the bathroom.

They only let those who are family or very close to themselves touch their animal ears and tails, if so, I wanted to become family with Gale-san, too.

“I would be happy if, um, I could touch your animal ears and tail a little, Gale-san.”

“Of course it’s okay, but why so suddenly?”

“No, I heard from Douglas-san that only family members and close ones are allowed to touch it…… It really made me want to touch it.”

“You’re so…… ku!”

Suddenly, Gale-san’s thick arms reached my back, and he pressed me against his chest and I was embraced.

“Yeah…… Feel free to touch it as much as you want.
After all, we’re already a family, Chika.”

“Thank you, then excuse me……”

“I don’t mind how much you touch the animal ears, but can you go easy on my tail? My tail is short, so it can become bad in some ways.

Being said that, I asked Gale-san to loosen his arm, and when I peeked from the small gap between his body parts, I could see the small round gray tail on the upper part of his bottom.

So cute…… 

This tail did not match with Gale-san, who looked fearless and masculine, and that gap struck me right in the middle.

“Is it okay if it is just a little?”

“Yeah, if it’s a little.”

Reaching out slowly, I touched the round tail carefully.

It was very fluffy and soft.

Also, every time I touched it, it jolted, and that made it terribly cute.

I was struck by the urge to knead it as much I could, but I managed to come back to reason and stopped myself to only rub it gently.

“It is very soft and it feels so good.”

“S, ku, sorry, Chika.
Can you stop around here!?”

I let it go quickly.

“Ah, I am sorry.
Was it okay?”

“Sorry, I thought I couldn’t hold it in for much longer.”

Gale-san let out an awkward voice.

“Then, I will touch the animal ears next.”


After saying that, Gale-san crouched down and leaned his head over to make it easier for me to rub it.

What was in front of me was, unlike Douglas-san’s, rounded dark brown bear ears.

I slowly reached out and used both hands to touch each one as I massaged it.

“It is soft and very warm, it feels really good to touch them.”

“Is that so? I don’t think it feels like that at all……”

“It really feels like that, I feel very happy when I am touching it.
To the point I want to keep touching it forever!”

“If you like it, it means more than anything, Chika.
But, are you satisfied yet?”

Then Gale-san raised his head and lifted my chin with his fingers, and carefully attached his hot lips on mine.


The hot and long tongue clung onto mine.

The entangled tongue was squeezed and rubbed strongly, and each time I felt the heat and pleasure and it made me lose all the strength of my body.

I was played like that for a while; Gale-san’s tongue moved around in my mouth without mercy.

The upper and lower gums, and then the teeth were slowly licked in order, and a thrilling pleasure rushed through my back muscles.

I wondered, from where did he get the idea that he lacked experience……?

I was completely at mercy of that tongue technique.

“Fu…… Nn……”

The saliva that I could not swallow continued to flow from the edge of the mouth.

Gale-san grabbed my hands, one in each of his hands, while kissing and I was pushed down to the bed.

Then again, my mouth was violated as he explored it.

“Hm! Nnn……!”

By being pushed down, Gale-san’s mouth completely covered mine, and his tongue penetrated deeper and as it entangled to my whole tongue, it was difficult to even breathe.

Every time Gale-san moved a little, the shaved beard gave a direct stimulus to my skin.

Even that was a pleasure.

I wondered for how long did we share a kiss.

Finally, it seemed that Gale-san was satisfied and put some distance between us.

There was a saliva line connecting our tongues, that scene seemed a little too obscene.

“Chika, are you okay? I got a little too excited.”

He asked while patting me gently, but I could not even reply to it and just stayed completely lethargic on the bed.

“I pushed you too much, huh…… Thank you, Chika.

After kissing my forehead lightly with a smile, Gale-san slipped into the bed.

He turned me to be face to face with him, and only then did he close his eyes.

I also entrusted myself to Gale-san and fell asleep.

==End of chapter 17==

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