Secrets in the bathroom

“Alright, then.
Let’s stop for today.
You’re tired because many things happened right after you could talk, right, Chika? Let’s take a bath and relax, I’ll go and warm the water.”


Douglas-san walked to the bathroom after he said that.


“By the way, Chika, about the thing that happened yesterday in the bathroom……”


Remembering what happened yesterday, the outrageous thing I did to Gale-san wanting them to let me stay, my face turned red as if it was on fire.


“That, I am really sorry for what I did last time…… I thought that if I did not do something or was useless, I would be thrown out of this house, and I could not think of anything I could do except that……”

“So that was the case, huh…… No, don’t mind it anymore.
But you don’t need to do something like that just because of paying back anything in the future, just remember that.”

“Yes, thank you……”


I was so embarrassed I had such shallow thoughts that I could not look at Gale-san.

Then, Douglas-san came back.


“Okay, the bath is ready.
Chika, let’s go in together.”

“To, together!? My arms and legs are already healed, so I can by myself……”

“But you learned just today how to use your mana for the first time, right? So you still don’t know how to use the magical tools in the bathroom, right?”

“Eh, are those moved by magic power?”

“Yeah, we mostly use magic tools in the bathroom and in other places, like the kitchen, ya know?”


Saying that, Douglas-san easily picked me up and took me to the bathroom.


“Are you okay? Can you take your clothes off by yourself?”

“I’m okay! No problem!”


I wondered why.

When I was a slave, I had lost all resistance to getting naked, and even yesterday, while being taken care of by Gale-san and Douglas-san, they saw me naked.

Even so, it was so embarrassing and awkward when I was aware I was their companion.

While I was thinking this, Douglas-san was already naked.

His body was as good as Gale-san’s, and, unlike Gale-san, there was chest and arm hair and it made him full of masculinity, and I thought…… it was very sexy.

Moreover, I could not help but look at there, the thing hanging on his crotch was abnormally thick.

Gale-san’s was also very thick and long and matched his physique, but Douglas-san’s was really thick……


“What? Is there somethin’ wrong with my naked body?”

“No, I was thinking it was very well maintained and attractive……”*

*idk if I got this right in English

“Kuku…… I’m glad you liked it.”


Then, he carried me again into the bathroom, and we soaked in the bathtub in a position that he was holding me from behind, the same as when I was with Gale-san.


“If you put mana into that panel on the left, hot water will come out, and you can adjust the temperature according to the amount of magic power you put it in.
The panel on the most right is the shower’s panel.
That is the same, you can adjust the temperature and the water pressure according to how much mana you put in.”


Douglas-san was explaining how to use it, however, I was so conscious of the hair on his splendid chest behind me and the magnificent thing under my buttocks that I could not pay attention to what he was saying.

In addition to that, Douglas-san’s chin was right above my head, and the way he was supporting his chin on my head was making me nervous.


“Did you understand how to use it?”

“Ye, yes! I understod!”


My voice came out a little weird.


“What is it? Chika, are you nervous?”

“That…… Well…… Ju, just because.
I become embarrassed when I remember about ‘ban’ or partner……”


When I said that, Doug-san seemed to be holding back a laugh.


“Oh, it’s okay, as it is.
Be more conscious/aware of us.
You’d encountered horrible situations, more than we could ever imagine, after you came to this world, right.
For you, sexual intercourse and being touched by others may be just disgusting, but since you’re being conscious of us, how about being touched by us? Do you hate it?”

“If it is Douglas-san and Gale-san…… I don’t…… hate it.”

“I see, then you can think it’s like rehabilitation.
Okay, then let me wash your body as part of the rehab.”


My body was lifted from the bathtub and I was seated on a chair in the bathroom.


“No, you do not have to that much……”

“It’s not that, I’m doing this because I want to.
You let Gale do it too, didn’t you? So can I?”


The thing similar to soap was pressed on me after he skillfully produced foam with it using one hand.

The places touched by Douglas-san’s big warm hand seemed to burn and the tingling sensation ran through my whole body.

The big hand with foam moved down little by little, from the neck to the shoulder, from the back to the chest.

I tried my best not to let my voice out every time I felt that stimulus.

Somehow, even the way he was touching me seemed to be a little perverted……

His hand slid down to my abdomen and finally, my little penis was wrapped in Douglas’s palm.


“No…… Tha, that place is……”

“Hm? What is it? Don’t like it?”


Despite saying that, Douglas-san did not seem to stop his hand, and the area wrapped in foam was stroked gently.


“Chika’s is cute.”

“Ah, that place is really…… dirty…… and it’s embarrassing, so……”

“Hm? If you don’t hate it, endure it a little.
We have to keep here clean.”


After Douglas-san spoke that, he opened his palm that was gently wrapped around it, and pulled up with his thick fingers the foreskin that covered my genital.


“His…… Ah……”

“Does it hurt?”

“N, no…… It’s not hurting.”

“I see, then only a little bit more.”


When the palm that was covering the genital, which had the glands exposed, started to move up and down gently, the pleasure from the brain to the spine rushed in my body.

The feeling was completely different from when I touched myself.

I could feel the heat and the blood from my entire body rush to my genital and it was becoming harder.

A finger pressed on the head and massaged it.

Occasionally, the nail stimulated the small hole on the top, and that slight pain made me let out a voice I could not believe it as my own.

I knew many ways to please the other unilaterally, however, I did not know this act of one-sidedly making me feel good.


“Ah…… that, Douglas-san…… No, no more…… Hih…… Ahh!”


He speeded up the hand that was wrapping and rubbing my genitals so as to block my words.

It felt so good that I could not think about anything and could only pursue the pleasure.


“So cute, Chika.
Okay, come.”


Douglas-san’s low voice whispered very close to my ear, and his teeth brushed on my earlobe.


“Ahh! …… Ah…… Ah, ahhhh!”


With that stimulus, I finally came.

On Douglas-san’s hand……


“There, good boy.
You came a lot huh.”


While I was in a relaxed state without strength, Douglas-san licked the semen that was on his palm.


“Hm? It’s sweet……”

“It, it, it is dirty! Stop it!”

“It’s not, I mean, if it’s Chika’s, right.”


Despite my harsh tone due to the astonishment, Douglas-san stared at me with a satisfied expression and did not mind it.


“Actually, I didn’t mean to do it this far, I’m sorry, but you were so cute I couldn’t stop, Chika.
That means that this otchan* is still active, right.”



Even if he was apologizing, Douglas-san’s face was completely that of a bad kid who succeeded his mischiefs.


“No, it is me who should…… for showing such an embarrassing scene……”

“That’s not it, it was really cute.
I’ll ask again, but did you really not feel uncomfortable or disgusted being touched by me?”

“That, it was okay.
Rather, I was happy……”

“Good, good.
Then, let’s get used to it little by little like this.
Otherwise, Gale may be reluctant to touch you for the rest of his life.”


He stroked my head so hard, it hurt a little.


“Then, I’ll wash the rest.”


My buttocks and legs were washed with the foam of the soap that was applied again.


“Thank you, it was very pleasant.”

“Is that so? I’ll wash myself, so you should stay in the bathtub, Chika.”


Being said that, I thought it was not good to obediently go into the bathtub, so I opened my mouth.


“Um, it is if you want.
Can I wash you too, Douglas-san?”

“Hm, that makes me happy, but you aren’t feeling some strange sense of duty or something difficult, are you?”

“No, I think I am not.
It is rather because I want to try to touch you too, Douglas-san……”


When I said that, Douglas-san widened his eyes for a moment and, laughing, he held me up with one arm.


Oh my, Chika, you’re really cute, huh.
Then, may I ask you? But never say something like that to other than me and Gale, okay?”


I nodded in a big movement.


The soap-like thing I received was apparently a very common product in this world, it was made from some hardened plant powder.

Rubbing it on the hands for a while, the slight smell of refreshing mint-like scent came out and it easily produced foam.

I stood behind Douglas-san with lots of bubbles in both palms.


“I am going to wash from the top, alright.”

“Okay, go for it.”


Therefore, I rubbed from the neck to his back with my hands, but.

When I actually touched it, everything was thicker and robust than what I could see……

I could probably never become like this even if I trained the same way.

It could only be unsurprising because our bodies were different originally.
— — Gale-san, although only by eye measurement, must be more than 2 meters (6.56ft), from 2m 10cm (6.89ft) and 20cm (7.22ft) tall.

Even Douglas-san, who was a little shorter than that, must easily be taller than 2 meters.

Also, even though he was slender, Mintz-san was at least 180cm (5.9ft) tall.


“Er, about those in this world, rather, about the beastmen or all the other races, are they all tall and muscular like you, Douglas-san?”

“Hmm, to us, we’re not that big, you’re the one who’s small, though, Chika.
Beastmen and elves are generally tall, Mintz’s height should be the average? As for humans, I’ve only seen my aniki’s* spouse, but he isn’t as small as you, Chika.
Moreover, Gale and I can be considered as large even among beastmen.
We’re tall and it’s easy to gain muscle.”

*informal “older brother”, I want to keep these terms in Japanese.


“Is that so…… I am a little envious because I do not grow tall or gain muscle even if I try so.”

“You sure are a little too thin, Chika, you should fatten up more.
But I don’t think there’s anything more to be concerned about.”

“I personally wanted to be muscular like Gale-san……”

“Gale, huh…… Please don’t become like that……”


While talking about that, I washed the firm chest with my fingers from behind.

Douglas-san’s soft chest hair tangled in my fingers and that felt good.

I wanted to touch it for a little more while, but I could not, so I washed clean the chest, the abdomen and even the legs.

And as for the remaining part……


“Er…… About there.”

“N? A, ah, here you don’t need to, I can wash here myself.
If I was touched here, I wouldn’t be able to restrain myself anymore.”

“I’m sorry…… Instead, I will wash your hair, alright.”


When he leaned over, I poured warm water on Douglas-san’s hair and washed it stroking as I did in other places.

The slightly dark blond hair was very soft and fluffy, different from what it looked like.

The animal ears buried in the hair were also gently massaged and washed.

It was a blissful time for me, who was originally an animal lover, to be able to rub the pointy lion ears.

I washed the big ears, stroking it to my satisfaction and enjoying the feeling.

Then, I remembered that I had not washed the tail, so I put some foam on its tip and washed it wrapping both hands around to rub it.


“Speaking of which, Chika, I haven’t mentioned, but don’t go touching unnecessarily the animal ears and tails of someone other than me or Gale, okay? Basically, we only let our family or the closest ones to touch it.
If you touch someone else’s defenselessly, it wouldn’t be strange for them to misunderstand it, Chika.
Also, the base of the tail is an erogenous zone of us, so you be careful.”


When I let go of my hands that were almost reaching the base, Douglas-san looked at me with a naughty smile.

I desperately tried to hide the ———-, but I knew I was not able to.

Douglas-san seemed to be holding back a laugh.

After rinsing all the foam on our bodies in the shower, we soaked in the bathtub again slowly.

I enjoyed the warm bath, while being grateful for these days of happiness and peacefulness that has come again, no, that was given to me by Gale-san and Douglas-san.


==End of chapter 16==

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