>Seeing their guild tag, their fighting power was very high.
If somehow that arm and foot could be healed……

“I am sorry for reminding you of your painful memories……”
“No no, don’t care ‘bout this.
Well, I’m enjoying my current situation too.
Moreover, it’s because of this we could meet you, Chika.”

Douglas-san turned and winked at me.
It was really a great scene when someone full of manly pheromones did this…… My heart accelerated a bit.
Certainly my face was red.

“So, Chika, what else do you want to ask?”
“Then, about this world, I know that the country beside this is called Leonida, with the werelions, but I would like to know about other countries as well.”
“Yeah, first, this country we’re in now is called Catalton and it is the country of the werecats.
Only in this country, the slave system remains.
You can’t say it is a very stable country.
The security isn’t good, and there’s no prominent industry.
That’s because the royal family is having an internal fight.”

Saying this, Gale-san and Douglas-san frowned their eyebrows.

“The next is the country Doug and I are from, Leonidas.
It’s to the west of Catalton, and in the middle of the continent.
You can say it’s a pretty rich country.
Its main industries are the trade of ore and gems with other countries and the agriculture.”
“Well, my dad and big brother are doing their best now.”
“To the north of Leonidas, there is Dragonea, a country ruled by the dragon tribe.
Honestly, this country has little diplomatic relations with other nations and it’s in isolation state.
We don’t understand a lot of its situation.
Moreover, the weredragons are few and rare, and they don’t like to interact with different races.
On the contrary, to the south, there is the Fishreed country, where lives creatures that prefer to live in water, reside such as half-fishmen*.
With a constant warm climate, its main industries are food-related, like fisheries and seasonings.
Is it okay until here?”
*T/N: mermaids, maybe?
“Yes, it’s okay.
Are weredragons different from those with scales on their skin?”

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