It seemed that a lot of time had passed while I was talking about various things, It’s been a long day.

“I understand about Chika for the time being, will you talk again about the rest later? If you’re okay today, I’d like to cure your broken arm.”

“Will the fracture heal?”

“Yes, I just use my physical strength and I think there is a lot of pain and discomfort because other people’s magic flows in, but is it okay?”

“All right! Please.”


If my fracture is healed I’ll be less troublesome to both of them, and my expectation overflows that I’ll be useful with housework.


“Then I’ll treat you but I think it’ll be really painful, so please hold Gail firmly.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Well then, Chika let me know if you can’t stand it.”


Saying that Mr.Mintz, wrapped my broken right arm with both hands and concentrated.

Something hot flows into my body as he holds my hand.

The feeling of power flow is the similar to that of Mr.Gale and Mr.Douglas, but the feeling is completely different.

The part where the power flows was extremely painful, and I felt nauseous.

I managed to clench my teeth, I can barely keep from moving and not raise my voice.

My forehead is sweating, and Gail gently wipes it with a piece of cloth.


“Are you okay, Chica?”

“Gu, ah…… da…..
gee…… is…… AAAA…..”


The power flow finally disappeared and my body loses strength.


“Is Chika okay? Can your right hand move?”


I tried to move by swinging my right hand, but there was no problem in the range of motion and there was no pain.


“Yes, it’s okay.”

“Oh, that’s good, some people can’t move well even if they fix a fracture like this.”


I think they had a lot of damage to their muscles and nerves.

As far as I hear, in this world anatomy seems to have not been established as a study at all, surely the concept and correct role of neurotransmission system and muscles are not understood.

But if I……


“How is it? It seems to have been quite painful, but do you want it today or heal your foot at a later date?”

“No, if Mr.Mintz is okay, i’d like to heal my foot.”

“Chika Sorry, If I or Gail could use a cure, you wouldn’t have to have such a hard time……”

“No, don’t worry, come to think of it, my skills had healing techniques, but will I be able to use it too?”

“Yes, I think that Chika, a human tribe, will be able to use it right away after a little training.
After all, your magic rank is SSS, so I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of power it will show.”


I have the technology to heal people in this world, and I’m very happy with that fact.


“That’s right, I’m happy.
If I can use the healing technique, when Mr.Gail and Mr.Douglas get injured, they can be cured without discomfort?”

“Chika, you……”

“Chica is really healthy, isn’t he? If these two strong beasts get wounds, they will heal quickly, so you can leave them alone.”

“Mintz, do you have any grudges against us?”

“No, I’m just a little jealous of you guys having such a cute [mate] like Chika though?”

“Oh I see……”

“Then I’ll start treating your leg.”


I felt a strong pain and discomfort when Mr.Mintz’s power was poured in the same way on my foot, but I managed to endure it, and when the treatment was over there was no problem with the function of my foot.

I walked on my own feet for the first time in a long time and was a little wobbly, but I was relieved that there was no sense of incongruity.


“Mr.Mintz, Thank you very much.”

“It ’s not a big deal.
However you were able to endure well, there are a lot of people who dislike it even large adults.”

“Well, the contents isn’t a child….”

“There were a lot of things that happened, and Chica must be tired, huh? Will you go home now?

“No, I’m fine, but I’m sorry to have taken all of your time.”

“Don’t worry about it so much, and this is your guild tag.
But this content will never be shown to anyone other than us.
You can specify the part shown by putting magic in when it is necessary, so I’ll tell you how again, okay?”


Douglas put a thin chain with a guild tag on my neck while saying so.


“Yes, I understand.”

“Then it’s time to go home.”


Douglas holds me up saying so.


“Well, my legs got healed, so I can walk on my own…”

“You wobbled when you tried to walk a while ago, so not yet.”


When he said that I obeyed quietly because I had no objection.

I feel like I’ll get used to moving around completely in a few days time.

I pull the hood over my eyes as I had it when coming here, when we got down to the guild’s first floor, there was a person who ran up with a loud voice from our back.


“Heeyyy, Mintz! Where have you been, I’ve been looking for you.”

“Glenn……, Do you know how many times I’ve asked you to stop shouting that it makes my ears hurt? I had a client with the Branch Master and assistant today, and I’ve been in the branch manager’s office this whole time.”

“Hmm? The child that the branch president is holding is likely to have been treated by Mintz recently, making rice for this child?”

“I said your voice is loud, but yes.”

“Hey let me introduce myself! I’m Glenn! From the wolf tribe, Mintz’s husband.”

“Eh, is that Mr.
Mintz’s husband?”


I raised my head in surprise and the hood came off.

I can hear from voices of the surroundings and see eyes are gathering.

I wonder if it’s bad….


“Whoa! He’s really black-haired, and he’s so cute.
No, Mintz of course you are more beautiful?”

“Yes yes, thank you.
He’s Chica, and he’s going to be showing up at the guild a lot from now on, so help him if he’s in trouble.
Chica, this is unwillingly my mate Glenn.
He’s an idiot, but not a bad person, so please rely on him if you have any trouble.
There’s another one but i’ll show you him later because I’m going out on some errand today.”


A friendly smile floats on his fearless face, Mr.
Glenn is looking at me.

It can be seen that he must have flexible muscles on the small side from the look of his clothes.

And in gray hair, ears of the same color were peeping out.


“Thank you very much.
Mr.Glenn, I ’m Chikayuki.
If you don’t mind, call me Chika.
I may cause you a lot of inconvenience, so thank you.”

“Wow, it’s Chica.
If I didn’t have Mintz, I’d be proposing, really cute.
It hurts it hurts! What are you doing, Mintz?”


I look as Mr.
Mintz pulls on Mr.
Glenn’s beast ear very strongly.


“Glenn, I’m telling you, Chika-kun is the [mate] of the branch manager and Gail-san.
You know what that means don’t you?”


“That’s right, Glenn.”

“If anything happens to Chica… you’re smart enough to know what’ll happen, aren’t you?”


Mr.Gail and Mr.Douglas’s voices are surprisingly cold…..

I can’t see their faces, but I feel something like cold air from behind.


“Yes!! Of course!”


Glenn is giving an army salute.


“Then that’s good.”


Mr.Douglas tried to leave the guild and I hurriedly bowed to Mr.Glenn.

The three of us walked around the market and went back home.

The market was crowded with people who bought dinner, people buying snacks, and people who ate dinner in places like food stalls.

How many years since I saw people living like this?


“What about today’s dinner?”

“Well, if you don’t mind, would you like me to make it? I can’t make something too fancy because the ingredients and seasonings seem to be a little different, but if you tell me, I think it will be easy.”

“Chika can cook?”

“Yes, I lived alone and used to cook a lot when I was free, such as on holiday.
It’s sort of a hobby.”

“That’s a good thing, we’re not good in that area.
We’ve got a good wife, Gail.”

“Yeah, But let’s stop today.
His hand and foot have just healed and he’s not in good shape right? Let’s buy suitable food at a stall around here and go home.”



So, to accept the [mates], i’m the daughter-in-law.

I felt so embarrassed, but I was happy.


“Well, i’ll do my best from tomorrow.
The ingredients seem to be quite different, so I might ask you a lot, but please let me know if you want to eat anything.”

“It’s meat”

“Asking for meat.”


Immediate answer.

Oh, come to think of it, they were a bear and lion beast.

Bear’s are supposed to be omnivores, but it’s obvious when you see his physique, that he eats meat.


“Yosh, I’ll do my best to live up to your expectations.”


While talking about such things, Gail-san procured various items from the stalls as he went home quickly.

Back at home, I had to eat on Mr.Douglas’s lap this time.

I have a bad feeling that their knees are going to be my fixed position.

When I looked at them while impressed by the deliciousness of the fried bread with ground meat and fried chicken with herbs, the mass of meat was disappearing in their mouths with great force.


“Do you like the meat better that’s just grilled and with not much taste?”

“No, that’s not the case I’ve never been particular about it.
Both I and Gail are no good at cooking.”

“Then, is it safe to have sauce or seasoning, right?”

“Oh, of course I’ve never been able to refuse eating good food.”


I take notes in my head to remember their tastes’ little by little.

The meal ended, it was time for the three of us to drink tea, and I asked him what I was worried about.


“Well, if you could can you two tell me a bit more about anything about this world?”

“Of course, first of all I’d better show you our guild tags.
You haven’t seen mine yet.”


When Mr.Douglas puts his magic into the guild tag the status appears.




Name: Douglas von Leonidas   Age: 38 

Tribe: Lion (Anima)

Residence: West Catalton 


Life Force: A

Magic: B

Muscle Strength: S 

Durability: B

Agility: SS 

Intelligence: B

Skills Possessed: Martial Arts・Double Swordsmanship・Dagger Art ・ Archery・ Throwing technique ・ Survival Skills ・ Equestrian ・ Spirit arts (earth, water, light) ・ Negotiation techniques ・ Emperor’s study ・ Royal KnowledgeTitle: Lion Royalty ・ Fierce Fighter

Condition: Left arm defect


Hmm?  I think the rank and ability are amazing, but there is something amazing in the title column.

“Excuse me, there’s something in you title I’m curious about, the royal family…..”

“This guy’s part of it, Leonidas royal family.
Leonidas is the name of the lion-ruled country next to ours.”

“Even if I’m called royalty it’s because my big brother is ruling splendidly, I’m the king’s brother.”

Douglas answers with a shrugging gesture.

King’s brother? You said, king brother just now?

“Well, is it okay for the royal family to live in such a place…….?”

“There are various reasons, I’m going to talk about it slowly so don’t worry about it.
There’s a reason to be in this country.”

“But if Douglas is royalty, what about the right to succeed to the throne or successor issues? If someone like me is your companion, isn’t it problematic…?”

“Oh, that’s not a problem.
I’ve given up my inheritance rights, and my brother already has two children.
That’s not expected of me.
Rather, If I report that I’ve married a cute human with a high magical power like Chica, I think I’ll be praised for doing well though?”

“Is that so….”

“Come to think of it, my brother’s wife and one of their children is human i’ll let you meet when I get the chance.”

I’d love to meet a human like me.

And one of the sons I was worried about is of the human race.

“Well, I think my brother’s son was said to be a human tribe, but can there be a human born between the Lion tribe and the human tribe?”

“Speaking of which I didn’t explain, it’s complete luck which tribe will be born when a child is made between different races.”

“Well then, if I and Mr.Gail or Mr.Douglas made a ch-ch-child, what is born, if it’s Mr.Gail’s bear tribe or the human tribe, and the lion tribe or the human tribe is born if it is Mr.

“Ah, yeah, but I want a human child who looks like Chica anyway.”

“I don’t care as long as it’s a child with Chika.”

“What is it Chika? Are you thinking about children already?”

“Well, I didn’t know the beast man’s childhood, but I imagined that it would be cute with both bears and lions.”

“Nh, it’s difficult to say if it’s cute, because the beasts are beasts for a while after they are born.”

“Eh!? Isn’t that the cutest thing?! Oh, a child who looks like two people….”

I think that it’ll be misunderstood that I want to make children right now by saying so, I’m going to change the subject.

I decided to ask about the relationship between the two of them that I had always wanted to know.

“By the way, are Gail and Douglas good friends? What do you do? Have you had a long relationship?”

“Me and Gail are like childhood friends.
Gail’s father was the head of Leonida’s Knights and served my father, so he used to hang around and play with them since we were little.
Well he’s like a brother.”

“I would normally be in the position of Doug’s vassal, but he doesn’t like that.
I also attended the military academy to succeed my father, but when I became a knight, this guy jumped out to say that he would become an adventurer, so I was chosen as an escort.
Well, he’s a rotten guy.
I didn’t think our [mate] would be the same.”

Mr.Douglas and Mr.Gail were laughing bitterly at each other.

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